September 2, 2008, 6:00 am

Cashing the Fruit of My Labour

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Alternative Income
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After fooling around for a few months, the company structure is finally setup and I can start withdrawing money from it. We wanted a small machine able to “create” additional income on a steady basis. This was the most productive way to make more money that we found: an internet based company. This is nothing original nor different for a kid in the 21st century. Everything works with a computer, why looking further anyway, right? We won’t do an IPO or get bought by Google for 250M$. However, we are surely trying to improve our lifestyle throughout our passions.

We started the project about two years ago, and started to work seriously on it back in April or May 2007. A year after (in March 2008), we were incorporating our business. Nothing wacky that was requiring thousand of dollars in investment; just something big enough so we can earn a few bucks.

The good thing about passive income is that it can grow exponentially. By working on your project on a steady basis, you are able to make your income grow slowly but surely. In a few days, I will be able to write a check form me (inc.) to me (personal). This will be the start of a long series of payments produced by our company.

Since we want to make more money in the future, we decided to leave 40% or our income within the company so it can increase its income overtime. We think we should be able to double the income within the next 12 months. I told you, passive income is exponential 😉

I’m writing this post to show you that you can have an alternative source of income but that requires time, effort and patience. At first, it was simply a dream; we were working on this side project for fun, thinking that someday maybe… But we are now crossing the border of imagination to land into reality. This thing is really making money!

This should generate around $400 a month in my pocket for the time being. Still not enough to keep my wife at home, but it is definitely a start. I will actually use this money to pay down my debts until it makes enough to compensate my wife’s income.

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