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June 10, 2013, 8:27 am

June Blog Evo Report

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Hows the Penguin treating you?


Traffic Improvement – 335,613 (-8%)


Our traffic is slowing down compared to the beginning of the year mainly because a good part of it is seasonal. My investing website traffic (which is a big part of my network) always slows down until September as people use the “Sell in May and Go Away” methodology. They lose interest in the market for some reason.


The other point is that I didn’t focus on improving traffic with my newsletter at all during the past month. I have been working on several other projects but they are not all related to traffic, lol!


I’ve studied my rankings and made sure the last Penguin update didn’t hurt our sites. The good news is that we didn’t get hit by anything; the bad news is that we didn’t recover from the previous hit back in October either. Therefore, traffic and rankings are relatively stable.


I’ve been studying a lot different link building strategies as well as keyword research methods in May. The point was to improve my rankings as other type of traffic (reference and direct traffic) is currently doing well. I recently discovered Longtail Pro for my keyword research and noticed how strong this software is compared to Market Samurai. I’ll detail my usage with some real examples shortly once I get some interesting results. In the meantime, my friend Matt from Dumb Passive Income does a great job explaining how he uses this software to boost his ranking.


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I’m done with my 10 days investing series that I discussed in my April Evo Report. I sent the first email of this autoresponder series last week and got several positive comments. The key with this series is to send short and concise emails to educate people on investing. If you wish to learn how to invest and build a strong dividend portfolio, you can register to this newsletter here:



This series will help me on several fronts:

–          Increase my credibility

–          Improve the chances of selling my Dividend Growth Book

–          Improve my affiliate conversion

–          Increase the conversion rate for my membership website in the different future

Throughout this series, I’m also asking my readers how it is going with their investments and if they struggle while building their portfolio. Their comments will give me more hints about how to improve my membership website and provide them with unique value. As you can see, this email series is part of a much bigger plan…mwhahahaha!


In May, I converted several affiliate offers for brokerage accounts and investing services. What is interesting about these conversions is that I didn’t run any promotions or write any reviews on my blogs to push my sales. Therefore, it’s a great sign that my autoresponder newsletter strategy is working. It’s good to make money passively! Hehehe!


Niche Site Central $458.53 (-39%)


I decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me know how much these sites are generating in my company. The $458.53 is broken down in 3 sources of revenues:


$260.34 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$198.19 from Adsense (included in my total Adsense earnings)

$0 from affiliate sales


Niche sites went up and down with my Adsense revenues for several months while my small eBook sales are stable and even increasing slowly. Since I didn’t push any of my niche sites using my newsletter (I usually send 1 to 2 emails promoting one of my niche sites and this generates between $100 to $150 in Adsense revenue). I definitely need stability in my newsletter mailing and content creation on these sites.


I started the Niche Site Duel 2.0 a week ago and I’m confident that my niche site earnings will jump after the end of summer. This is the time I need to create my content for this new niche site and then start the promotion. Instead of building several sites at the same time, I’ve decided to concentrate on one niche only and make the best resources on the internet ever for this topic. I’ve also designed an aggressive promotional plan in order to push my rankings quite fast.


I was quite aggressive with my keyword selection and I picked a relatively highly competitive niche. The reason why I decided to take this route was because of the topic itself. Since it’s quite sophisticated, most internet moguls won’t be able to write about it. Therefore, it leaves more place for my site to rank as I will compete with established companies with no real writers ;-). I will definitely provide you with more info on this site in a few weeks, once it is live and it looks like a real site! Hahaha!


eBook Development


I’ve done a lot of work on eBooks since my last update. My Aweber book is finished, but not yet launched. The reason why I’ve haven’t publish the book is because I want to add more features (more on that in my current projects).


I’ve also reviewed most of my eBook linked to my membership website. I will be able to finish it in June and send it for editing and formatting for July. I want to use the Amazon platform to launch this eBook as well. The book itself explains an investing strategy and how to build your own portfolio from A to Z. We start from your risk tolerance and teach you how to build a “couch potato” style portfolio. It is designed so that anybody could manage his own money without having to pay high fees.


By launching the book through Amazon and using a free download for a few days through Kindle, I show increase the number of readers and, hopefully, more members for my memberships! This launch will also boost my authorship profile with Amazon as it will be my second book. Since Amazon works as a search engine by itself, boosting your authorship profile is crucial. I’ve highlighted some techniques on how to use Amazon and make money here.


Current Project I’m Working On


I have two projects capturing my attention right now:


#1 Back to my membership site

The development is going well as the site is fully designed on paper. The crucial step is now to A) find the online resource to generate the content we want, B) hire a programmer to make it happen and C) hire a designer to make it look awesome. This will be quite a ride for the next two months but this is definitely the future of my company!


#2 Niche Site

It’s the first time I have committed to build a niche site like this. I’ve been very good over the past 5 years to buy existing websites and make more money from your them. However, I’ve started several projects that I’ve left trailing behind with a few hundred per month of income while I thought they would all generate thousands of dollars.  I have found a competitive niche where I have a unique selling proposition better than most sites currently ranking for this topic. The best part of all is that I don’t need much traffic to generate income. It’s all about the right topic and the right amount of commission paid by affiliates ;-).


Do you know that one of my friend just hit over $2,000 last month with only 14,000 visitors? Check out his site here.


Now its your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?


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May 1, 2013, 5:00 am

May Blog Evo Update Something Different This Time

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A lot of things are happening


Each month, I report on the activities performed for my online company. In the month of May, I’ll take a pause from the classic Evo Report and tell you what we discussed during our annual meeting. Each year, my partner and I take a full day (or a weekend depending on the situation) where we start working at 7am and finish around a beer, ribs and a hockey game. We started this initiative a long time ago when we decided our blog activity was a business. Each year brings its challenges and new ideas. Here’s what we have discussed for 2013. I hope it will inspire you!


Another Discussion I Should Have Had a While Ago


Not so long ago, I discussed on this blog how I should have a clear discussion about our personal finances with my wife. I was hesitant to start this discussion as I didn’t want to turn it into an argument. Well a similar situation was required with my partner. We both have well paid day jobs and busy lives. Last year, I had my third I child and he had his first. He was surprised to see how much time and energy a newborn takes in a day and I was surprised to see how my new job drained me at first. The result of these situations (doubled by the fact that the income was harder to earned) was a drop in our motivation and the number of hours worked in the company. This is why I had to discuss this issue with my friend: what stand do we take with regards to our business? Is it a hobby paying for our internet or do we want to eventually work full time online?


I was somewhat scared to have this discussion with my partner for two reasons:


#1 I didn’t want him to think I was disappointed by his work as I consider I underperformed as well. Sometimes, the other party could think you are blaming them while you are trying to have an honest discussion.


#2 I was scared that he would tell me he just wanted to keep the company as is to see how it goes. If we want to continue making money from our websites, we have to continuously evolve. Business model changes through times in the “real world”, it’s happening in the internet world as well.


The end result was very satisfying; I was scared for nothing. We are both committed to work harder on the company this year and that we would eventually be happy to work full time on our sites. I don’t think this situation will happen very soon considering that we both love our jobs and that we are making a good pay check. However, the plan remains the same; the day I want to retire early, I will count on my online gigs to make it happen. Same for him. In the meantime, we will continue to grow the company as we grow our careers.


Blog (R)Evolution


Hosting our blogs is not enough anymore if we want to go to the next level. We can use our blogs as a launching platform and brand, but we need to expand from simply having a blog set on WordPress. I’ve discussed that we will be working on our traffic by improving our social media presence along with going mobile for our sites. The Facebook page should be as important as our blog. The reason is simple; people going on my Facebook Page, following my twitter account or communicating through Google + are all independent from search engines.


Therefore, it doesn’t matter if Google likes my sites or not; I will continue to get traffic. Aside from social media and becoming mobile friendly, we will also work with different media this year…


Videos & Possibly Podcasts


We just ordered our microphone along with screen capture video software. Our first goal was to build tutorials about things we do (manage our mailing list with Aweber, doing keyword research with Market Samurai, stock research and analysis, etc.). We thought that adding video on our blogs would make them more interesting for readers and could help us rank in another great search engine site; YouTube.


Once we got the idea of doing tutorials and short videos, we started brainstorming on another level. We thought that making podcasts could be another very interesting addition to our brand. Stock market reviews for one could be a great hit. Since we have a huge investing mailing list, we could start our podcast with several subscribers instantly. It’s now just a matter of mastering the art of the microphone before going live.


Membership Websites


Since creating a membership website is one of my 2013 blogging goals, we took a good part of our day to brainstorm on this idea. We had several previous discussions about it but taking 3 hours straight to define our project truly helped to put it in the right light.


We discussed the time table to make sure we will be able to launch it on time. Such projects require several parties and need to be coordinated. We will need a programmer to organise different pages in our site, a designer to make it look sharp, an editor as we need all wording to be perfect and fellow bloggers to publish guest posts, reviews, etc.


We will also create a beta class for long time readers where they will have access to the membership site for free in exchange of their feedback. This will be a great way to make sure we have built a useful tool for investing. If this project works, this may be the beginning of a much bigger company!


Maximize Our VA Utilisation


We have the chance of having one of our VAs working near us. We were then able to invite her for lunch and get her direct feedback on what works and what doesn’t. We also gave her objectives to complete throughout the year. One of them is to take care of the social media campaign. She’s in charge of setting our pages and monitoring our progress.


We also wanted her to get clients for private advertising. We are not talking about sidebar links here but to get private clients for complete advertising campaigns. It could be reviews of their products, CPM ads or private affiliate programs that we will share throughout our network only. This is also a great source of revenue that have been underexploited lately.




What I like the most about these meetings is the feeling of accountability coming out of this. If we want to make it happen, we each have to commit ourselves and start working very hard. I’m convinced these changes will help us to expand our brand and make our business more fun!


Have you ever thought of bringing your blog to a whole new level or are you happy with where it is at?

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April 10, 2013, 5:00 am

March Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report



Its time to switch gears


March was a success in terms of income. After two good months over $8,000, you always wonder if your strong beginning of the year is luck or if you are a roll. Well, we made over $8,600 in March! The most beautiful part of this is that over 70% of our gross revenues are not coming from private advertising! Google Adsense, our own products and affiliate programs are generating about 75% of our business now. Our model has successfully changed from private advertising to other types of income streams. I think eventually, we will be able to completely disregard private advertising and switch gears to a more lucrative business model…


So let’s take a look at what happened this month…


Traffic Improvement – 364,179 visitors (+5%)


My traffic went up slightly in March. But this is probably what worries me the most. In fact, I had 3 more days in March (which is 10% of a month) yet only increased my visits by 5%… I’m definitely not too proud about it!


We ran into another Google update in March but it didn’t affect us. I was expecting to get lucky and have one of my flagship sites pick up a higher ranking.  It didn’t happen. On the other hand, I can’t say I’ve done much in term of traffic improvement work in the first three months. This is definitely a big challenge for me as I often prefer to work on other projects such as my new eBook for TFB and my mailing list series for The Dividend Guy Blog!


I’m tempted to improve our social media presence but I’m not sure how much traffic I will gain from this strategy. I also need to schedule more time in my week to write articles so I can offer guest posts for my flagship sites. I’ve done a few guest posts for smaller sites and it worked well but it’s time to “refurbish” my link inventory for my bigger websites.


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I’m still in the middle of my newsletter project. The goal is to build a 10 email series on how to invest. I want to cover each aspect of portfolio management and add a few affiliate links across the series. They should convert well as I’m providing high value content. I ran email #1 to #6 with my Mastermind Group and received a lot of great comments.


A good tip when you work on such projects is to ask advice of people who doesn’t work in the topic you are covering. For example, my partner works in the financial industry. When I showed him my emails, he thought that most of them were too simplistic. On the other hand, nobody is in the financial industry in my Mastermind Group and they were asking a lot of questions about each email in order to get more details.


The reality is that the field you are working in is definitely simple and easy for you but probably highly complicated for anybody who looks at it from the outside. I have no clue how to build a house, repair a car or manage 30 kids in a classroom. When I think of doing these tasks, I completely freeze and wish I had never thought of doing them!  If I was to read about these topics, I would really appreciate a simple step-by-step guide so I can understand everything.


Niche Site Central $453.67 (-40%)


I’ve decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me know how much these sites are generating in my company. The $755.56 is broken down info 3 sources of revenues:


$244.50 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$209.17 from Adsense (included in my total Adsense earnings)

$0 from affiliate sales


The small eBook sales are still doing great! We had a record month in February but when I look at the overall picture, I’m definitely happy to see that I can steadily make over $200 without doing anything. The other great thing about it is that I mention my sites and other products within these books. This helps me generate indirect income from the book sales.


I had a sales boost towards the end of the month as I’ve declared that I was beating the market like there is no tomorrow with my selection of 20 US dividend Stocks. After a quarter, my small eBook (for sale at $2.99) includes a list of 20 stocks that show an investment return of 16.79% or 6.49% over my benchmark. My only regret about this book is that I’m selling it too cheap! I think I’lll increase the price to $4.99 next year if I continue to get such high results throughout the year!


eBook Development


In March, I’ve started to work on my first free book for The Financial Blogger. I’m halfway done and the book should have about 60-70 pages. The reason why I’m writing this book and giving it for free is to increase my newsletter subscribers. This is the only way I will be able to retain my readers no matter what Google thinks of my site.


My goal is to become totally independent from search engine traffic since I can’t count on it and can’t definitely game Google. Therefore, by building a strong readership, I don’t have to worry about the next Zoo update done by the big G. If I get more traffic, fine, but I won’t have to wait for it anymore.


The book should be ready to be launched within the following months. It will be interesting to see how my newsletter subscription will go after I launch the book. I hope to get over 1,000 downloads for the first year. The topic is not as sexy as dividend investing (and God knows that investing is not that sexy!) but it definitely cover an important niche nonetheless.


Current Project that I’m Working On


In a few weeks, my partner and I we will be meeting for our annual meeting. This will be a day where we start working at 7am and end-up late at night. We have several topics to cover and we have been working on our schedule for the past two weeks now.


This is the perfect moment to determine which projects we will work on in the next 12 months and how we can switch gears and grow the company. We have been in “survival mode” long enough. It’s time to generate some growth again!


We have several avenues we will look at:

–          Membership sites

–          Social media presence

–          Forum creation

–          Streamline process for niche site creation

–          Traffic building

–          Better use of our VA

–          Better use of our own time

–          Projects we will focus on

The idea is to brainstorm during 12 hours and finish with a small set of ideas we will work on. It’s useless to set a list of 10+ to do’s. If we can come away with 3 to do’s each, this will already be enough! I can tell you the membership site will be one of them for sure, hahaha!


Adsense Income $2,400.76 (-12%)


The thing I hate about Adsense is that it comes and goes like the wind. There is not much I can do but to control my traffic and hope their ads will convert. This is how I end-up with lower numbers in March than February even thought I had more days to make money.


I have a long way before I make a steady $3,000 from this income stream. Then again, Adsense income comes from search engine traffic. The more I get, the more I make. This is definitely an important point we will discuss in our annual meeting! If you have any tricks you have done so far and it works with the “new” Google, I’ll be happy to hear about them!


Now its your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?


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March 20, 2013, 6:26 am

Expenses Breakdown, How Can You Make Money without Working Hard

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report,Blogging,Business



Last week, Sam from Financial Samurai asked me about my cost structure. I’m known for spending a lot within my company and most readers think my cost structure is quite heavy. I can understand their point of view but I can also tell you that having a third kid last year made managing my schedule a little bit more complicated! We had to rely on our team to keep the company rolling and this is what happened. Here’s the most up to date expense breakdown:


Virtual Assistants & Writers – $2,065


The bulk of our expenses is related to VAs and writers. Since we own several blogs, it’s impossible for us to write for all of them. Over time, my partner and I concentrated on a few sites that we like and truly have a passion for it. Writing for TFB is never a pain; in fact, it’s more fun than it looks!


Several emails and advertising management are handled by my VAs. We also use them to write a few articles, publish and edit others. They truly save me a lot of time as I don’t have to look over their work on a weekly basis. I check a few tasks each month to make sure that we are on track and I leave the rest up to them to manage.


We recently cut back on our writer’s budget. The reason was simple: we wanted to make sure that each site was profitable. Each month, we track our revenues per site and include this data in an excel spreadsheet (another task done by my VA 😉 ). Then, it was easy for us to take the average revenue per site on a monthly basis taking the last 18 months as an average. Those who were too close to their cost structure got their number of posts diminished. Over time, we realized that most blogs don’t need 5 new articles weekly to drag traffic. It is sometimes too much to read for visitors anyways! We would rather write quality over quantity and will make the same revenues while spending less money.


Accounting & Banking Fees – $439


Accounting and banking fees are both pains we have to live with. I hate compiling ins and outs so I send all my statements once a month to my accountant and everything is being handled by them. I would probably have to waste a good 3-4 hours per month on that. So I guess it’s worth it! Within the banking fees, we also have a life insurance payment.


About a year ago, we took a permanent life insurance of $250,000 on both my partner’s and my life. In our shareholder agreement, we included that upon death, the $250K would be payable to the other partner so he could buy the deceased’s share. This was a great way to ensure that our work was 1) preserved for the other partner and 2) that our wives would get a benefit from this company.


Servers & Utilities – $1,259


The number here seems very high. We don’t spend $1,000 in servers. But we both have internet access, phone and other utilities linked to this spending account. This is why we end-up paying so much in servers & utilities. This is a way for us to benefit from the fact that we have a company at the same time since we don’t draw any income or dividend from it. We also include our $150/month Aweber subscription in there. Since having newsletters is now part of our core business, it’s a small fee generating a lot of money. Plus, it makes us more independent from Google!


We have done some major restructuration with our servers in 2012 in order to optimize our speed and service along with our cost structure (you can read about our servers’ adventures here). Our servers + domain renewal costs range around $600 per month now. We still have some cleaning up to do that should result in another saving of $50/month. This should be done in the upcoming months.


Total Operating Cost: $3,763/month


So our total operating cost per month is now below $4,000. I believe we have a very strong structure since we can easily grow our business without spending much money. The only spending account that could increase would be writers but this would also mean that our revenues would expand at the same time.


We currently average $8,000 in gross income per month since the latest Google EMD update. So after two major hits in 2012, we are still in line to make slightly over the psychological bar of $100K per year. So where does all our exceeding money go? I’ll let you guess…


Debt Servicing – $2,945/month


There is another important account in our budget: debt servicing! I mentioned last year that we are on an aggressive debt repayment plan. We used to be over $90K in debt and we are now down to $77K. We have restructured our debt to pay a smaller interest rate (we now pay 4%! Whoohoo!). Our goal is to pay off all our corporate debts within the next 24 to 30 months. Since the online economy is changing rapidly, we thought it would be a better idea to clean up our balance sheet while we are making money and stop leveraging for a while.


Borrowing to finance our growth was definitely the best strategy we used for a while. Now that it has become harder to growth (because of a lack of time doubled with internet uncertainty), we decided it was time to pay our debts back. In less than three years, we should have a company netting roughly $50,000 per year in profit. This is what I call free cash flow!


Total Work Hours: 40 hrs/month


The beauty of all this is not the 100K in revenues and definitely not the 45K of operating costs! The beauty is to make 25K each of net profit with less than 40 hours of work per month. This means that my hourly wage when I work on my blog is around $48/hours. This is not an astronomical number but considering that I can derive benefits from the company in addition to the $48/hours (such has having free internet and not having to pay for any computers!), I think it’s truly worth it!


The decision we made was to work less and earn less. However, we wanted to see our company grow while we are working at our day jobs. This is mainly the reason why we have decided to keep our cost structure higher. The idea behind it is also to build a safety net. If I was to lose my job tomorrow morning, I could fire all my writers and VA’s (which would suck!) and start working 40 hours for my company and keep a decent living from the income. This would give me enough time to turn around and make my company grow even faster.


If we would have kept only a few sites and would do everything by ourselves, we would surely have a cost structure of less than $1,000/month and netting over $7,000 each month. But we would also work a lot more than 10 hours a week! I still prefer playing with my kids than blogging, hahaha!

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March 6, 2013, 5:34 am

February Blog Evo Report

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Blog Evolution Report



Things You Do When You are Focused…


February was the month of “getting back on track”. I was very happy as I was able to achieve several tasks in my quarterly objectives. After 6-7 weeks of participating in a Mastermind Group, I can say that I already feel the difference. The level of accountability has just been raised. It’s a lot more “complicated” to find excuses for not doing your work when you commit yourself to 3 other individuals. We aren’t judged when we fail, but doing nothing is not acceptable. Doing nothing on your couch is easy, but when you have to tell your friends that you are not doing anything, that’s a different story.


So let’s take a look at what happened this month…


Traffic Improvement – 345,687 visitors (-15%)


If I want to feel good about myself, I can always tell myself that February is three days short compared to January and a drop in traffic is normal. However, the drop is bigger than three days. I can partially explain the rest of the drop by the end of the “January effect”. Each year, the month of January is very impressive in terms of traffic. I feel like a gym: everybody is interested in taking care of themselves and all sign-up with good intentions. Then, the interest fades away and traffic goes down a little.


The rest of the difference lies within two big names who mentioned my sites in January. I didn’t get any such mentions in February and didn’t have any traffic spikes this month. My strategy to improve traffic is based on guest posting and Directory submissions for smaller sites. As I mentioned in my authority website update, I’ve taken the habit of sending more newsletters to my investing crowd and it generates more traffic as well. I’ll definitely start the same strategy with TFB in the upcoming weeks! I have a great mailing list but I don’t send many emails these days…


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


I’ve used my newsletter this month to gather feedback for a big project I’m working on in 2013. I asked people what was their #1 investment struggle in order to build the best membership website ever. I’ll come back with more info on my membership site later on in this post.


With regards to the newsletter, I can tell you that sending an email every two weeks since the beginning of January made a huge difference in the level of response I’m experiencing right now. I can already see my readers being a lot more engaged than before. They not only answer my questions but also give additional feedback and ask more questions themselves. On the one hand, it’s very time consuming but on the other, I can see how people appreciate my site and it’s very good for my self esteem ;-).


The more email I send, the less people unsubscribe to them and select my email as spam. It’s one thing to build a strong email list, but it’s another thing to keep your readership! Each time I send an email, I make sure that I truly add value or genuinely ask questions of my readers. I want to help them participate in my site, not simply send them bunch of promotions until they sign-up for something!


Niche Site Central $755,56 (+38%)


I decided to publish my Niche Sites income now to give a little bit more transparency. It will also help me to know how much these sites are generating in my company. The $755.56 is broken down in 3 sources of revenues:


$364.68 from eBooks (Excluding Dividend Growth)

$370.80 from Adsense (included in my total Adsense earnings)

$20.08 from affiliate sales


I’m happy to declare that this is one of my most profitable months from my niche sites. I can now see the day where I will generate $1,000/month from these passive sites! I was surprised to see how many eBooks I’ve sold over the month. If I count Dividend Growth, I average a total of 4 books per day!


Depending on the book and the channel used, I’m making between $2.60 and $9.36 per sale. My goal is to eventually reach 10 books per day with our current offer and boost it up with other books. I think that selling small ebooks is probably one of the best ways to make passive income. Once the book is complete, it’s only a matter of plugging your title as much as you can throughout your articles and on your site. Then, you just let the magic begin and receive email daily about more books sold!


What I like the most about my niche sites is that they are not selling private advertising at all. Therefore, it’s a “pure” way of making money online passively. I need to seriously work on my affiliate program strategy in order to boost my overall sales but I will start that in Q2. My first quarter is already full of projects to be completed!


eBook Development


I didn’t work on any new eBooks this month. We started to think about a few projects to improve our current offer but I haven’t start writing anything.


The big work has been done on my Dividend Growth sales page. I still need to work on it (and take off the adsense ad block for example!) but I like the text on the page. I’ve removed a lot of content from it and gone straight to the point. I’m now considering buying a “sales pagemaker” software such as Lead Pages in order to add a more professional look to my sales page. It was relatively easy to reach out to my readers as they know my blog and trust it. Now, I’m entering in the hardest phase of eBook sales marketing: selling books to non-loyal readers. I am still selling nearly 50 books per month but I can continue to grow this passive income source. I definitely think I could be selling more books and make a lot more money than I am right now. It’s only a matter of implementing a better marketing plan for it.


Current Project I’m Working On


At the beginning of 2012, I mentioned that one of my goals was to create a membership website. The math behind such a product is ridiculously interesting:


200 subscribers at $87/year makes… $17,400!


If I was able to sell over 600 books in 5 months, I’m pretty sure I can gather 200 subscribers per year. If I can build a strong membership website, I will be able to make over $20,000 per year with it over the next two years. That would be an amazing piece of diversification for our company and a great way to create passive income. My goal is to build the membership site and optimize it in a way that a VA could update everything and take care of customer service without me putting a single hour into it. At $500 per month, I think I can get a pretty solid VA that will take care of everything and I will still net over $11,000 per year for doing very little work.


I’ve asked my Mastermind group about feedback on the project and I have a lot of tasks to accomplish before I make a single buck out of it! I’ve worked on a timetable to make sure everything will fall as scheduled. Technically, I should be able to launch the site for September. As was the case with my book in 2012, this will give me the opportunity to do a first launch in September and promote a re-launch for the Holidays. I’ll probably do a January promotion since I get a lot of good traffic at that time of year.


Adsense Income $2,729.09 (-36%)


After hitting a record month in January, I was expecting a drop in Adsense. I’m happy to see that I was almost able to keep an average of $100/day. I’m currently sitting at $97.46/day so I’m not too far. I’m confident to reach the $3,000 level next month as I continue to work on my traffic and perform Adsense optimization.


I’ve also tried an alternative to Adsense this month with a few of my sites. For one month, I put a few codes on some of my sites. The results were disgusting! I know the ad blocks were not published on prime space but I made $17 in a month for three different ad blocks on three different websites. I’ll change these codes for an additional Adsense block this month and compare their results. By creating a new channel for each block, I’ll be able to identify what works and what doesn’t.


If I end-up with a similar result, I’ll just forget about adding more ads. But I’m confident I can at least make $100 total with these new spots on my sites. This $100 would be just enough to break the $100/day again!


Now it’s your turn, tell me, what have you done recently on your sites to make them better?


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