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March 27, 2017, 3:28 pm

Here’s How To Actually Succeed as a Part-Time Day Trader

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online,Trading

Day trading is gradually becoming one of the glamorous ways to rake in the big bucks on Wall Street without actually showing up at work with a suit, tie and briefcase. The media (online and offline) constantly treats us to stories of everyday people who are making millions of dollars on the stock market as day traders. Most people who take up day trading are actually not much different from Wall Street types. A simple Google image search for “Day Traders” will show you hundreds of pictures of folks looking intently at multiple trading screens.

However, the media paints a somewhat different image for the successful day trader. The media portrayal of the successful day trader often shows someone in an exotic island, someone lying on the warm sounds of a beach, or a someone is pajamas who makes million lying in bed or on a couch. Of course, you can succeed as a part-time day trader. In fact, part-time day trading lets you control offer you freedom. This piece seeks to disabuse your mind in providing you with actionable information that can help you succeed as a part-time day trader.

Set specific trading hours

To succeed as a part-time day trader, you’ll need to approach day trading as a part time job with specific working/trading plan. Of course, part time day trading should give you a chance to trade the market at your convenience; nonetheless, you’ll need to examine your schedule and carve out time that you’ll devote to the market.

If you are currently employed and you want to combine trading with your day job, you should set your trading hours apart from your regular working hours. In fact, you’ll most likely lose money if you think you can trade the markets during your commute to/from work because you’ll be making trading decisions without being in the trading ‘zone’.

Trade only assets you understand

The financial market is very huge and there are different kinds of assets available for trading and investments. You can trade CFDs, stock, options, forex, ETFs, commodities, and futures among others. Even in the specific asset classes, you can still streamline your trades to zero in on specific economies, industries, sectors, and companies.

However, the fact that Wall Street provides you with an opportunity to trade all sorts of assets doesn’t necessarily mean that you should become a jack of all trade trader. It would be in your best interest to limit your day trading activities to assets that you can actually understand. More so, you’ll need  a working knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis to succeed as a part-time day trader.

Take up day trading as a serious business

Lastly, you need to approach day trading as a serious business irrespective of whether you want to be a full time to part-time day trader. You’ll need to decide how much money you want to put into your day trader activities. It is better to start trading with a small capital and increase your trading capital as you hone your skills.

You’ll need to have a dedicated trading space – at least, you should invest a dedicated trading computer and high-speed internet connection. You should also take the time to plan each of your trades with definite entry strategies, exit strategies when the trade goes your way, and escape strategies when the trade goes against you.

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March 22, 2017, 10:14 am

5 Ways You Can Make Money Online While Pursuing a Career in Business Administration

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income,Blogging,Make Money Online

If you currently work as a business administrator, you will be happy to know that you can also earn a second income using a variety of methods. Having an online MBA degree, which was obtained using one of the many online MBA programs with Northeastern University, will pay dividends for your future, and not just on the career ladder. If you are looking to take advantage of your business administration experience by trying to earn a second income online, have a look at some of the ways below that will let you do exactly that.

1. Become a Part-Time Writer

All websites online require good quality written content to entertain their readers, and that means there is plenty of space for you to offer your writing services. Even if you do not have sufficient experience when it comes to writing, there are still many websites out there related to business that are crying out for people just like you. Have a look online for writing jobs and find out for yourself how much money can be made from offering your business administration experience to readers.

2. Start Your Own Online Business

With business administration experience, you already have experience of being able to run a business, so why not take your experience online and start your own? Whether it’s an ecommerce business selling the latest clothing trends, or a simple blog that offers readers your business administration experience in return for donations, there are plenty of business opportunities online that don’t have to take up all of your time, so you can still concentrate on your full-time job.

3. Offer Virtual Assistant Services

Businesses are crying out for virtual assistants so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to make a second income offering your services. The job varies greatly – one minute you could be on the phone to a customer and the next you could be entering data into a database.

4. Offer Business Advice as a Freelancer

With a ton of experience in the business industry you will be able to offer advice to people wanting to start their own business. You will likely have the most experience in a certain sector of business, whether that is finance or employment, so there isn’t any reason why you can’t become a freelancer and offer those services professionally.

5. Link Building

All websites need back links to better their search engine presence, and to get those they need to hire people to make it happen. There are many ways you can offer link building services for clients, whether that is through guest posting or by simply entering their link in a link directory.

Earning a second income online isn’t hard at all if you look at the above options. There are many other jobs that can be undertaken online and as the internet grows further, there will be even more opportunities for you to be able to earn money.

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March 8, 2017, 2:33 pm

6 Easy Ways to Earn Money Via Referrals

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income,Make Money Online

Lots of companies are scrambling to get new clients in the ever-shrinking local and global markets. This has necessitated competitive pricing, better services as well as freebies and lots of cash offers. One of the ways these companies are building their clientele is through earning money via referrals.

This is simply a means of earning perks by having your family and friends namedrop or use a specially sent sign-up link to join a service. They can also fill in your name on a slot reserved for ‘referral.’ This is an excellent means of income for lots of people. There are several ways you can earn money via referrals.

I. Refer People to Products You Like

There are lots of quality products in the market that offer referral incentives. Even then you are more likely to make better revenue by referring products you are passionate about. When you like products, it’s easier for you to make a more persuasive appeal to your family and friends.

The more you use a product, the more experience, expertise, and ability you will have to recommend it to your buddies. This makes it easier for you to show its demonstrable value. It’s critical that you research what is required of you before recommending a product to others.

II. Sign-Up & Find your URL

Many referees sign up for referral programs, and then nothing ever happens on their platform. Most reward sites, especially those that offer referrer’s rewards, have a URL stat that you will use to keep track of how you are performing. A typical program involves members who already have an account. The referral program is easy. All you have to do is invite a friend to open a live trading account, and you get paid a bonus as per your friend’s initial deposit and trade volume.

In such a referral program there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite. There are several other types of referrals including forex affiliate, referrer’s networks, or partnership programs that focus specifically on referral marketing. Most referrer’s reward programs are slated in such a way that they have an embedded code which you can simply link to your site.

III. Use Quality Articles & other Resources for Your Audience

While slotting the logo or link with an embedded code on your site will generate organic traffic, having quality content will create a higher traffic and increase conversions. Keep in mind that you have to offer useful content and resources for your audience if they are to follow the link to the referral program.

You have to consider your referral as a form of content marketing. It’s best to avoid a hard sell. Instead, you can rely on a subtle or suggestive recommendation. For example, if the referral reward program is in marketing, it much easier to slot them into marketing related blog posts.

IV. Rely on the Rewarding Company’s Blog

Given that referrals programs are easier to publicize through content marketing it’s easier to rely on the content produced by the company offering the referral program. Visit their site and use their valuable stats, best practices and resources to share on your own site.

This makes your marketing even more persuasive and compelling. You can rewrite the content of your favorite product from the producer’s site then share them on your own site. You can also keep track of the rewarding company’s social media pages and sites for the latest info, launches, upgrades, etc. and use it to market the referral.

V. Use the Product and Share Your Experience

Most companies would love their referrers to use their products then review it for them. However, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes you can simply review the product using the content from other reviewers or making your own insight from the firm’s ads. This strategy is obviously easier to do with some products than with others.

There are a number of ways of going about this. First, you can do it as an experiential. Secondly, you can do it through a step by step instructional method. Thirdly you can do it as an educational moment while offering the option of a Q & A ta the end of the lecture, as well as a call to action.

VI. Simplify a Referral Company’ Program

There are lots of companies with challenging, and seemingly complicated product offers in the market. One of the ways of making money through referrals involves creating tutorials or resources that simplify the process of purchasing or using a particular product and posting the instructional online with links to the program.

There are referral programs created specifically to cater to this market. This mainly works for products that need a customized guide for different markets.


There are also lots of apps that you can use to earn money via referrals by marketing the referrer’s link or embedded codes. These include Referral Candy, Friendly, LoyaltyLion, S Loyalty: Refer-a-Friend, Ambassador, Forewards as well as Referrify. Overall referral programs are a simple way to make some “extra” cash. If you’re already sharing about your favourite products, tools or services then see if the company that produces it offers a reward for recommending your friends.

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February 13, 2014, 7:53 am

My Membership Website Revealed + Special Offer

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online


Since the beginning of the year, I have discussed on this blog about my big project of launching a membership website. I really wanted this project to be perfect so I didn’t publicize all over the place to announce my new site back in December. I started with a soft launched that enabled me to #1 recover my investment and #2 control comments and suggestions from my new clients. It’s been two months now since I secretly launched this project, now it’s time to tell you more about it!





Dividend Stocks Rock is an online membership site that gives you access to all the tools and techniques you can use to build a dividend stock portfolio personally.  This is not about stock recommendations or some kind of guru principles. It’s about sound investing decisions made based on solid stock research.

I’ve been investing since 2003 and while my investing journey includes failures, I’ve also earned a few bragging rights:

#1 After borrowing from a $20,000 line of credit to invest, I bought my first house with $50,000 in cash down. All generated from my trading abilities.


#2 in 2012, I launched my first stock pick book and selected 20 US and 10 Canadian dividend stocks. I lagged the US market by 1% but killed the Canadian market by more than 8%.


#3 in 2013, my second edition of the Best dividend stock picks for the year beat BOTH the US and Canadian benchmarks.


I’ve noticed that many readers were interested in my point of view with regards to the economy and the stock market. They were curious about my stock picking process and how I manage my own portfolio. This is why I created Dividend Stocks Rock – to share my knowledge with as many people as possible.


The Dividend Stocks Rock site will build your knowledge, skills, and investment capability from the ground up.  You’ll master the techniques you need to understand what drives portfolio growth and individual stock growth to build the portfolio you want.  Most importantly, it will give you the data at your finger tips that will allow you to put the process into action from day 1.




My goal with this site was to cover the dividend investing world from A to Z from the Canadian and American markets. This is why you will find a lot of information on North American dividend stocks. But I couldn’t compete against the big guys. I didn’t want to enter the playground of data mining and build a filter stronger than Finviz or Ycharts.  I couldn’t compete with news and tons of articles that you can find on site such as Google Finance or Seeking Alpha. I wasn’t able to build a complete site such as MorningStar, or Parsimony Research.


When I look at such a list of “competitors”, it seems that there isn’t any place for a smaller player like me, right? If you think so, you are wrong. I personally use all these sites for my own stock research and portfolio management. But they all share the same flaw: they are too big and contain too much information for the average DIY investor. After discussing with many of my readers, I’ve noticed that many of them are brand new DIY investor and are floundering somewhat in the ocean of information and products offered to them. In fact, there is just too much info to digest for people to properly manage their own portfolios. Folks feel overwhelmed and simply do not know where to start. This is where I have found my niche: by doing the work I do and simply deliver the results so decision making is easier.


The other unique feature I can offer clients is even stronger: ME! Instead of logging into a big site managed by a dozen or hundreds of people, you enter in direct connection with a passionate dividend investor. I’m not here to give direct stock recommendations, I’m here to help investors build their portfolio according to their own investing strategy.




The site is being divided into 4 categories:

Baby Steps

This section was created for beginner investors who want to learn how to build their own portfolios. It explains the DSR philosophy. You don’t need thousands of dollars to start investing; a few hundred is enough. The idea is to have a clear investing process to achieve your goals.

The DSR Investing Baby Steps is an 8 Step process that will guide you through all phases of investing. You can either read each step on your screen or download them in an eBook (pdf) format.






Dividend Portfolios

At the beginning of 2012, we pulled two 100% stock portfolios; one US and one Canadian. Our first portfolios showed a total investment return of 12.37% (US) and 14.69% (CDN). We did it again in 2013. As of November 1st 2013, our portfolios are showing a total investment returns of 31.78% (US) and 17.82%.

We are sharing our talent with you through a series of portfolios that cover a number of different scenarios, you will be able to find a portfolio that fits your needs. There are model portfolio suggestions for Canadian investors, U.S. investors, or investors interested in investing in both Canadian and U.S. investments at the same time. There are a total of 10 different portfolios (click here to see what we are talking about) you can use to build your own. BUY & SELL updates will be delivered to your mailbox!




Dividend Stock Lists

This is the bread and butter part of the active investing portion of your portfolio.  These lists are your starting point for using dividends to grow your portfolio.  With a choice of 8 lists at your disposal (4 US and 4 CDN) the best dividend growth stocks available to supercharge your portfolio returns. We have used four powerful criteria to build our lists: Quality, Yield, Growth & Stability.

Most importantly, these lists are updated weekly with new stats on each and every dividend growth stock as well as additions of new dividend growth stocks and removal of stocks that are no longer providing that all-important dividend growth. Check out the list descriptions here!




DSR Premium Newsletter

This high quality investing newsletter will provide you with first class information about macroeconomics, various stocks to look at and valuable hindsight about the stock market. We will cover various industries and pick the finest stocks with high dividend growth potential. I wake-up every morning to read financial news and economic data. I’m doing all the work for you and send it out once a month. It will be ready to digest and implement right away. This will be part of your favorite Sunday morning reading every month!


Covering these four aspects, I am sure to achieve my goal in giving you all the right tools for a DIY investor to build a strong dividend portfolio.






My goal is to make Dividend Stock Rocks as accessible as possible. After all, your money should be invested and not spent in high fee MERs or on expensive newsletters. And this is the way we see it; DSR is an investment in your portfolio.

I really like when people get more for their money. When you think about it, that’s the whole purpose of investing right? Buying at the right price and benefit from your investment! This is why I’m offering you a special launching package. I’ve teamed up with Pat McKeough from The Successful Investor newsletter to deliver you the best investing offer of the year!

For the price of a Premium Subscription to Dividend Stocks ROCK you also get the choice of receiving one of the two very well-known investing newsletters The Successful Investor & The Wall Street Stock Forecaster.


If you don’t know about Pat’s newsletter, I suggest you checkout his site here and come back for the promotion 😉 Please keep in mind that DSR and Pat McKeough’s newsletter are two separate investing services managed by two different companies. Stock and market opinions may differ from the two services. This is a one-time promotion only and will end on March 13th.











When we created Dividend Stocks Rock at the end of 2013, we wanted to make sure our investment platform was ready to meet our clients’ highest expectations. This is why we decided to do a “pre-launch” with people who signed-up for our special dividend investing mailing list. The pre-launch happened in December and was quite successful. But you don’t have to take my word for it, take theirs:



Is DSR worth the subscription? Do I feel I am getting good value? Compare the $4,900.00 that my wife is paying for advice to a one year subscription to DSR. I can’t believe the value that I am getting! DSR has exceeded my expectations by a long shot!



I just checked out your site. Whoa, impressive! I can see that you have done a lot of work to get this up and running. Great job. I like the Canadian feel to it.




If you have any questions, let me know,


I wish you a great investing journey 😉



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February 3, 2014, 5:00 am

The Result of my Membership Website – Over $6,000 in 6 weeks!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online

My biggest goal of 2013 was to create a membership website. The idea behind it was to diversify my company and become independent from Google for good. Newsletters are great to keep your readers on board regardless if Google sends you traffic or not. And you can’t ask your subscribers to provide income on a monthly basis. If you send them too many “special offers”, they will tag your emails as spam and close the door for good.


But if you offer a service to help them in a specific part of their life, they may become more than readers and subscribers. They may become clients. The fact of having a service or product for sale with clients buying it puts your website in a completely different category. You are not dependent on the web anymore, you have a real business.


As I have always been very transparent with my online business, I will share everything about my new membership website with you, from the good to the bad to the ugly. I started with a soft launch on December 9th 2013 and have already made over $6,000 in the first 6 weeks of operation. Let’s look at how it went:


$6,133.70 IN 6 WEEKS – CAN I MAKE 52K IN 52 WEEKS?


Man… I wish math was this simple! Sure the numbers add up very well and it is very cool to say that the site has made an average of $1K per week since the launch date. But when we look at the overall trend, it’s not exactly how it went. The first graph I’m showing is the gross revenue per subscription week by week.


Members had the possibility to sign-up for a monthly membership or an annual subscription with 2 months’ worth of rebate and a bonus (a book). The monthly price was set at $14.95 and the annual price at $149.50 USD.


The blue bar is the annual subscription, the red bar monthly and, most importantly; the green bar shows total gross revenues per week. You will also note that I’ve cut the week to months’ end as I also wanted to see the trend per month.


Without any surprised, the week of December 9th was the most profitable. Within a week, I made slightly over $3,500. After the soft launch date (I’ll come back with the notion of a soft launch versus an official launch later in this post), we can see that the average is pretty solid around $500/week. This is particularly good since the announcement was right before the Holidays. I didn’t expect much movement from December 23th to January 5th and I still made $932.04 during these two weeks.


The exact weekly average for the past 5 weeks stands at $514.88. If this trend keeps up, I can expect to make a gross revenue of $26,773.76 this year. My goal for 2014 is to make $30K from my product business segment. As I am making a steady $300 in revenue from eBook sales, keeping a weekly average of $514.88 with my membership website would enable me to achieve this plan. I find it a little tight as the projections show a gross revenue of $30,373.76. This doesn’t leave much room for unexpected events!


I also have to keep in mind that the first few weeks after a launch are always stronger. This means I will have to work harder in the upcoming months to keep this $500/week average. Right now I’m standing at roughly 30 monthly subscribers generating $426.60 net in Paypal commissions. This leaves me with about $1,650 to find in new members each month to reach my goal. This is not an easy task.


Therefore, I don’t expect to make 52K in 52 weeks this year, but I surely intend to make $26K with my membership website.





Making money is one thing, but making profits is better. Obviously, building such a product costs money. Therefore, you have to spend money upfront and hope it will succeed. I will go into more details about my expenses in another post, but I’ll list them briefly today:


Buying the website for $2,500. This was the biggest expense we had. We could have built the website on our own but we had an offer where an existing membership website was already setup. The whole site wasn’t completed (far from it!) but the structure was in place. We basically bought a skeleton and added to put meat on the bones. It enabled us to save time wondering which software to use and how manage the members.


Time spent on the website: $2,366. This is the price of my own time put into this project. This is not real money as it didn’t come out of our pockets, but I believe one should assess how many hours are worked on something to determine if it was truly profitable or not. In this case, I valued my time at $30.33/hour and worked 78 hours on the site before launch date. Yeah… it was a lot of work!


Shutterstock images for $320.60. We used 2 packages of 25 images each to build our website. We decided to buy them through Shutterstock as it offers an amazing range of high quality and professional pictures/images/buttons. We especially used Shutterstock to create our navigation buttons. The good news is that we found a 30% coupon on the internet so we didn’t pay the full price. On top of this, we still have 17 images left from our second package for future projects.


Leadpages plugin for $197. Leadpages is an amazing plugin to create professional pages where users can sign-up for a newsletter. They have several templates (you can check them out here) and can be modified as you wish. The Leadpages purchase was necessary to generate a “warm mailing list” where I could let people know about my progress and pitch my service.


Fiverr work for $55. Before finding Shutterstock, I tried ordering buttons from designers on Fiverr. To be honest, the work was barely “okay” quality and it was definitely not a good fit for my site. Therefore, I can say that I threw $55 in the trash.


Total Expenses at $5,438. The number seems pretty high considering I’ve made $6,000 in 6 weeks. But 43.5% of our expense is time spent working on the site. The real required cash flow was $3,072. When I look back at this project, I can tell we could have dropped our expenses by a few hundred bucks. The $55 bucks in Fiverr was definitely a waste and could have managed with only 1 shutterstock package at $160.30 and use our images properly. I must confess I went a little bit trigger happy with the download button for nothing! Finally, if we hadn’t bought the website structure, we could have probably done it for under $1,000 instead of $2,500. However, it was our first membership site and we preferred to save time and go with something that was already working instead of trying to make it work on our own.


In all honesty, I think that if you start your own membership site, you can do it for under $1,500 (but be ready to work over 100 hours on it!).


I’ve compiled my cumulative gross revenues and added my expenses to calculate the net profit in the following graph. You will notice that I breakeven on the 6th week with a small profit of $149.10 as at January 19th.


How’s the net profit not over $600 since I’ve made slightly over $6,000 so far? This is because there are costs involved after you launch the site! I’ve worked a total of 18 hours after the launch to answer questions, improve the site and write monthly newsletters (2 so far). This added up to a virtual cost of $546. It’s not a real cost since I didn’t get paid for it, but I strongly believe you must take the value of your time into consideration when you are working to build passive income.



I expect to work about 12 hours per month on average for a total expense of $364/month. Since we control our own product, we don’t have to pay for any other monthly fees. Therefore, the total cost of maintaining the website over a year should be around $4,368.

If I really make it to total revenue of $26,773, I will make a net profit of $22,405. This is real passive income since I’ve already “paid” myself for the hours put into the work. The other way to calculate it would be to divided the total revenue by the hours I work instead of “paying me” for it. This would equal to $185.92/hour… not bad 😉




Since I launched the site in December 2013, it means that I will receive annual renewals in the last month of the year. I’ve made $4,351.80 in December from my annual subscriptions. Since I work very hard to provide a high level of service, I can conservatively expect to keep 75% of my members. This would add-up to another $3,263.85. This is where my buffer to make my 30K in products is.


Still, these are only numbers and projections. I will provide you with my complete plan to promote my website in the next article of this series. The work required prior to launch a website is nothing compared to the work required after you launch it! If I stop the promotion today, I will definitely not make 26K from my site this year.

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