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March 13, 2013, 5:11 am

The Storm is Over

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blogging,Business



I didnt get my traffic back, but I now OWN my company


It took us five long months, but we have gone through our first crisis since the company existed. Since we created our company in 2008, we never looked back and always continued our growth at a very high speed. This was even more impressive since both my partner and I never really worked more than 10 hours a week each on our sites. Still, we were able to go from annual revenues of 18K to a low 6 figure company within 3 years. Since then, we never made under $100,000 of gross income. Not bad for a hobby!


But things went sour in 2012… very sour…


What Happened in 2012?!?


This is exactly the question I asked myself several times. I could have found several lame excuses such as….


#1 My partner had his first kid

#2 I had my third one!

#3 We were busy replacing 1 VA and working on our Dividend book


But the truth is harder than that:

#1 We didn’t work very hard on creating anything different

#2 We became complacent and looked at all the money that was coming in

#3 We knew our business model wasn’t sustainable and closed our eyes and kept hoping it will last


At the beginning of 2012, there was a huge Google PR slap. Several financial blogs saw their Page Ranks dropped to 0 and Google severely penalized private advertisements. We not only saw this part of our business melt away faster than a green army man in the microwave but we also got targeted by some jealous individuals who tried to harm our sites.


We did work on our business model and tried to make modifications but this wasn’t enough. While we were making as much as the previous year, Google came back again to hit some of our sites with their EMD update. This is where the storm truly started. A hot air balloon full of shit hit the Fan!


For several months, we kept our expenses as is and continued to spend money on various projects. We kept our growth minded business mentality combined with an aggressive debt repayment program. Everything was going well until the tax guy knocked on our door. We knew we had to pay taxes this year as we were quite profitable, we just completely forget to budget it! Taxes + accounting fees + Fincon12 all in the same month. There was just not enough money left in the company to pay for everything.


How We Reacted


At the beginning of 2012, we simply thought “aahhhh we knew it was coming…”. We thought that by continuing our business as is and keep working, we were going to go back to normal within 6 months. Then came the attack to our sites and reputation and we took it more seriously. This is when we started to build a plan to get out of this predicament.


#1 Diversification


A good thing about our previous business model is that no site was generating over 30% of our income by itself. We were already diversified in terms of income producing sites. We can say that roughly 6-7 sites generate 80% of our revenues. Therefore, we have several playgrounds to work with.


The problem is that the business model was quite similar as we had developed an important private advertiser network. This is when we started to think about revenue source diversification. We were already working on a book and we also started to monetize our newsletter. In July, we made over $2,000 with a single campaign.


#2 Consolidation


We knew we were pretty good in the dividend investing niche. This is why we started to consolidate our efforts in this sector and multiplied the number of sites. We now have sites covering beginner investors’ needs, stock analysis, Canadian REITs and Canadian dividend stocks.


Most recently, we have decided to leave a few projects on the shelf and concentrate on what we have. It has become harder to do well everywhere so we had to concentrate on a few niches.


#3 Optimization


I’ve performed so much Adsense optimization that I was penalized by Google! Back in September 2012, we were able to grow our Adsense income to over $4,000 for the first time. Keep in mind that January and February 2012 were showing $2,042 & $2,505. You can appreciate the huge improvement we made in only 7 months! The problem is that Google didn’t see it that way and penalized some of our sites by deranking 70% of the search engine traffic we used to get on some websites. Those websites were obviously our biggest Adense earners. And this is how went down from $4,151 in September to $2,838 the following month. Since then, I’m back to hovering between $2,500 and $3,000 (besides a few peaks due to important mentions).


#4 Spending Cuts


I shared with you that we are on an aggressive debt repayment plan since the beginning of 2012. We want to clear our corporate debt within the next three years and then be able to truly enjoy the benefits. In order to continue our debt repayment plan the way we planned it, we decided to cut our expenses.


We realized that we were overspending for the sake of growth. Like a bigger company, when times are good and money is flowing in, we started to spend more than we need to. We were creating content in places that don’t drive traffic and don’t generate income for now. This is silly. This is why we started to cut out expenses and save another $600/month. Our cost structure has now dropped below $4,000. We are now at $3,855 excluding debt repayment. The plan is to repay $3,000 per month.


Where Are We At Now?


2012 was a crazy ride. We worked harder than ever and didn’t generate any growth. That’s normal because our previous business model that was based on private advertising dropped so much that we had to find other ways to make money. It’s not that simple! Nonetheless, with all our efforts, we only suffered a drop of 5% of our gross income. So we are still showing over $100,000 in gross income and this now come from several different sources.


The other big difference is that we are now generating money from our own products. We have small ebooks generating between $200 and $300 per month along with our “flagship” product; Dividend Growth generating another $250-$300 per month on a steady basis. I think that selling our own products will definitely help us reaching a steady cash flow each month instead of hoping for a big deal.


What 2013 Will Look Like?


2013 will be the continuity of 2012. This means that we are still working on evolving our business model. The biggest moves have been completed last year but we have now to tweak our modifications. We are trying different avenues and definitely affiliate products and our own services will be great addition.


I think we wasted too much time and energy focusing on Adsense last year. Adsense is great as it’s highly passive but the problem is that you have no control over it. Plus, Google has this weird habit of penalizing people for nothing. So we will keep Adsense in our revenue streams but we won’t focus on it anymore. I think that a good base of $3,000 per month is sufficient to help us grow with our other sources of income.


Our membership program will probably be the biggest challenge we will face. But after the success we had with our latest book, I think we are up for the challenge!

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March 11, 2013, 5:00 am

When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Routine?

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blogging



There is something comforting about it.

Something that makes you feel safe and secure.

In today’s world, routine is the shelter of the refugees, the mentor that guides your life, the ultimate protection against the end of the world. Each Monday you wake up around the same hour, have a shower and end-up your morning with a coffee and your favorite breakfast. One day you may feel wild and have peanut butter and jelly like you used to do back in the good old days when you were a teen and that the word morning rhymed with 11h30.


Each week passes by one after the other without any changes. Pay checks rolls in and so as bills. A few times in the year you take a week or two weeks of vacation. Then again, one year you feel completely out of this world and you take three weeks in Europe during the summer.


Routine has not become only matter of day-to-day but year-to-year. For all that you know, chances are that you will wake up five years later doing exactly the same thing you do today. The sad part is that you will probably still be at it fifteen years later.


Routine is as comforting as a good soup during winter time or holding your lovely spouse while hearing your favorite love song. But the thing with routine is that, in the end, it sounds pretty boring. Doing the same thing over and over again, sounds like Groundhog Day, doesn’t it?


The Hidden Power Behind Breaking Your Routine


I discovered a long time ago that there is huge power lying under your routine. In science, when you break a molecule or your break a chemical chain, there is an automatic reaction. It usually generates some sort of energy with random impact.


Routine doesn’t have to be represented by a chemical chain to generate the same thing. When you break it, there is an incredible amount of energy that is being unleashed. Breaking your habits will lead you to open your mind and stimulate the brain like there is no tomorrow.


When you change your ways of doing things, it’s like telling your brain: hey man, its okay to think, you are allowed to work now!. This signal will automatically generate something else in you. Your eyes will open again and will see different things. Your motivation rises as you feel that you must be up for a new challenge.


Changing your routine is demanding both psychologically and physically. You have to first fight against your brain to convince it that it’s the right thing to do. Then, you have to step-up and use some extra energy to make your body follow the new rhythm. We often don’t like to get out of our couch potato mode to do something.  Watching TV and waiting for time to pass is so much more comforting… but once you get up and do something; your body will be reenergized.


I’ve Changed Mine, Will You Change Yours?


I’m writing this article from a coffee shop this morning… during a week day. I’m not off from work and I should be sitting in my office right now. But I’m not. I’m drinking a delicious coffee while listening to this “magical music” playing all the time in these kinds of places. The ambiance is smooth, everybody is chill and I even have the luxury of knowing the owner.


Why did I change my routine this morning? Simply because I need to find additional energy. I need to find an additional motivation. I need to take a “mini vacation”, just an hour, to resource myself. This mini vacation has given me a lot of energy and put a smile on my face.


Thx to my wife (who had this marvelous idea), I’m starting my week differently. I’m far from going berserk, quitting my job, sell everything I own and start on a safari with my family for a year. I’m simply enjoying a coffee at a coffee shop instead of getting to work at the same time as usual, open the branch going through the three stories as usual and open my laptop to start reading the newspaper and take my coffee as usual.


Taking this extra hour away from everything put a new perspective into play. First, I realize that I enjoy my life a lot. Second, I realize how good it feels to be “alone”. To be around other people but don’t necessarily have to connect with them… only if you feel like it! I’m not hearing the same stories, I’m not worried about the same things and I don’t think about the same tasks I have to do today. Only a short hour that will make me smile for the whole day… maybe the whole week.


I’ll definitely try to change a few things in my routine now that I’ve seen the benefit of it. Just to spin the wheel the other way around and see what’s going to happen. Maybe my day will be different, along with my week and as well as my life!

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February 18, 2013, 5:18 am

The Benefit of Love – How a Mastermind Group Can Help You Reaching the Next Level

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blogging,Business,Career


Since today is the month of the birthday of Love, I thought of sharing how love can help you reach the next level ;-)… All right, I’m going a little bit far with the concept of love… let’s just call it friendship or cooperation. I recently joined a Mastermind Group and wanted to share with you how it really helped me to reach a new level earlier this year.


I Got an Email Between Two Rides at Disney


While I was on vacation at the beginning of February, I received an email from a fellow blogger who recently started to comment on my blog. He had this idea of creating a Mastermind Group and invited me to be join it. The funny part is that the three other members included in this group weren’t not part of my “natural” blog circle. I barely knew them!


I went on their websites and saw that they were serious about what they did. After all, the guy who contacted me was someone who already makes a lot more than me in the online industry. I thought that if this guy wanted me in his group, I could bring something to the table and others would contribute as well. I decided to join without hesitation thinking that if this wasn’t for me I could always opt-out after a few weeks. But this Mastermind Group rocks!!


Not Another Meeting!?!


My wife’s reaction wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was. Who are these guys? Why do you have to meet each week? What are you going to do with this? Don’t you think you have enough on your plate?


This is a normal reaction and I expected it. My life is already pretty busy and it’s true that I don’t need more commitments to keep me busy throughout the week! However, I was looking for a way to bring my business elsewhere. After shifting our business model in 2012, it’s time to create some growth again and generate more money!


What’s a Mastermind Group and Why Should You Care


If you have read a few books about how to get rich, most writers have a common piece of advice: be part of a group or find a mentor. I always thought it wouldn’t apply to my model since I’m pretty busy and wasn’t sure I wanted to “report” to someone else. I’m not a group guy and would rather do my things on my own. But I don’t know why, this time, I decided to give it a try. Here’s how it works:


Each week, we get together for an hour. The meeting is done with Google Hangouts which is free and works very well (it’s like Skype on Steroids). The meeting goes as follow:


We each share a win (roughly 20 minutes)

Someone is on the hot seat (roughly 30 minutes)

We share our goals for the next week (roughly 10 minutes)


The goal is to keep the meeting efficient and short. Two things I truly appreciate!


How many times have you set goals for yourself and didn’t do anything? I’m not talking solely about blogging here. If you hold yourself accountable for losing weight, completing a course, writing a book, getting a promotion, building a company, etc, you won’t make it. It’s not a coincidence that there are runner groups and business meetings. We are all stronger with a group than by ourselves.


Share a Win


Have you ever thought of having to share a win every single week of the year? This is a huge moment of truth for every blogger as accountability jumps in. If you don’t really have a win this week, this is because you didn’t work on your project. So if you didn’t work and have nothing to say, it’s okay (the group won’t kick you out), but you will feel ashamed and most likely will work very hard the next week to have something to share.


The point of sharing is not only for accountability. After all, we are not business partners so we don’t owe anything to each other, but it helps to keep track of our goals. The second advantage of sharing your goals is to learn from each other. We get to see each person’s strengths and we can benefit from their experience. It’s an awesome chance to take notes and copycat effective methods.


Hot Seat


The hot seat is my favorite moment. Each week, a member is given about 30 minutes to share his work about one of his projects. The project must be already in place and the “hot seater” must provide detailed information on the following:


What his goal is.

What he has done so far.

What challenges he is facing.


Once the other members receive this information (it’s usually done throughout the week prior to our meeting, we give our feedback and thoughts about the Hot Seater’s project.


I started the group with the first hot seat. I must admit that I was truly amazed by the amount of feedback I got. The quality and the quantity of suggestions were terrific. I submitted my Dividend Growth eBook project and asked them how I can make sure to continue to sell several books monthly and transform this project into a stable passive income source.


Guys didn’t simply bring me a few tips that I could improve; they literally analyzed my whole marketing process and provided me with pages of feedback! It was awesome to get so much feedback from people that weren’t aware of my book at all and were looking at the entire process with fresh eyes. They definitely set the tone for the next hot seats!


In February, I’ll be working on these improvements and I’ll share them with you, both the results before and after making changes.


Setting Goals for Next Week


While it’s fun to share wins and the benefits from the hot seat period is awesome, what I really needed in my business was the last part of this meeting; weekly goals to achieve. We not only share them during our calls but we also put them in writing in our private Google + community. No matter how I hate Google sometimes, these free tools are just awesome!


I’ve had taken a step forward a year ago with my partner by setting Quarterly Goals. But with weekly goals it ensures that you constantly work on your stuff. There is no more “I didn’t have time” which is often the translation of “I felt like a slob this week and didn’t do it because I’m lazy”.


Weekly goals are quite different from yearly goals and quarterly goals. This is not a huge thing that must be done. It is really a moment to work on “all the small things” that will help you achieve your bigger goals. It has helped me to breakdown my bigger goals into small actionable steps. Here again, if you don’t make them by the end of the week, you feel like you didn’t work properly in front of the group.


Setup Your Own Mastermind Group!


The simplest things are the best ones. A mastermind group doesn’t have to be heavy and complicated. Pick three other fellows that share a similar goal. It can be pretty much anything as long as you all have the same goals. Then, set a day of the week with a specific time and get started. You can have 3 points for each meeting as we do.


The key is to keep this straightforward and make sure that everybody gets something out of this meeting. If it’s effective, a weekly hour meeting is more than enough to create a Mastermind Group. Accountability and effectiveness, these 2 requirements must be at the center of your group. If you achieve this, your group will grow into friendship and something very powerful will come out of it!

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January 28, 2013, 3:00 am

Our Nightmare Experience With Hostgator And A Lesson Learned

by: Silent Partner    Category: Blogging

As I had mentioned, I wrote the 2 posts about moving our websites and the actual wordpress transfers a couple of months ago but had been a bit slow to publish them. Today though, I am writing this post with what is still a very sour taste. Let me start off by saying, we had been dealing with Hostgator for some time now with a shared hosting account and had great service, reliable hosting and were happy to recommend it. Mike and I know of many very happy HostGator customers. I’m pretty sure that every hosting company has had some bad experiences, it’s the nature of the business right?

A Long (Very Long) Story Summary

I could write for a few days about our experience with Hostgator but I’ll try to give you a brief summary as well as an important lesson that we learned. As I had written, we had decided to move our sites to 3 different VPS hosting accounts (Hostgator, Servint and Liquidweb), which would give us a lot of diversification when things went wrong, and manage the load. On Hostgator, we moved both TheFinancialBlogger and our highest traffic site (which gets over 10K uniques per day) as well as several smaller sites.

For the first few weeks, everything went very well, support was good, sites were coming up fast, etc.

Then One Day…

At some point, I woke up to an email from my partner Mike, saying that TheFinancialBlogger was down. Ah, I checked, and all sites on our Hostgator account were down. No big deal, it happens. I emailed Hostgator (or went into the chat) and they simply rebooted the server. In a matter of 15-20 minutes, everything was back to normal. I wasn’t happy to see sites down but the reaction had been great.

It Was Only The Start

From that day on, 3 or 4 times a week, I would wake up to sites being down. I had no idea what was going on. I started exchanging emails with Hostgator support and both Mike and I were getting rather impatient. The worst is not having the sites go down. It’s having to check every hour to make sure everything is ok. For some reason, sites would tend to go down in the middle of the night (great in a way because traffic is lower but I do usually sleep at night so monitoring isn’t ideal.

After 2-3 weeks of this, Hostgator finally came up with the problem.. or so we thought. They told we were being targeted by DNS attacks. Great… So they suggested buying a firewall (not so expensive, it was under $100) which we did. It got a bit better after that but the problem persisted. Mike and I would be stuck always monitoring the website then asking Hostgator to reboot the server (or doing it myself when I was home). It was truly a nightmare.

Had To Try Something

We tried to understand why our other high traffic website was the target of these attacks. Seriously? Because it had great rankings in Google? WTF! It’s a very under the radar website too so we didn’t have enemies or anything like that.


We had been getting great support and excellent service on our Liquidweb accounts, it was truly the best hosting we’ve had so I asked them about it. They told me to just give it a try. So I did, I once again went through the transfer process and moved that website. The downtime stopped!!:) But they continued happening on TheFinancialBlogger!! Had we gotten it wrong? Was one of our visitors trying to create chaos? 🙂 Surely that wouldn’t be you right? So anyway, we decided to also move TFB to Liquidweb and to our surprise, all downtime stopped…!!! Do you know what’s even more shocking though? Even after all of our domains had been moved (even the tiny ones), I continued getting over 100 emails/day about DNS attacks that were happening. So yes, clearly, the problem was on Hostgator’s end, not on my own.

Hostgator Failed Big Time

I understand that downtime happens and I had a good conversation after closing my account. What I can’t accept though is:

Unwillingness to try something else (they could have tried moving us to different servers on their end after weeks of this going on)
Not being proactive about it (if a customer is seeing major downtime for days or weeks, I’d think they could have reached out
No Monitoring: This is a CRITICAL one. They do offer this for shared hosting but not for higher paying VPS accounts. I have no idea why. At Liquidweb, we get an email once in a while (very infrequent) saying the website was down and what they did to get it back. It’s critical for any hosting company to do this. At this point, we have been using Liquidweb for most of our bigger sites and have been incredibly happy so I’d be happy to recommend it and answer any questions about our experience with them.

P.S: Yes those links are affiliate links but Hostgator ones are not.. I’d only recommend it if I truly believe it’s a great service

Our Big Lesson

I don’t think we ever knew how important monitoring our websites was. Having our host do it is critical but it’s not enough. For the past few months (since the Hostgator problems), we’ve been using SiteUpTime, which I also highly recommend. For $10/month, it checks every 5-20 minutes (I set the time) to see if our sites are working well. If the site goes down for some reason, Mike and I get an email advising me (it can also send text messages). Also, at the end of each month, we get an email telling us how much % of the time our sites were up.. thankfully, after 2 months of 80% or so (yes it was that bad), we’re now well over 99.5%:)

I just checked and SiteUpTime even has a free option if you’re checking for one website, I’d really give it a try. If you’re like us, you’re not always able to see what’s happening on your website so getting some robot to do it for you is ideal.

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January 21, 2013, 4:00 am

Moving Our WordPress Websites

by: Silent Partner    Category: Blogging

Last week, I discussed how and why I had finally decided to move several of our wordpress websites to new upgraded hosting accounts. In most accounts, hosts will offer the opportunity to help you moving your websites and I could have used those services but I decided to do them on my own. Why?

Hosts generally will know only about “standard” wordpress installations: We have several features such as our DividendGuyBlog Dividend Quiz that are likely things they could miss when moving the website.
I think moving a website is a great opportunity to take a look at the settings, plugins, etc and improve, upgrade those at the same time

How Does A WordPress Site Work?

I think the first thing I’d like to explain is how a wordpress site works. It might be obvious too many of you but Mike, who often calls himself techno-retarded (believe me, he’s not) and others might not know. There are basically two different parts to any standard wordpress site.

1-Files: All of the different files, images that are used in the website, that make up its look, all of the plugins, etc. These files do not change very often in for most blogs, going back to the files that were used a few weeks before would not be easy to notice for visitors.
2-Database: This is the core of any wordpress site. All posts, pages, settings and a lot more is stored in the database. That is also why having a backup of that database done (ideally automatically) at least once per week is a great idea for most active sites. It can easily be done through a free plugin, and I think it’s well worth the 10-15 minutes that it will end up taking you.

The other part that you must know about is the domain. If you own your own domain, like TheFinancialBlogger, that domain points to a specific set of “nameservers”. Think of nameservers as an address. It basically tells all internet providers where to go when a visitor tries to visit TheFinancialBlogger. The format of these nameservers generally looks something like:


When a visitor types, your internet provider will know to send that query to those nameservers. Hostgator will then point it directly to where the website is located. It happens very quickly but it’s important to understand this part.

Why It Matters

Because in fact you could make a copy of all of your files, the database and install everything on the new server and nothing would happen. In fact, that is probably what you should do. Once it’s done, you will then need to change the nameservers before visitors actually see the new location. That change can take some time, up to a few hours (it used to be 24-48 hours). So let’s get right into it.

Step 1 – Setup The New Domain At New Host

Remember, as long as you do not change the nameservers, no one will know that a change is occurring. You should ask for the setup of the domain as early as possible as that might take longer than other steps depending on the host. Usually, when you sign up, you will be able to specify what domains you would like to use. If you are planning on using a more advanced account such as a VPS (like we did), it might be a bit more complex to do that setup but it’s one time thing.

Step 2- Download All Of The Files

If you are not running the most updated version of wordpress, it might be a good idea to update it before going further. What you need to do is connect to your current server to download of all the files. That can generally be done through an FTP client. What is that? You can download a free program such as Filezilla here. It is free and very easy to use. You simply need to install the program, get the ftp login information from your hold host and download the directory to your computer.

Step 3 – Upload All Of the Files To Your New Server

This step is as easy, you simply need to get the same information from your new host, take all of the files that are in your main wordpress directory (the one that includes directories such as wp-admin, wp-content, etc) into the main directory.

Step 4 – Download The Database

The core of most websites these days is not the hundreds of files but rather that database.  There are many different ways to get the database but I personally highly recommend that you use phpmyadmin. On most hosts, you will have this already installed and be able to reach it from your control panel. For others, you might need to install phpmyadmin. If that is the case, you can simply go to the official phpmyadmin webpage. Then, simply download the file, unzip and upload to your server (using ftp again) and follow the instructions. It will take you a few minutes.

To log into phpmyadmin, you will need the name of your database as well as the user and password. Don’t know them? No problem:) In fact, one of the files that you downloaded, wp-config.php in your main directory has that information. Simply open the file and take a look:

Then, you will be able to enter phpmyadmin, at which point you can simply select the right database

You can then select: Export and download the entire database:

Step 5: Upload The Database To Your New Site

Using the same method, you can log into the phpmyadmin of your new host, go to “import” and select the file that you downloaded. Be sure to keep a copy of this, it could prove very useful

Step 6: Modify The Wp-Config Of Your New Host

It is likely that the database name, user and password have changed, you will need to change those 3 settings in your new file.

Step 7: Modify Permissions

Many of the wordpress features such as being able to upload images require certain permission changes. By using ftp, you will be able to change most of the permissions. How? For starters, simply log to your new host, then select the directory:

Then, simply write down “777” which will make it possible to upload images and make changes from your wordpress site.

Other areas that you will probably want to change permissions for are:

your theme files in wp-admin/themes/yourthemename/
you might need to make such modifications for certain plugins such as cache plugins.

Step 8: Modify Nameservers

Up until now, all of the changes that you have done were not visible by either you or visitors. If you are able to live with a few bugs and will be able to work on the site, I suggest that you go ahead and do this. Keep in mind that some visitors might have an impact so ideally you would not do this during the most active days on your sites. On most of our sites, weekends are much slower so we did most of our transfers during those times.

To change the nameservers, you will need to get your new ones from your new server. they will look something like:

Once that is done, you would change the settings for your domain at your current domain registrar. We use GoDaddy so that is where we make the changes. One thing I like to do is to upload a small image in the main folder of the new server. Why? Because by trying to go to that image, I will know when I’m being connected to the new server. What do I mean?

Unfortunately, changes in nameservers do not take effect immediately. It used to take 24-48 hours but thankfully, they now usually take effect within 1-2 hours. Once that is done, you will be able to see your how things look on your new server.

Step 9: Test, Test, Test

Once your site is back up, you will need to test all kinds of features. Look at the homepage, make sure everything is ok. Try looking at posts, pages, going to the archives, trying any plugins such as contact forms etc. You can also try to create and publish a new post with images, etc. It is likely that an issue or two will occur so it’s always easier to work on fixing those right after the transfer.

One other thing that we had not done but will likely do more is ask for others to take a look as well. After the transfer of TFB, we saw everything looking fine. But for many others, they were no longer seeing new posts being added on the homepage. Major problem right? JMoney was the guy who let us know about the issue. Not only that but he also asked his Twitter followers (@BudgetsAreSexy) to test it on their end. Great Idea!!! Turns out the majority was getting the same problem. That was huge help and we truly appreciate JMoney’s help on that.. ! If you have not checked his website (BudgetsAreSexy), it’s well worth a visit! Truly, you might want to ask your readers and friends to take a look, they might see or notice things that you would have missed.

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