October 4, 2010, 4:00 am

Catastrophe as a Name; Stock Pick Update

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Investment, Market and Risk,Trading
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Oh my, oh my, oh my! While I did well back in 2009 with my stock picks, I can’t say that my crystal ball was clear enough for this year’s contest! I thought it would be fun (and obviously that it would give me an additional edge) to take more risk. I was well aware that I could be wrong on 1 or 2 picks but I thought of taking 4 stocks that could make a home run… bad idea!

Here are the results so far:

Research in Motion (TSE: RIM) -27.08%

All right, investors are worried because major companies (such as JP Morgan) are switching from the BlackBerry to the iPhone. Investors are worried because RIM is having a hard time getting more individuals on board (while they continue to lose corporate accounts). Investors are also worried because the iPad is phenomenal and RIM has yet to hit the market with its new blackpad. Finally, I think investors are worried because RIM is becoming more and more reactive and has forgotten that they were the leader in the smartphone industry not so long ago. Presently, I have the feeling that they are just looking at what Apple does and are trying to copy it. I still hold RIM in my personal portfolio but I seriously doubt it will come back this year…

Manulife (TSE: MFC) -31.07%

I thought Manulife was over with the bad news when we started in 2010. I guess I should be more careful when I try to catch a falling knife! Manulife keeps on announcing bad news after more bad news. I still think it can bounce back (I wouldn’t if I hadn’t picked yet.. hahaha!)  but lets just say that I wouldn’t buy any shares in a real portfolio right now. The only thing is that it currently offer a 4% dividend yield 😉

Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) -14.10%

Goldman Sachs has had its share of problems in 2010 but I think they are ready to bounce back. If I am lucky enough and they deliver strong results by the end of the year, I might see this stock going a little bit higher and cancel my loss from my first 2 picks L.

Vanguard Emerging Market ETF (NYSE: VWO) 11.27%

Can’t be bad everywhere, right? The emerging market showed some strength and this pick is now up by about 10%. This is a small consolation (I rather like Mike @ Money Smarts Blog picks with bear leveraged gold ETF 😉 ), but at least, I have one stock showing green on my sheet!

Here are the results from the stock picking contest of 2010: big winner so far: Dividend Growth Investor!

Intelligent Speculator-7.86%
The Financial Blogger-15.24%
Wild Investor8.35%
Million Dollar Journey-10.46%
Where Does All My Money Go-2.90%
Four Pillars-27.07%
Zach Stocks0.84%
My Traders Journal-1.31%
Dividend Growth Investor21.34%

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Interesting contest. Does the return include reinvested dividends, or just stock price appreciation?

@ Andrew,

the return includes dividend as well. I should have taken dividend paying stocks 😉 lol!

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