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December 6, 2007, 7:00 am

November Monthly Top Ten

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten

Say what! We are already December 6th? Yikes, I am pretty late on my November Top Ten (maybe I should start writing about my yearly Top Ten right away!). Things are going a bit too fast for me these days between Christmas shopping (almost done!), receiving friends (always a lot of fun), shoveling (we received more than 20 inches of snow this week!) and stu(dying) for my MBA (8 days left before the first exam!). So here is my top 10 for the month of November:

#10: Staying on Track When You Work at Home by Lazyman. After he resigned from his job, Lazyman decided to take some time off and work on side projects. One of them is his blog. He is resuming his first month as being a hubby-at-home.

#9: Time to Run and Hide From Stocks ? by Flexo. I don’t know about your portfolio but mine is going down. I am showing a negative overall return of -8% for 2007. Nothing really to brag about! Flexo is asking himself if it’s the time to sell and run…

#8: What could you give up when you’re in financial trouble? by Cleverdude. A series of two articles where Clever Dude is using his own situation to show you how you can cut in your expenses without having to sell away your newborn. Those are tricks I would use to cut down in my expenses in order to reach my $1,500 project. Unfortunately, I have used most of them already!

#7: Blog Income Report by John Chow. Not a big found but still motivating for me. I sometimes make reference to thisk famous blogger on my blog and I wanted you to know why. I’ll let you go on his blog to find out how much he made last month. Just a clue : it was more than what my wife makes in a year!

#6: Credit Cards: Friend or Foe? by Money Smart Life. I personally think they are my friends for the reasons mentioned in this article. However, they can betray you and become your biggest enemy within a few months as well…

#5: Anecdotes and Advice from a First Time Home Buyer Part 8 by Four Pillars. Did I ever told that this guy is writing great series? Well this time it is his friend, Christine who made this great series for people that are looking for their first house and even for people that are already home owner.

#4: The Sandwitched Generation by Golbguru. As a proud parent of two beautiful kids, I am really concern about this issue. I am the only child in my family and my parents are not getting younger. While I will have to take care of William and Amy, I am wondering if I will have to take care of my Mother and Dad.

#3: 101 thoughts on losing 100 pounds by Brip Blap. I think I will print this article and post it everywhere on January 2nd where I realized that I gained 10 pounds over the Hollidays!

#2: Quitting My Job, Retiring Early: 5 Steps To Lifestyle Change by Silicon Valley Blogger. I did quit my job in the past and it was one of best thing I ever done in my life. Now, we are working on having my wife to quit hers and it will hopefully work out in 2008.

#1: Confessions of a Car Salesman by Frugal Trader. Hum… I thought they were crooked but they are worst than I thought. I personally think that this article is valuable for most salesperson in any field (personal finance included). Beware!

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November 5, 2007, 7:00 am

October Monthly Top Ten

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten

I know I am a bit late with my top ten for this month, but I had to do a bit of research in order to compensate for the fact that I was off on a business trip for a little bit more than a week. So here is my Top 10 for the month of October:

#10 September Earnings and Traffic Report, Profits up 88% at Blain is definitely a ig inspiration for me as he was recently able to create a great source of income from his blog. In September, he made $930.66 and I can tell you that he reached over 1K for the month of October. While not being as evil as John Chow, he is one his way a good chunk of money out of the blogosphere.

#9 An Early Retirement update From QCash at I really wanted to pick up posts that inspire me. This one is definitely in line with my goal of retiring yound and healthy. After all, life must be lived not worked 😉

#8 How Spending Money Can Actually Save You Money at Sometimes, life is so simple that you can actually save money while spending. This is quite an interesting concept.

#7 Ten REasons you Should Quit Your Job at Hey! It seems that I am not the only one who thinks that quitting your job could be beneficial for you!

#6 Things I Learned From My Grandparents About Money, Part2 at Human beings tend to forget about history and their past. I guess we could learn a lot from other’s experience. Our grandpartents can definitely teach us some good stuff about “The Good Old Times”.

#5 Crossing Generations: Being Grateful For What We Have and Some Reflections On The Future (can the title be longer?) at This post is in the line with my #6 and tell you why we should be grateful to our parents and grandparents.

#4 The RESP Series by Another gem by FP; this guy knows how to get to the bottom of things. If you have children and you think about their future education, stop reading my blog (don’t you dare!) and go see his complete RESP series!

#3 Debunking 13 Retirement Myths Part1 at I just hate financial myths and cliché’s. It’s a good thing that I am not the only one!

#2 Personal Finance Lessons from the Poker Table at I love poker and I love personal finance. What a great deal to put both of them together!

#1 8 Lessons I Learned From The Cheapest Family In The Nation at We always think taht we need more and more money in order to meet our own and our family needs. Well, there is always a way to make it up with less money!

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If you liked this articles, you might want to sign for my FULL RSS FEEDS. Then, you will get my daily post to your email and can read it at any time. To subscribe CLICK HERE

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October 1, 2007, 7:00 am

September Top Ten Posts

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten

The Financial Blogger V2.0

Happy Monday everyone! (sic)

As you can see, I’ve updated my blog and created a new format. I’ve been working on the layout for a while and it’s now online! The categories and the other section on the sides will be changed shortly while I didn’t have enough time over the weekend (I still have a life besides blogging 😉 ). So Welcome to The Financial Blogger V 2.0; next step coming: ads!

Oh boy, this monthly top ten took a good two hours as I saved 32 very interesting articles for September. After debating every single one with my wife, we have come to this top ten. That should give you enough reading for this week!


#10 How Many Earths Would it Take to Sustain You? By Consumerism Commentary.

This is a short and sweet post that will make you think twice about your life style and how we hypothec or future on this planet. It is important to take the time to realize that our good old planet is probably dying and definitely not eternal


#9 Pirates of Personal Finance by Brip Blap.

A cool and refreshing post about personal finance advices. Apparently, pirates were excellent personal finance advisors. Brip Blap is explaining some piratical tidbits. Here’s my favorite: Arrr, no need to enlist with the Navy there be plenty o’ opportunities fer a young pirate in these seas – rum running, lootin’, rampagin’. The same thing but in my own words: you don’t need to get a stable job, there are plenty of opportunities where you can create your own company.


#8 The One Hour Project by the Simple Dollar.

This is more than a post, it is a great series concerning small things you can do to improve your financial situation. Each of them takes one hour to accomplish. I decided to link to the category instead of choosing only one post. Therefore, you will be able to figure which ones suit you best.


#7 How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? By Fours Pillars and Mr. Cheap.

This specific post has been written by Fours Pillars. However, he recently decided to merge his blog with another great blogger, Mr. Cheap (From Financial Security Quest). It is a great idea since they are both great writer. More on this post, it is a well detailed analysis of the blogger’s own situation. He explains why he took so much (750K seems pretty big at first glance, but it is almost the bare minimum to be honest).


#6 The Breast is Best by Million Dollar Journey.

MDJ is definitely my favorite blog by far. While he can write about convertible bond arbitrage, he can also talk about breastfeeding. Everything can be found in the same blog! Anyway, this article is about all the benefit for women and children of breastfeeding. It’s a must for everybody!


#5 Sales tactics by Money Smart Life.

This is another great category where Ben explains how salesman can be faster than you to close the deal and make a decent profit. He outlines 5 sales tactics that seem to work as I encountered them myself while shopping. Learn how to speak their languages and you will make great deals!


#4 Renting vs Buying a Home: A Detailed Calculation by Clever Dude.

Instead of telling you what to do and why, Clever Dude made a detailed list of all points to be considered when you are facing this choice. I think this dilemma is more about personal values and lifestyle than a financial matter.


#3 Watch Prices Go Up: Interesting Facts About Inflation by The Digerati Life.

A very great post from the Silicon Valley Blogger. That makes me think of the good old days where you could by a castle for 200K. It is now though to find a mobile home for 100K! She does not only compare price but also explain the inflation factors and provides great tools to understand this phenomenon.


#2 Chess and the Art of Financial Goals by Dough Roller.

This is the first post of an interesting series about the comparison of chess and the world of finance. In addition to the great post, you get in bonus a chess problem to solve. I guess it will be a bit different than the classic sudoku!


#1 8 Personal Lessons I Learned From Monopoly by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

When I was a kid, I used to play this game all day long. This is by far the most exciting board game I know. The most amazing part is that out of a simple game, there are a lot of financial basics. My favorite lesson is number 6: Life Isn’t Fair, It’s What You Make Of It. It’s up to you to make it happen!

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If you liked this articles, you might want to sign for my FULL RSS FEEDS. Then, you will get my daily post to your email and can read it at any time. To subscribe CLICK HERE

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September 3, 2007, 7:00 am

August Top Ten Post

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten

Before I start with my Top Ten Post for the month of August, I wanted to advice my reader about two things. The first one is, as you probably noticed by now, I decided to not post a weekly roundup on Saturdays. The main reason is that I realize that it was annoying for all the RSS readers. As they figure to be my most loyal readers, I will not do roundups anymore.

The other thing I realized that could be very annoying for RSS readers is that I am not providing full RSS feed. In fact, I though I was until Fours-Pillars pointed it to me. Please forgive me as I am still new to all this web technology and I am learning as I am blogging. I did some researches and I found out that I was not using the right version of feedburner. It is now setup properly!

Now, let’s take a look at what was interesting in the blogosphere during the last month. This time, I am putting my number 1 post at the end of the article to keep you reading till the end 😉

#10: College Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Spirit While Simultaneously Turning You into a Worker Bee by Violent Acres. While not being a personal finance blogger (in fact, I don’t think there is an adjective to qualify what she is writing about) she gives her “violent” expression of how was here childhood and relationship towards money. She explains how she built her entrepreneurship and points out that 6 out of the 10 richest people in America are proud college dropouts. I guess diplomas is not necessarily the best path to wealth.

#9: Four Simple Stock Market Lessons Related to Life

by It is definitely a must for young traders or traders-to-be. These lessons are really good especially when you are considering the roller-coaster market we presently have. You can also find a follow-up post here. On another note, I want to thank four his August Top Commentator Contest (I’ll let you guess who won 😉 ).

#8: Stay Away From The “90 Days, Same As Cash” Trap

by It is now easier to get credit than to find p*”n on the internet. But are stores really helping you out? In fact, this articles explain how you get stuck with huge interest bill at the end of the day.

#7: How I increased my income 62% in 14 months…

by An impression and inspiring post about one’ success to increase significantly his income in a very small period of time.

#6: Against the grain: Why we chose an interest-only mortgage

by I used to think that interest only mortgage was a bad product. However, I have changed my mind for several reasons about a year ago. Clever Dude explains part of these reasons in this article. Sometimes, personal finance is just less important than other life’s benefits.

#5: Thrift or Theft?

By Many bloggers write about frugality. Several individuals talk or read about frugality. However, there are others that are stealing and think that they are being frugal. Ask yourself if you would like to teach these “border line methods” to your children.

#4: 101 Ways to Put $101 in Your Pocket This Month

by This is a nice (and legal!) list of tips to save a couple of bucks at the end of this month.

#3: Yogi Berra’s 7 Secrets to Building Wealth

By Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra catched more than a few balls while he was playing for the Yankees. Great food for thoughts when you want to invest in the market.

#2: Life Is Like A Game Of Chess

by This is great analogy about life. I think that the analogy got completed along with the comments. Make sure to read all of it.

#1: This month, I have two bloggers in first place because they wrote about the same topic and put great effort into it (one visually, one by a complete series). offered us:

Are You Ready To Be A Parent? Know The Cost Of Having Kids and created an awesome series about baby expenses.

I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did and that you learnt something. I would also suggest that you read all comments associated with theses articles. A post is just not as complete without comments!

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If you liked this articles, you might want to sign for my FULL RSS FEEDS. Then, you will get my daily post to your email and can read it at any time. To subscribe CLICK HERE

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August 1, 2007, 6:00 am

July Top Ten Posts

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten

Have you notice something about my layout? The whole blog is in different tint of blue and white. Everything but one thing… This big orange button. You know what? There is a reason for that… It is because I want to make my RSS FEED button visible! Please register for this blog RSS Feed by clicking on that orange button 😉 Then, you’ll get my daily post in your email everyday!

I do not know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time following everything that is being written in the blogosphere of personal finance. I decided I would create my Monthly Top Ten Posts. Then, I can share with you my favorite articles across the web! So here is my first edition for July:

#1: How Money Can Change A Life by Money Smart Life: This was definitely my favorite post this month. It makes you think about how money can change your entire life. This is a great lesson to learn for us all.

#2: Criteria for Purchasing Rental Property by Million Dollar Journey: As I am looking into buying a rental property in the future (2 years maybe), I was glad to see what other landlords as to say about picking the right property. Comments on this post are very interesting as well.

#3: Why You Spend and Save The Way You Do: The Science Behind Money Behaviors by The Digerati Life: I am always fascinated to learn how my brain thinks and how I think I made the decision. The way you spend money can be analyzed and therefore, you should be in a better position to correct your spending habits.

#4: 50 Tips for New Personal Finance Bloggers by Clever Dude: As I am still new to this world, advises such as them are priceless for me. I think it is a good summary and definitely a good start for any bloggers!

#5: Think About Your Finances Before Having (More) Children by Money, Matter and more Musing: Too many people have kids without thinking about their finance first. I agree, the decision should come from your feelings. However, your feelings are not paying for the food you will give to you little angel.

#6: Start a Company When you are Young from Go Big Network: Do I have to say more? The title says it all!

#7: Campaign Against Financial Myths: Part 4 – Mortgage & Home Ownership by Grad Money Matters: A definite must for anyone who is thinking of buying a house. Ownership is not as simple as turning the key and opening the door.


#8: The Magic of Positive Thinking by Financial Security Quest: An interesting post about how your way of thinking my influence your life. I think that what you think about will define you as a human being.


#9: Three Ways to Be Sure You’re Paid What You’re Worth by Get Rich Slowly: This is an eternal question: Am I paid what I am worth? Find out some tips to know if you should ask for a raise or if you should consider yourself lucky!


#10: How Do You Start an Investment Club? by Thicken My Wallet: hum.. an investment club. While it sounds like a good idea, starting one and keeping it active seems a lot more complicated than it seems.

I hope you enjoyed reading these articles as I did! There are several many others but I did not want to make a Top 50!

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