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February 5, 2010, 5:00 am

Cash ISA Guide

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Reviews

I have been contacted by to publish an informative post on Cash ISA accounts. This is a financial product available to residents in the United Kingdom. Since we have UK readers, I thought it would be a nice initiative. In fact, it is pretty similar to the TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) in Canada on the taxation perspective.

If you live in the UK and want to start saving your money, you should consider a cash ISA. They’re not as complex as some people would have you believe, and in this article I will explain exactly how a cash ISA works, how it can benefit you, and how to get the best out of one.

So, how exactly are Cash ISAs different to traditional savings accounts? Well, there’s only really one major difference between the two – and that’s the fact that with an ISA, you don’t pay tax on any interest you earn. Interest earned in a standard saver will be taxed at the usual 20% (or 40% if you pay the higher rate), whereas with a cash ISA, every penny is yours – although any money you withdraw will cease to receive this benefit.

As it stands currently, a UK based saver under the age of fifty can deposit £3,600 per tax year in an ISA, while over fifties can deposit £5,100. This is due to change at the start of April though, meaning that everybody can pay in the full £5,100 in the 2010/11 tax year. It is worth remembering that any money withdrawn from your ISA still counts towards the yearly amount – for example, if you were to place the full £5,100 in an ISA at the start of the tax year and subsequently withdraw £100, you would not be able to replace it.

Due to the fact that you are not paying interest, an ISA’s interest rate doesn’t need to be as high as a traditional saver’s, for example, a normal saver would have to pay 3.5% in gross interest in order to earn as much net interest as an ISA that pays 3% – and if you’re a higher rate payer, your regular saver account would have to pay 5%.

Once you’ve got your ISA though, don’t just assume you have the best rate – providers change their rates quite often, and the wise saver will do their best to keep abreast of the deals offered. If you do decide to transfer your ISA however, under no circumstances should you withdraw the full balance, as you will receive no tax benefit at all. Your new provider should have a form for you to fill in, and they will then deal with the transfer. Many providers do not tie you to the account for a set period of time, so it is worth checking every so often that you are getting the best rate you can.

As mentioned previously, shopping around a little can bag you a far better interest rate than those offered initially Cash ISAs can make all the difference to your savings account, so finding the best one for you is of the highest importance. Compare cash ISAs at moneysupermarket to get the best deals.

This post was provided by the Cash ISAs team at

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January 4, 2010, 8:16 am

The Carnival of Personal Finance #238 – 5 Tricks To Keep Your Resolutions For The Year Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Reviews

The year 2009 is already over! Now that our belly is all stuffed with turkeys and sweets, it is time to get some resolutions for 2010! After hitting a 6 figure income in 2009, I am now looking towards increasing my net worth and improving my online company revenues. However, I am not a big believer in wishful thinking and visualization. If “The Secret” has done some magic for you, good for you. I prefer to be more methodical in order to achieve my goals 😉 So along with the best entries from the carnival of personal finance, I will suggest you a few of my tricks to keep your resolutions throughout the year!

KISS: Keep it SMART Stupid!

The very first trick to achieve your goal is to set them according to the SMART method.  Therefore, your goals must be:

– Specific – Editor’s Picks

You must write your goal on a piece of paper and be very clear about what you want to achieve. Being specific is the key if you don’t want to lose yourself in a sea of possibilities. Start with small things, it will easier to achieve your goals. Here are my editor’s picks:


– Intelligent Speculator presents his 2010 stock picks. He won our stock picking contest among 9 Bloggers with a spectacular 81.55% return in 2009. you might want to look at his 2010 stock picks before you make your own choice 😉


– Vh from Funny about Money presents Happy New Year! What Are Your Goals?.

The Funniest thing about this post is that I have decided my theme way before reading then entries. Funny About Money uses the SMART techniques to set up her goals!!


– Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians presents How To Get Motivated To Manage Your Money, and says, “With so many new resolutions sometimes we just need a little push helping us to get the motivation to start managing our money.”


– Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator, See How To Erase Debt Faster, and says, “I illustrate how much you can save (or not) through debt consolidation, using a debt pay off calculator.”

A lengthy and well documented case study about erasing debts.

– Measurable – Investing

Set a few metrics around your goal to make sure you can assess that you have attempted your goal. For your investing portfolio, you should establish metrics such as asset allocation (percentage), amount to be invested per month (systematic investment) and expected yield (much harder to attain ;-)). Here are some great investments related articles:


– Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Capital gains for dividend investors, and says, “While dividends have produced about 40% of average annual returns each year over the past 8 decades, capital gains are important as well. If investors believe that the company’s performance over time would improve, they would bid up the stock price. While the dividend payment would have increased roughly at the same rate as the growth in stock prices, the current yield could be unchanged. ”


– D4L from Dividends Value presents Seven Stocks Expected to Grow Their Dividends in 2010, and says, “As the year draws to a close there were very few companies of note increasing their dividends this week. With that, I thought it would be interesting to see who might be the big dividend raisers in 2010. Here are seven companies for your consideration:”


– Mike Piper from The Oblivious Investor presents What’s the Purpose of Diversification?, and says, “There appear to be two conflicting definitions of “diversification.” Depending upon who you ask, a Wilshire 5000 index fund may be as diversified as you can get, or it may not be diversified at all.”


– Paul Williams from Provident Planning presents Free Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator!, and says, “Use this free calculator to quickly rebalance your portfolio to your target asset allocation without having to do all the math.”


– Bret from Hope to Prosper presents Hopeful Predictions for 2010, and says, “Financial predictions for 2010, with some facts to back them up.”


– DR from Doughroller presents Comparison of TIPS and Series I Savings Bonds, and says, “When you think of inflation protected bonds, you probably think of TIPS. But did you know that I Bonds are also adjusted for inflation?”


– Helen from Science and Money presents Required Minimum Distributions vs. Roth, and says, “The taxman cometh when you turn 70 1/2, and he taketh away the taxes on your IRA through required minimum distributions. In this post I investigate whether it’s useful to accelerate RMD’s by converting your IRA to a Roth. (Plot spoiler: No, it isn’t.)”


– Matt Jabs from Debt Free Adventure presents Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Contribution Limits, and says, “Continually updated information on Roth IRA contribution limits and Traditional IRA contribution limits for each subsequent tax and contribution year.Now that you know how much and when to contribute, now you should focus on where to house your IRA.”


-Clarence Haynes from Personal Finance Analyst presents Calculating 401(k) Early Withdrawal Fees, Look Before You Leap… .

AttainableMoney Management

While an easy goal won’t push your limits, unrealistic goals won’t do any good on your motivation. You need to look at setting a fair challenge. Learning how to manage your money through a budget could be a very interesting goal for 2010. Here are the articles about money management:


– J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Do you have money left over each month?, and says, “The whole point of budgeting, besides sharpening your math skills & getting an A+ from yours truly, is to figure out how much “extra” you’re playing with every month. When all your bills are paid, how much do you have left over?”


– Sean from Growing Money presents Holiday Tipping.


– Jason from Live Real, Now presents How have you improved your situation today?.


– FMF from Free Money Finance presents Marriage and Wealth, and says, “Is it just a coincidence that married people have higher net worths?”


– CPF from Christian Finances presents Tax Tips for the end of the year!, and says, “These are some tips for the end of the year to get your taxes in order… ”


– J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly presents It’s More Important to Be Happy Than to Be Rich, and says, “True happiness comes when you learn to be content with what you have. If you don’t take the time to figure out what Enough means to you, you’ll always be unhappy with your financial situation. ”


– SS4BC from Small Steps for Big Change presents Things I Wish I Had Known As A Graduate Student.


– B Simple from Simple Financial Lifestyle presents How Does Your Personal Financial Budget Fit?.


– Dana from Not Made of Money presents Five Good Financial Habits to Start in the New Year.


– ElizabethG (Modern Gal) from Modern Gal presents A Fresh Financial Start.

Relevant – Frugality and Debt Management

While increasing your net worth is a good resolution, you may want to concentrate your effort on paying down your debts first. This will more relevant and you will probably increase your net worth in the end anyway 😉


– Darwin from Darwin’s Finance presents How I Saved 44% on my Comcast Bill, and says, “Want to save 40% or more on your Comcast or other provider bill? A step by step chat session transcript outlining exactly how to negotiate massive discounts from service providers.”


– Curt from presents 2009 Budget Reflections.


– Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Use A Debt Consolidation Calculator, See How To Erase Debt Faster, and says, “I illustrate how much you can save (or not) through debt consolidation, using a debt pay off calculator.”


– CindyS from Oh My Aching Debts presents Life On A Cash Basis, and says, “We live life on a cash basis. ”


– Miss Thrifty from Miss Thrifty presents Invisiblehand will slash ??? from your shopping.


– The Smarter Wallet from The Smarter Wallet presents Debt Consolidation Loans: Tips, Pros and Cons, and says, “Here are some of our ideas for consolidating debt.”


– Blogging Banks from Blogging Banks presents $125 Chase Checking Bonus.


– LeanLifeCoach from Eliminate The Muda! presents Building Credit Without Credit Cards, and says, “Whether you are just starting out or you found yourself in the position of having to rebuild your credit, there are several options at hand. ”


– Daniel from Sweating The Big Stuff presents How To Get The Most From Your Gift Cards.

Time Sensitive – Other

Technically, your resolution should be keep throughout the year and your ultimate deadline should be December 31st 2010. However, I suggest dividing your goals in pieces to be evaluated every quarter so you can follow your bigger goals a few months at a time.

– Eric from Narrow Bridge Adventures presents Getting Ready for Tax Time: 5 Tax Forms You Need, and says, “An early look at what we need to do to get ready for our 2009 taxes. April is not too far off after all.”


– Cents from Making Cents of Money presents Selling Magazine Subscriptions for Income.


– Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC from InsureBlog presents Alphabet Soup News: “Reform” Edition, and says, “Summary: If you have an Health Savings or Flexible Spending account, 2010 brings an increase of up to 40% in the cost of your medications.”


– jim from presents How to Donate Appreciated Stock.


– mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter presents Your calling doesn’t necessarily fund your retirement by itself, and says, “Are you taking a low income to pursue your calling? Please don’t throw in the financial towel!”


image source: Aaron Geller, Aussiegall, Dcysurfer, Takomabibelot, Victor Frankowski.

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November 30, 2009, 5:00 am

Carnival of Money Stories – My Financial Dreams’ Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Reviews

What I really like about the Carnival of Money Stories is definitely its personal touch. Personal finance often has a lot of calculation involved (how to save money, how to gather money, how much to pay for this or that…) and those articles don’t bring much “flavor” in the blogosphere. Then again, there is nothing like a personal touch within a rational topic! So along the Carnival entries, I have decided to share my financial dreams:

millionaire#1 Becoming a Millionaire by 35

This is definitely my biggest dream. Why 35? Simply because 30 was too short and 40 was too old 😉 This is also why we named our company M-35! At the age of 28 (only 7 years to go! Doh!), my net worth is around 100K. So I basically have to multiply it by 10 in 7 years. While this sounds completely ridiculous for most people, I look at it as quite the challenge instead. One way or the other, if I do all I can to make it, even if I fail, I’ll surely end-up with a nice fat net worth at that age anyways 😉 As becoming a millionaire at 35 is my biggest dream, here are my EDITOR’S PICKS:

A special mention to FMF who presents Five Steps to Six Figures in Seven Years posted at Free Money Finance. As I just started my new series about how to make 6 figure income, I really like the advices in this great articles!

Baker presents There’s Always An Excuse Not To Give posted at Man Vs. Debt.

Rainy-Day Saver presents Bad Spending Habits — We All Have Them posted at Rainy-Day Saver.

vh presents Would you buy a house near a Walmart? posted at Funny about Money.

BWL presents An argument for giving gift cards posted at Christian Personal Finance.

J.D. Roth presents The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good posted at Get Rich Slowly.

golfing#2 Running my own business full time (and golfing every Friday!)

For those who have been reading The Financial Blogger for a long time (and if you are a new reader, I suggest you subscribe to my RSS Feed and Mailing List), you know that I am running a company as an alternative source of income. Over the past 2 years, the company’s revenue hasn’t stop growing and I am now hoping that it will reach the critical step where I could quit my job for good. Once this goal is achieved, I will “force” myself to go golfing every Friday morning. This is will become a special moment where I can think about the company, its direction and also about how the hell I will be able to play below 90!

Super Saver presents It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask posted at My Wealth Builder.

David R. Lampsen presents It’s the Grocery Game… And I’m Actually Interested posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Yet Another Tax Humor Piece: Interactive Taxes posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Suzane Smith presents 13 Most Common Sneaky Charges on Your Credit Card Bills (and How to Spot Them) posted at Online Criminal Justice Degrees.

Mr Credit Card presents How To Maximize Reward Points for Vacation and Travels posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

acreage property#3 Buying an acreage property

I almost realized this dream this year! I really would like to buy a house with 3 to 10 acres of forest. I love to have space around me and I really like forests. We saw a property with 3.5 acres of land recently but there was only one bathroom and no possibility to build a second one. That is too bad; I’ll have to wait for the next one!

Linda Jones presents 100 Money Experts You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter.

Zach Scheidt presents Whole Foods Market – Not Every Sale is a Bargain posted at ZachStocks.


oneadvice presents What Debt Solutions are Available? posted at One Advice.

Case Ernsting presents Memberships Can Save Your Business Money posted at FinditLocal411 Blog.

Alex presents The Best Free Online Budget Tracking Tool posted at MoneyStance – Money Making Opportunity Reviews.

Robert Damone presents Ten Myths About ETF Investing posted at ETF Database.

Randolph Goldberg presents How to Rebuild Your Credit posted at Las Vegas Bankruptcy Information.

children#4 Teaching my children about money properly

I am the lucky father of two amazing children. They are now 4 and 2 and obviously don’t know much about money yet. As we educate them, I hope that I will be able to show them how to handle it carfully, how to avoid the pitfalls of debt and how to create revenue with their talent. Financial education is very important to me as money can facilitate a lot of aspects of one’s future.

Mrs. Money presents The Debt Shoebox | Ultimate Money Blog posted at The Ultimate Money Blog.

Tyler presents Multiple Intelligences: Why You?re A Green Rock Star but Suck at Saving Money posted at Frugally Green.

Annette Berlin presents How To Buy Craft Supplies on Ebay posted at Craft Stew.

Wenchypoo presents Just in Time For Black Friday and Beyond: Print Ad Susceptibility posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

mrs laughton presents The Definitive Guide To Real Estate ETFs: Real Estate ETF Investing 101 posted at ETF database.

The Amateur Financier presents Small Business 101: Bootstrapping posted at The Amateur Financier.

Billeater presents Five Ways to Save Home Heating Energy posted at Billeater.

J. Money presents The $100 Scratch Off Lottery Project! posted at Budgets are Sexy..

debt kid presents Getting Out Of Debt Is Lonely posted at Debt Kid.

eemusings presents What are you worth? posted at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander.

So, that’s it for the Carnival. However, I really would like to know about your financial dreams?

image source: chispita,

Enkhtuvshin’s 40D..’s ,


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November 24, 2009, 5:00 am

Festival of Frugality – My Best Purchases’ Edition

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Reviews

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality – My Best Purchases’ Edition! Frugality is about saving money and spending wisely when you have to do it. This is why today’s edition is about the items I bought that have lasted or that help me save money. If you are new to The Financial Blogger, you may want to read some of my (attempted) frugal stories:

How to save money on a wedding

How to save money for Christmas

Learn to trade stocks with 10 free lessons

How to cut your grocery bill by 20% while being lazy

**** Don’t miss our 2X  $50 giveaway at Gather Little By Little with our SmartyPig Review!***

zedbed mattress

#1 My Zedbed Mattress

I have always been wondering what the difference is between a $200 mattress and a $2000 one. Everywhere I had lived, I was never impressed by the bed I was sleeping in. They all look the same to me and this is why I kept mine for 30 years (no joke!). But, I slept in a different bed in a hotel in Quebec City (Hotel 71… the place to stay if you go to Quebec City!). I simply had a marvellous night (and I am talking about the kind of sleep I had… pervert! 😉 ). This mattress doesn’t have springs. It has different layers of foams and other stuff (inspired by NASA). It is just too much! So I finally caved and coughed up the 2 grand for the mattress. And everyday, I smile when I am about to go to sleep 😀

Baker presents The X-Men Guide To Unlocking Your Financial Mutant Powers posted at Man Vs. Debt.

GLBL presents Homeschool Finance posted at Gather Little by Little.

Peak Personal Finance presents 5 Financial Rules for Women posted at Peak Personal Finance.

Super Saver presents Opportunity to Pay Zero Federal Income Tax in 2010 posted at My Wealth Builder.

Fabulously Broke presents Major Holiday Busters Part 2 posted at Fabulously Broke ….in the City.

Kristia presents Use Your Frugal Skills and ‘Adopt’ a Family This Holiday Season posted at Family Balance Sheet.

MiddleWay presents Year End Utilities Review posted at Early Retirement the Middle Way.

Tyler Tervooren presents Give Yourself the Right Tools for the Job posted at Frugally Green.

Ash presents Costs, Part 1 – Opportunity Costs posted at Breathe-Smile.

42 inches plasma tv

#2 My 42” Plasma TV

4 years ago, I went on a crazy shopping spree during Boxing Day to find my TV. I had a 20” TV for 8 years and was looking for a change. I don’t watch too much TV but I watch a movie here and there since it is harder to get out to the cinema with 2 young children at home. Then again, plasma TVs were definitely not cheap 4 years ago. However, even today; every time I light it up, my TV holds up and I continue to appreciate the size and the quality of the picture.

FMF presents Mindless Spending: Frequency Matters More Than Height posted at Free Money Finance.

Jeff Rose presents 3 Ways to Save Money During a Recession posted at Jeff Rose.

Andy presents Weekly Wrap – Cheaper Online Stock Trading and My New Costco-Amex Card posted at Saving to Inve$t.

Paul Williams presents Raising a Cow for Beef: Month 3 posted at Provident Planning.

jim presents How to Cancel Your Cable TV Service posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Hank presents Living With Less: Social Security and Many Companies Are Cutting Cost of Living Adjustments posted at Own The Dollar.

Peter presents 2 Compelling Reasons To Buy The Most Expensive House In Your Neighborhood posted at Bible Money Matters.

J.D. Roth presents How Much House Do You Need? posted at Get Rich Slowly.

Stephanie presents I made Fabric Bags with Ties posted at Stop the Ride!.

toshiba laptop

#3 My Laptop

For once, I didn’t have to pay a fortune to get something solid! When I started The Financial Blogger 3 years ago (3rd birthday is approaching, make sure to come back for the giveaways!), I decided to buy a brand new laptop to be able to write in the bus. Well 3 years later, I am still with the very same laptop and I just love it! It’s a Toshiba Satellite (the cheap one) and it is very solid! (Trust me, I am not the perfect gentleman when it comes to handling these things 😉 ). This little square piece of plastic has become my new best friend!

Elle presents Shopping Around for Painting Supplies posted at Couple Money.

Wise_Bread presents Get More Bang For Your Membership Buck posted at Wisebread.

Joe Plemon presents 6 Steps on How to Prosper by Celebrating Your Marital Differences posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

Ray @ Financial Highway presents Best Credit Card posted at Financial Highway.

MLR presents How to Evaluate the Rent vs Buy Decision posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents ING Direct Review: Electric Orange, Business Savings Accounts posted at The Digerati Life.

PT presents A Thanksgiving Stuffed with Savings posted at PT Money.

Wren Caulfield presents Couchsurfing to Save Money and Make Friends While Traveling: Our Experiences. posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking.

DR presents Sccusesufl Peosrnal Finnace Deos Not Riqueire Perftceion posted at The Dough Roller.

Billeater presents Know Your Food Plan Levels and Save posted at Billeater.


#4 My BlackBerry

Speaking of best friends, my BlackBerry is now more than a friend (maybe I could say it’s my 3rd child… just kidding 😉 ). But seriously folks, I was not convinced about the added value of having a BlackBerry. I was reading about people getting addicted or paralyzed as they were trying to do too many things at the same time. But with the company growing, I had no other choice but to try it in order to improve my productivity. I can tell that once you have found a balance in your life and you have shown your BB who is the master, it is the most useful thing I carry with me everyday!

debt kid presents 7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Save When All You Want to Do Is Spend posted at Debtkid.

The Smarter Wallet presents How To Live Debt Free With No Credit posted at The Smarter Wallet.

a.b. presents I Am So Cheap…..I reuse tape. posted at Modern Tightwad.

Barry presents Money Mangement As You Approach Retirement posted at Associate Money.

Craig Ford presents 50 Christmas Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Personalized Gifts posted at Money Help For Christians.

Sun presents The True Cost of a Coupon posted at Earn More Invest Wisely at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

Madison presents Black Friday 2009 Free Stuff posted at My Dollar Plan.

Miss Thrifty presents Get your digital photos printed for free posted at Miss Thrifty.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Save Money This Christmas With LED Lights posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

MoneyNing presents Are 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards for Life Possible? posted at Money Ning.

So that’s it for the Festival of Frugality! And you, What was your best purchase?

Image source:





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November 16, 2009, 5:00 am

Festival of Stocks: My Thoughts on Investment Products

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Reviews

Welcome to this new edition of the Festival of Stocks! For this festival, I have decided to share my thoughts on a few investment products you may have or consider to include in your portfolio. If you are new to The Financial Blogger, I may suggest you read those investment related posts:

10 Trading Lessons for Free

Top 10 Dividend Stocks in Canada

9 Free Investing Resources

4 best stocks in 2009

#1 ETF’s (Exchange Traded Fund)

For someone who knows a little bit about stock markets and economy, building a portfolio with ETF’s may be the best solution. ETF’s can track anything you may think of (this is probably their biggest flaw at the same time!). So you can build a customized portfolio and fees are minimal. ETF’s are definitely the best products available on the market right now (again, for someone who knows what he is doing!).

The Smarter Wallet presents Should You Trade Stocks Online? posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Canadian Investor presents Should Penny Stocks Be In Your Investment Strategy? posted at Canadian Penny Stocks Blog.

Steve Alexander presents MFI Stock Review: Sturm Ruger & Co Inc. (RGR) posted at MagicDiligence – The Best Magic Formula Stocks.

AlexG presents Jim Rogers Financial Times Interview Novemver 03, 2009 | All Things Jim Rogers posted at All Things Jim Rogers.

#2 Mutual Funds

Several bloggers hate mutual funds or despise them. However, mutual funds can be very useful depending at what financial stage (and knowledge) you are. For example, for someone who is accumulating on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, investing periodically in a mutual funds will allow him to participate in the market with a small amount (things you couldn’t do if you would buy ETF’s). You also have managed solutions for clients who don’t want to take care of their investment but still want to invest. Overall, mutual funds are not as bad as they are described by a few financial journalists / bloggers.

Zach Scheidt presents Vitamin Shoppe Adds to Successful IPO posted at ZachStocks.

GLBL presents Get the Swine Flu H1N1 Stocks! posted at

Intelligent Speculator presents Will commodity ETF’s exist a year from now? posted at Intelligent Speculator.

D4L presents Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividends Value.

Mike Piper presents Where to Rollover My 401k posted at The Oblivious Investor.

#3 CD’s (Certificate of Deposits)

In French, those are called CPG. It means Certificat de Placement Garanti. However, we call them Certificat of Pauvreté (poverty) Garanti (Guaranteed) in the banking industry. While this provide the ultimate security, rates are so low that you will barely protect your investment from inflation once you have calculated applicable taxes. In other words, I don’t really like them 😉

Matt_SF presents Traders Know it?s a Gold Bubble, Why Don?t You? posted at Steadfast Finances.

Jeff Rose presents What is a Penny Stock? posted at Jeff Rose.

Leslie Brown presents The Definitive Silver ETF Guide (Five Minute Edition) posted at ETF database.

Darwin presents 2009 Stock Market Returns YTD from Around the World – Shocking! posted at Darwin’s Finance.

#4 Dividend Stocks

I really like dividend paying stocks. Most of them are Blue Chips and offer a great stability in your portfolio while providing a constant income at the same time. The only thing to be careful with is to not consider dividend stocks like pure fixed income. As we have seen in 2008, even those shares can fluctuate a lot.

Mike presents Jumping On the Bandwagon posted at Minting Pennies – Personal Finance, Investing, and Microfinance.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents OptionsHouse Review: Low Commission Broker posted at The Digerati Life.

Super Saver presents A Bubble is Coming posted at My Wealth Builder.

#5 Bonds

If included in a bond ladder, municipal bonds and corporate bonds could be of great help in your investment portfolio. This will stabilize the volatility and can provide some good yield if you make your trades on the right timing (think about junk bonds in early 2009, this was the best performing asset class during the first 6 months!).

TIP Guy presents Stock Pre-Screening Process and Metrics | posted at presents Investing in Bonds posted at Trading Stocks.

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