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May 2, 2012, 5:00 am

May Blog Evolution Report… + Income Stats!

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Yeah…last month I told you that I would stop publishing my blog income report. This month, I’m telling you that I’ll be sharing a part of it ;-). If there is one thing that is constant in my business model, it’s definitely the fact that I keep changing my mind. I think it’s important to rethink the way you do things constantly even if it means to go back to your project and making even more modifications. This is why I will be telling you about my adsense income at the end of this article. Since I want to boost my adsense up to 40% of my total monthly income, this would give you a pretty good idea of how much I make on a monthly basis.


Traffic Improvement


The end of April was a bit challenging for us because one of our sites was hacked for 3 solid days. It was showing a malware alert before you enter the site. Do I have to tell you that I missed several thousand visitors during those 3 days? It was quite challenging to solve the issue as it wasn’t clear what the problem was. Here’s what we did:

–          Run free malware detection tools… without any real indication (you get what you pay for, right?).

–          Check Google Webmaster Tool to see what was going wrong… Google was telling us that we had 24 (!) pages affected by malware. We couldn’t tell which pages were delinquent.

–          We then contacted our host (Liquid Web) to ask them to run tests on their end. They were very helpful and first found that it was probably created by a plugin or a code added to the WordPress theme. Since WordPress is used a lot by bloggers, it is a platform targeted by hackers.

–          It took them 2 days to clean all pages and make sure that the malware won’t come back.


With spring coming, we always see a small drop in traffic. When I combine the malware event to the natural slowdown, I can say that my traffic has been quite steady. We didn’t make any major changes on our side to improve our traffic either.


Affiliate Program Strategies


I haven’t worked much on affiliate programs this month as I was finishing my eBooks (more on that below). This is how I collected a few checks from Market Samurai, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, INO and Questrade (here’s a good  Questrade Review).My experience with displaying 1 single link toward ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog really proved that you should think of adding excellent resources to your epic posts. About a month ago, I wrote a huge post on how to Survive Google. In this article, I explained various strategies used to create a sustainable business that is not fully dependent on search engine traffic. A simple mention of my most favourite book to learn how to build a strong blog was enough to “pay me” for having written this post. If I do this more often, I would not only become richer but I would also help a lot more individuals. There is a huge difference between plugging an affiliate every time you can and telling people about a product you like and use. The latter is truly helpful for everybody and this is how affiliate links should be managed.


Newsletter Projects


Last month, I mentioned that I was working on a newsletter funnel project of 12 emails. I’d say that half of these emails include at least 1 affiliate link. They are all pointing to legitimate products that can truly help readers. Since I’m now done creating the email funnel, the test is now running to make sure everything goes smoothly. Testing is crucial when you want to sell products through your newsletter. You want to make sure that your message hits home and that people see the benefit of registering for products instead of seeing them as annoying ads.


Now that this project is almost over, I’ll be able to concentrate in May on my other newsletters (such as TFB!). I have several topics in my “to do” list



Niche Site Central


My EMT Training site continues to impress with a total income of $36.87 for its second month. I’m surprised since I have absolutely no network in the medical or job/career field to use to boost the traffic. I’m still not getting many visitors (slightly over 300 for the past month), but the Adsense stats are awesome. I was also able to generate an affiliate sale of $20.99. I think the combination of Adsense and affiliate programs is awesome. The EMT exams are not easy and people are definitely looking for help. Mock exams and audio resumes are a great help if you want to pass that exam. I guess the key point in designing this niche site was to aim at a need people had (pass that exam in order to get a job). Since this need is quite important, people are willing to invest a few bucks to make sure they pass the first time.


Now, the real challenge will be to generate traffic as I’m convinced that if I can multiply my traffic by 10 (getting 3,000 visitors/month), I can also multiply my income by 10 (and make almost $400/month with this site!). Link building will be a hard path to travel but I have a few ideas in mind.


eBook Development


I’m “officially” done! I’ve written 2 eBooks on the same topic: 1 Canadian and 1 US version. This was quite a challenge, especially writing the second version. I had to revisit the entire book and erase several chapters and rewrite others. What I found the most difficult about it was that I needed to find the additional motivation to revisit something that I already completed. The book is now off for final editing and formatting. I’ll share more thoughts on strategy (and how the sales went) later. For now, let’s just say that I am very happy to have completed this very important step in our business plan. This will enable me to work a lot more on other projects!


Current Project in Progress


Next month, early in June, is our annual meeting. We will have to discuss how the company is doing so far this year and what will be done throughout 2012-2013. We usually start our discussion a month in advance through email to bounce various ideas and topics we want to discuss during that meeting. We have limited time to think about our business during that weekend and need to be as efficient as possible. By doing a 1 month brainstorming session, we have the opportunity to build a huge list of topics to cover and not forget anything. This is definitely the biggest project I’ll be working on this month: preparing the next 12 months for my business. We usually cover topics such as:

–          Operating costs (potential savings, optimization)

–          Security (server, backup, password management)

–          Revenues (trend, strengths and weaknesses)

–          Projects (new sites, products, newsletters)

–          Overview of our current sites (we look at each site to determine what should be done to make it better)

This is definitely one of the most exciting moments of the year for our company!


Adsense Income: $3,126.40!


For a second month in a row (sorry, I couldn’t show you March’s income stats!), I reached an average of over $100/day with Adsense! In fact, during April, I only had 6 days below the $100 bar. These usually happen over the weekend! When I look at my stats, I only wish I could understand why I go from aRPM(revenue per mile impressions) as low as $0.46 to as high as $29.64. Part of the answer probably lies in the site topics and type of visitors. The rest of the answer is probably in the ad placement. I’m actually working on a big piece of how I manage Adsense throughout my network and I’ll provide more details next time out. In the months to come, I’ll also create additional channels to narrow down my stats. I currently have 1 channel per site, regardless of the size or the ad placement. In a perfect world, I’d need a different channel for each ad placement to know exactly where I make money and where I’m just bugging readers.


If you have any specific questions, send them to me!

And if you want to learn more about my online business, you simply have to register for my newsletter:


image credit

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March 5, 2012, 5:00 am

February Blog Income Report + 1 Big Announcement

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Hey, what’s up?


We are starting the March Madness with a big announcement today! But if you want to know what I’m talking about, you’ll have to read until the end of this post to know what I’m talking about J. Do you remember my 2012 blogging goals?, well one major step has been accomplished in order to reach the average of $15,000 per month that I’ve fixed as a milestone to achieve in 2012. Don’t jump too fast, I’m not telling you that I’m starting my streak right away. So let’s look at the number first and then, we will see what is so important in my business!


290,518 Visitors (+17%) and 403,023 Pages Viewed (+16%)

We are definitely on a roll in term of traffic. All our major sites have taken a few more visitors per month and I’m surprised each time I look at my traffic stats! On top of that, some of my niche websites are starting to get some tractions and I don’t count them in this stats. For example, Canadian Dividend Stock got over 4,500 visitors and What is dividend is surfing over 3,300 for about 4 months now. The secret behind my success? Quality content and heavy internal back linking! Each time I remember that I’ve wrote an interesting piece about the same topic, I link it back on my new post. This doesn’t take much time but it brings continuous SEO to your site.


Adsense: $2505.89 (+22.72%)

If the traffic goes up, Adsense follows! This is one of the basic rules you have to remember while monetizing your site: you need Google’s traffic to make Google’s dollars. I’ve slightly modified my color theme for The Dividend Guy Blog (by taking off the red url and changing it to grey on the big ads) and it worked perfectly. I’m now looking to make this switch on every channel to see if I’ll see the same result. At $2,500/month, I’m now shy of $1,000/month to reach my goal of making $3,500/month with Adsense. The secret to gain the next $1,000 monthly is quite simple when you think about it:

–          Increase your SE traffic

–          Increase your CTR with better color theme and ad placement

–          Write SEO friendly articles about things that pay (such as investment or credit card 😉 ).


In order to achieve this, I’ll play a little bit more with Market Samurai in order to find topics where I can write series about and start ranking for additional keywords. I haven’t done this for a while but I think that it’s import to go back to this strategy in order to increase my Adsense income. The good news is that I’ll be making more in February than I did in January with 3 days less! I can’t wait to see how much I’ll do in March with those extra days!


Broker / Affiliate deals: $1,767.60 (-16.26%)

This has been a very slow month in term of brokering deals. I was expecting to close an additional $10,000 worth of deal this month and it didn’t go as planned. The arrival of Caleb is probably a part of the answer. The other part is that I wasn’t too greedy and I didn’t go after any advertisers this month. This is probably why it has been a slow month. However, I’ve my VA coming gradually coming back from maternity leave that will help me with this. She will be handling most of the admin behind all my private deals and broker services. Hopefully, I’ll have better news to share with you in March!


Private Advertising: $6,419.06 (-2.02%)

Then again, this is not the biggest month in term of private advertising. For some reasons, I’ve lost 2 major deals (that would have included my own sites + my clients). The sad part is that both deals were lost due to “acts of God”. It wasn’t related to bad negotiation skills or a bad move in term of business relationship. It was 2 unrelated events happening on my advertiser’ side and both of us didn’t have any control over it.


Niche Websites: $286.95 (-5%)


If there is one awesome point in this month is definitely the fact that my niche websites are growing steadily. We start to see some interesting traffic and the sources of income are not coming solely from Adsense anymore. With Sunil’s method, I’ve recently developed a new niche site for EMT: EMT Classes. Since I’m on paternity leaves, I’ve the luxury of working each night on my sites while I watch over Caleb. This allowed me to build a whole site with about 70 unique articles. Instead of paying to build my site, I’ve simply taken a lot of my own time and build it exactly the way I want. This is a big challenge as it’s one of our only niche sites that is not related to the financial world. However, it follows my niche sites rules:

–          It’s a sizeable niche: there are a lot of searches for everything regarding paramedic courses and EMT jobs.

–          People are ready to spend: EMT students want to make sure they past their exam and they are willing to pay a few extra bucks to make it happen.

I’ll tell you more on this later… if EMT is a success ;-).


Expenses: roughly $4,000

Since I’ve taken a lot of my time to create EMT, I haven’t spent much to operate our business. So the cost of running our operation is fairly stable once again.  I don’t expect to spend more on my business this year as most of our projects can be done within a $4K/month budget.


Total Income: $10,692.55 (-0.11%)

I’m a bit disappointed in February results to be honest. I know I’ve worked hard during several nights and, unfortunately, results don’t happen overnight. Instead of working on immediate revenue generators (such as running after advertisers), I’ve preferred to think about the future of my company and take action that will assure a sustainable business model.

On the other side, February 2012 revenues are kicking February 2011! (I’m +32.10% as compared to last year). The best part is that my cost structure hasn’t increase by a cent! In fact, my cost forecast for 2011 was even higher! But I better be careful; March 2011 was a killer month last year so I better be ready to make some extra effort in order to make it!


 revenue progression feb 2012

So what’s up with the announcement, Mike?


On yeah… a thousand words and still no news about this big announcement J. I’ve actually achieve one of my 2012 blogging goals already: I bought not 1 but 2 sites!


Fabulously Broke (Read the introductionary post here)

Everyday Minimalist


I really like FB as the previous author was embracing a lot of my values and I miss writing about personal finance stuff as TFB has become a more entrepreneurial blog now. I’m expecting to write on this once a week and write an exclusive newsletter every 2 weeks. So if you miss my personal finance thinking; you will find it again on this blog ;-).


As for everyday minimalist, you may laugh because it’s definitely not my bag. However, my partner is a little bit more toward this idea. Since both were selling in a package deal, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy both of them (there is also a great synergie between the 2 sites).


Those 2 sites are a major addition to our company as each of them qualify under the major sites criterion. I’m giving myself 2 more months to fully integrate them into our business model, but I’m sure I’ll bet able to make a killing with those 2 new sites ;-). Watch out for killer traffic stats in next month blog income report!




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February 1, 2012, 5:00 am

Blog Monthly Income Report A Kung Fu Panda Month!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report

I really feel like Kung Fu Panda while writing this post.


I feel like him because I LOVE eating and I made some delicious dishes over the past 2 weeks…


Oh wait… this is not where we should be going with the post.


There is another reason why I feel like Kung Fu Panda….


It’s because I’ve kicked ass in January!!!


It’s really about the income (I’m pretty stable on that side) but it’s more about how quickly the business evolved in a single month:

–          I’ve made major advances in my book.

–          I successfully monetized my mailing list for the first time.

–          We closed some great deals through our advertising management service.

–          We found a professional designer to do both our book layout and a mini site to sell it.


This is why I’m so excited!!! But the stats for January are cool too! Let’s look at them:


246,790 Visitors (+21%) and 346,292 Pages Viewed (+25%)

Ahhh, it feels good to be back to normal! This shows similar stats to the ones published back in November. However, we had a few server difficulties with some of our sites during the month of January. Therefore, I expect next month to be even bigger. I’m actually preparing a few great posts about servers and hosting services. If you have any questions, now’s the time to send them ;-).

February’s stats should be a lot bigger due to the inclusion of our latest purchase too. I’m not going to disclose the site name since the transfer is currently in progress (so it’s not quite ours yet 😉 lol!).


Adsense: $2042.03 (-13%)

The Adsense December payment was obviously smaller than the previous month but stats have come back for January. There is one thing I find particularly interesting: my niche websites are starting to contribute more significantly of late. In January (for which the payment will land in February), What is Dividend and Canadian Dividend Stock generated over $150 in Adsense! If I can continue to increase their traffic, these 2 sites will become cash cows as well :-D. I’m now waiting to see their PR increase to include a few private adverting deals on them!


Broker / Affiliate deals: $2,110.88 (-29%)

While I didn’t receive many cheques in January, the bulk of my income for this segment came from my broker activities. I’ve closed a total of $10,775 in advertising for my clients which generated a profit of $1,426. My profit is still higher than my 8.33% commission rate since I get paid for full commission on a 6 month deal (and the client gets the full 6 month renewal if I renew the ad). With this month, I’m getting closer to my $2,000/month objective for 2012. What will help me is that I’ll have a VA take care of managing the deals starting in February .This is why I expect to be able to rack up a steady $10,000/month worth of advertising for my clients (hopefully!). I must admit that since the beginning of this “official” program, I never thought of making this much with it!


Private Advertising: $6,551.47 (+14%)

I don’t want to go crazy on private advertising. I’ve written it many times but my goal is to keep an average of $5K-$6K. I see a trend from advertiser to aim for 6 month and 12 month deals. I can’t complaint about this trend since you get more money upfront and advertisers usually renew 6 month deals. They get a rebate by paying upfront while I get assured that my ad spot is taken for the year. If you want to know how I manage my ads, I suggest you start by reading my “build a media kit” series.


Niche Websites: $302.07 (-57%)

Here’s good news and bad news at the same time: the good news is that I was able to generate for $267 in adsense for the month. The bad news is that I wasn’t able to generate any big private advertising deals. So the “stable” income is increasing but it doesn’t put more money in my pocket either! I definitely have a long way to go before I meet my $2K/month objective. I’ve made some great progress but I still need to tweak all my sites to make it happen.


Expenses: roughly $4,000


About a year ago, I wrote about my cost structure. Many of you were skeptical on why I was spending so much on my company. I was forecasting a total cost of 66,7K which never happened (my main VA went in maternity leaves and was not replaced). This is how I got down to spending roughly $4K on my online company since then.


I can understand your skepticism since 4K/month seems a lot of money for a sideline. However, I want to outline that my cost structure has not grown for the past year while my income has. In fact, my last 6 months show an average of $10,833 while the last 12 months show an average income of $9,770. So the extra $1,000 of income is just pure profit in our pockets ;-). In 2012, I expect to have an average expense of $5K per month (4K as a stable budget + random peaks according to our needs). For example, we will soon pay for another design for our ebook and mini site. This will cost about 2K in total.


Total Income: $10,704.38 (-3%)

I’m very proud of what we earned in January even though it’s not an astronomical number. Why? Because it’s the fifth month in a row we show an income exceeding 10K. This is also an increase of 43% compared to January 2011 (when we made $7,626). I’m posting our blog income progression with a comparison to the 2011 numbers (I hope that all the red columns will be bigger than the blue columns 😉 ).

blogging income


In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be home (as we’re expecting our 3rd child to arrive anytime now!).

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January 9, 2012, 5:00 am

December Blog Income Report, I won’t Impress Anyone With This

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report


I must admit it, the end of the Holidays were brutal to me. While I was away from my computer, I was pretty busy with other things!


The first one was being Mr. Mom while my wife had to stop doing everything so we can have a chance that the baby doesn’t arrive before she reaches 36 weeks (which she just did last Thursday, thank God!)


The second one was being Mr. Broke because my darn car stopped working (in front on my son’s school on December 22nd!). It will cost over $1,000 to bring it back to life (starter, coil, wiring and all the stuff that makes your car start in the morning).


The third one was being Mr. Sick as I caught 2 colds (yup 2 back to back!) during the Holidays and I finished that with huge back pain (simply because I threw my Xmas three out the window with one hand!).


The fourth one was being Mr. Fat, ‘cause I ate a lot and stopped going to the gym at the same time (note to myself: this is a very bad calculation of calories!). With my back pain, I won’t go back to the gym until later on this week so I’ll become Mr. Fatter by then!


So because of these adventures, I have become pretty late with everything to do with my company… including my blog income report! And I won’t impress anyone with this update… as I’m not impressed either! Why? Not because I have had a bad month, but because I’m putting additional pressure on my shoulders to get higher numbers month after month.


When it doesn’t happen, I smirk when looking at my results, at best. And this is the case for December…


Traffic: 203,539 visitors (-18%) and 278,029 pages viewed (-18%)


I’m not surprised to see my traffic head down in December as it follows the “regular” trend in my market. Since I focus more on entrepreneurship and investing topics, I don’t get many visitors since they are all searching for “Xmas gift”, “frugal Holidays” and “Boxing Day deals”. This is also the reason why I stop writing between Christmas and the New Year; because nobody is reading my sites! Lol!


Adsense: $2,357.93 (+23%)

It is nice to see that we have recovered from the Panda Hit and as a result Adsense income is slowly coming back to its previous level. While December’s payment will be lower, I think we could hope to see Adsense income head back up to $2,500 in January. My best months were paying me over $3,000 so I’m still behind at the moment. One of the reasons was that I have cancelled almost all my Adsense blocks on The Financial Blogger a few months ago. What is funny is that by keeping Adsense on about 10 pages (out of 1000+ pages on TFB), I’m still making roughly $300/month. It gives you a great example of how much you can make with your best Adsense pages and how little the rest is doing!


Broker / Affiliate Deals: $2959.69 (+63%)

This was another great month on this side of my business with a contribution from both affiliates and my Ad management service. While I worked less than 15 days in the month, I was still able to generate $4,100 worth of deals for my clients and I have another deal sealed (getting the payment this week!) for another $5K+. My goal with this Ad management service is to generate slightly over $10,000 in deals so I can earn nearly $1,000/month in commission (I charge 1 month worth of advertising per year for commission, so it’s the equivalent to 8.3%).


So far, I’ve been adding about 10 sites per month since November and I wanted to limit it to a small number because I wanted to make sure that I give the best service to my clients. To this date, I’m at over 40 clients and I’ll have to put additional clients on a “waiting list” since I want to make sure that I provide more deals to my existing client first. I’m currently streamlining this process to make sure I can have a VA do all the work in a few months in a highly effective way (after all, productivity is one of my biggest strengths 😉 ).


Private Advertising: $5748.23 (-34%)

Private advertising is still my Achilles’ Heel as my monthly income heavily depends on how great (or bad!) I do with it. This month, I hadn’t had the chance to close a major deal as I had been able to for the past 2 months. The private advertising business has its highs and lows but across our network, we are able to maintain a certain level. I’d say that my “regular” month is considered to be between $5K and $6K and a great month will be around 8K. If you are wondering how I manage my private advertising, I suggest you read my How to build a Media kit series where I talk pretty much about everything I do to get my money.


Niche Websites: $696.14 (-1%)

This was another interesting month from my niche websites. While I didn’t get to the level I expected for 2011 (I was aiming for $1000/month), I now have a very stable $200 in Adsense income and I can sell a few private advertising deals here and there. With my latest website (Canadian Dividend Stock), I’m also building a mailing list to add more value to the site. After 3 months, I’m now at 102 subscribers!


In 2012, I’m not expecting to launch many other niche sites. I would rather work on the existing ones while I plan on launching only 3 other sites that still be considered as niche sites but with a larger scale. The designs are currently being done and I expect to launch the first site at the end of Q1.


Expenses: $6,000

Wow! More expenses and less income! That sucks… not really 😉 Because the $2,000 extra in expenses went to people! We gave away 2 iPads (about $600 each) plus $800 for charity. Each year, our goal is to double our donation. We started with $100 each, then $200 each and this year $400 each. That will be fun to give $1,600 next year!


Total Income: $11,065.85 (-11%)

So the net income for this month is about $5,000. What was cool about December is while I personally made $2,500 (50% of it), I only worked 2 weeks… We are gradually getting to the point that we can really call this passive income as we are making more and more without necessarily working more! Here’s the income progression for 2011:

income from blog

As you can see, our business is becoming a lot more stable since September. I’m expecting a good month in January as people usually go back to their computer and setup their personal finances ;-).


I have a feeling that 2012 will be a turning point for our company. We are going to work on many major projects (3 sites + 2 books) and this year’s results will definitely determine if we have a company or a good sideline. I’m eager to see which one it is!!!!


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December 5, 2011, 5:00 am

Blog Income Report Record Month!

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Income Report

Another great month has passed and I can tell you that I’ve surpassed my all time record in November. How much did I make in online income? You’ll have to read ‘till the end to know more about it ;-).

247, 627 Visitors (+2.66%) and 340,027 Pages Viewed (+5.5%)

After being hit twice by Google (once in April that made us drop 30% of our traffic and another one in October that helped us gain most of our ranking back), we are growing once again. Unfortunately, we have had some severe server issues across our network and I apologize for that. We have addressed these problems and recently switched servers too. I’m preparing a big series on servers and hosting services, so your questions are welcome!

Adsense: $1917.54 (+17.45%)

As I mentioned last month, the fact that our search engine traffic went up is directly correlated to Adsense income going up too. Our October revenue is 17% more than what we received in September and I can confirm that our November income (that will figure in our December income statement) will be even bigger. We are slowly getting back towards the marvelous $3,000+ earned back in February!


So there is one big lesson to learn from this: search engine visitors are those who click on Adsense. You can’t have a better proof than this! The other thing I can confirm is that investment topics do very well with Adsense. My most profitable keywords are all investment related. I know that there are other topics that generate a lot of money too but I want to speak about what I truly know. So if you want to increase your Adsense income, you have to do 3 things

1)      Write investment articles (duh!)

2)      Include Adsense in your investment articles with a blended color set

3)      Optimize these articles for search engines (hint: you are better off talking about very specific topics so you can rank more easily).

The best examples would be our latest investing niche websites:

What is Dividend

Covered Call ETFs

Canadian Dividend Stock


These 3 sites contain very specific keywords that are all investment related. I don’t get that much traffic from them (total of 4,498 visits last month) but I made $93.01 in Adsense from these visits. That’s $0.02 per visitor as compared to $0.007 for my whole network. So if I can now focus on increasing the number of visitors on these sites, I’ll be making a lot more money from Adsense ;-).


Broker / Affiliate deals: $1,814.99 (+95.67%)

There is a great increase in this part of our business and this is due to our recent Ad Management Service that we launched during our latest blog income report. After I made the announcement, I was fully booked by 10am the very same day (I aimed for 10 clients and got more than that!).


In November, I’ve brokered $8,100 in advertising for my clients and made $1,015 in profits from it. The commission seems slightly higher than my price (I charge 8.33% so 1/12 of the deal) because I get the first monthly payment as my commission and then, I start paying my clients. So technically, I made for more than $8,100, it is just that some deals are on a monthly basis and will be recurrent each month (but I won’t be making money from the deal for another 11 months as my commission is recurrent every year).


It has been a great experience and I’m opening an additional 10 spots for my ad management service. Almost all of my clients made money the first month and they are all pretty happy about it. It’s a win-win situation as we all make money (isn’t life beautiful sometimes?). Mind you, I only offer text links, banners and in-content text links. So if you are interested, shoot me an email at thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com ;-).


Private Advertising: $8,740.32 (+2.4%)


The private advertising seems to be picking up right, left and center these past 3 months. To be honest, I don’t expect to maintain this level forever. I’m expecting an average of $5,000 per month but I’ll take these spikes with a smile ;-0. Another great piece of news is the discovery that sharing my advertising network with my clients didn’t take away any of my own business. Now, I’ll be trying to implement the same reflex amongst my clients so we can all share advertising contacts and make more money!


Niche Websites : $702.92 (+250%)

The Adsense income has been stable (about $200 more or less) but I’ve booked a few private advertising deals as well. This is why we see such a great jump. While my niche sites are not where I want them to be (my goal was to have 10 sites making $100/month at the end of 2011), I’ve learned a lot about how to build niche websites and what to do with them. My most recent sites are making more money and getting more traffic. This will definitely become a great source of diversification over the long run!

Expenses: roughly $4,000

My expenses have been pretty stable for the past few months. One of my VAs is on maternity leave and I’m doing part of her job in the meantime. This is slowing us on some parts of our business but at least it doesn’t show in the income report ;-). I’m currently working on several projects around my dividend websites so they will have to wait until Q1 and Q2 or 2012 to be launched!


More expenses will hit in December as we have 2 iPads to buy ;-).

Total Income:…. $12,472!!!

Wow! More than 12K! I just made a chart with my income progression for this year and you can see that the past 3 months have been pretty good for us! So far, we are averaging slightly over $9,300/month on average.  I want to increase that to over 10K in 2012!


income progression




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