February 18, 2008, 7:00 am

Carnival of Personal Finance #140 – Prison Break Edition

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As most people feel handcuffed by their personal finance, I thought I would present the Carnival of Personal Finance #140 under the Prison Break Theme. ‘Cause we all want to break out the rat race!


Lechero’s best prisoners

The survival of the fittest, the toughest guys in the place, the ones who merits having an upgraded cell:


source : tvguide.com

What Price Are You Paying To Have It All? The Supermom Myth by The Digerati Life.

Ask the Readers: Talking about Money? By Million Dollar Journey.

You Are Not Your Stuff, Your Stuff Is Not You. By My Two Dollar.

NZCU Baywide’s 9 Steps To Building A Better Budget + Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet by NZCU baywide

What Is A Certified Financial Planner? An Interview with Ciaran McKeever by Moolanomy.

Ways to Save Money Series by Clever Dude.

Insurance Poor and Self-Insuring by Fours Pillars.

Money Management

When you are stuck in a prison, managing your money to get what you need is very important. T-Bag knows how to manage other people’s money. Here are other inmates who know what to do with a few bucks:


source : tv.ign.com

Finally! An EASY Way to Track Money and Spending by Simple Nickle.

What My Parents Have Taught Me About Money by Small Cents.

Three Failures of Our Brains by Handling Finances.

Save Money With Small Changes by Finding Financial Peace.

Assigning a spot for your money by Getting Ahead.

Biggest Bank Scam – Did You Know About This? By Truthful Lending Mortgage, Refinance Advice.

Buy Whatever You Want To…After You Save Up by We’re In Debt.

Emotions and Money by A Dollar A Day.

Ron Popeil Gives Great Personal Finance Advice by Free From Broke.

Re-Mortgaging by Move To Portugal.

Time or Money, What do You Want More Of? By Money Management And You!

Financial Bookkeeping – Advantages by Growing Money.

The Week After My Wedding and The Day After Valentine’s Day by Money Ning.

Lessons I Wish I Learned Earlier by Smart Easy Money.

Our Approach For Choosing A Financial Advisor by My Wealth Builder.

What One Area Of Your Personal Finance Management Would You Like To Improve? By No Credit Needed.


Each prisoner has to pay a tax in order to survive in Sona. You can talk to Bellick to know what’s happening when you don’t pay them. However, there is always some ways to get around taxes. Some guys find out about a few tricks:


source : tvguide.com

Expert Q & A: 5 Tax Time Tips for Small Business Owners by American Small Business News

Uncle Sam is Going to Suck Me Dry by Being Frugal.net

What Is A Novated Lease? By Novated Lease Australia

Are you a manic RRSP or 401K maxer? By Squawkfox

How To Qualify For Bush’s 2008 Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate Check by Money Blue Book.

Tax Rebate Confusion by Money Myths.

Great News on PMI from The Accountant’s Daughter by Be This Way.


Invest you time, energy and effort at the right place and you might break out of the prison. If you can’t get to talk to Scofield, you can at least read more about investing here:


source : tvguide.com

9 Retirement Killers? Try Only Three! By Retire Happy.

Biggest Insurance Scams, why all insurance rips you off – Part 2 by The Amatureist Financial Journey.

Investing – Bond, Money Bonds by Craig’s Coin.

It Was An Odd Odyssey by Dividend4life.

Stock Market Investing Tips: #6: What Makes a Good Stock by Green Pastures.

Investing in Single Stocks – Why I Don’t Do It? By Prime Time Money.

Are you Saving Enough for Retirement? Check out this Rule of Thumb by The Dough Roller.

Cross-Over Point Calculator by Money and Such.

– Millionaire Rule #8 by Aspire 2 Wealth.

Saving and Frugality

In Sona, every little piece of something might be precious. You can learn from Scofield to know how to put resources aside and save some money by being frugal:


source : tvguide.com

Save time and money by properly organizing your personal records with these 8 tips by The Personal Financier.

Frugal Living Tip – Your Favorite Stuff on Sale? Load Up! by Cheap Cannuck.

How much are your coins worth by Frugal For Life.

Emergency Fund 101 by Green Panda Treehouse.

Top 10 Things I Do To Save Money by The Great Money Challenge.

My Experiment: Asking for a Better Deal by Alpha Consumer.

When shopping, you gotta compare muffins to muffins by Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.

Five Quick Driving Tips for Gas Conservation by Daily Money Hack.

How My Wife and I Celebrate Valentine’s Day – Past and Present by Lazy Man and Money.

The Car I Didn’t Buy by Blunt Money.

Prep Cards Everywhere! By Keeping the Reins Tight.

Travel by Dollar Frugal.

When Smoking is Good for You by Millionaire Money Habits

Real Estate

In order to feel better about yourself, you can always try to decorate your cell or try to find a better one. Here are some tricks on how to handle your piece of real estate:


source : tv.com

Spreading the Gospel? By LivingalmostLarge

Pay Off Debt or Save for a House by Sound Money Matters.

Pay Off Debt or Save? By Salt Lake Real Estate Blog

How to Buy Foreclosed Homes: A Quick Guide – Part 2 by Smart Money Daily.

Conforming Loan Limits and the Economic Stimulus Package by Searchlight Crusade.

Update on fixing the home loan interest rate by Cheap as Chips.


A good way to spend time in prison and get some privilege is to get a job. Working for Lechero as a bodyguard may be risky but this is quite a privilege. Learn more about how to manage your way up the prison latter:


source : tv.com

Do You Believe? I Do… by iowahippiechick.

Bad Jobs by Not The Jet Set.

Calculating a Pay Check for a New Pay Schedule by My Family’s Money.

Job Search Series – Step 1 – Analyze your previous experience by One Million and Beyond.


Our entire world is surrounded by finance and money. Hiring an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney Dayton will help you and defend you from the charges against you. You will need a attorney that understands your specific case.You can get away from it, not even in prison. Find out more about general finance here:


source : koolbirks.com

Top 10 Financial Products to Avoid by Finance Blog.

Is that a nest egg you’re living in? by Retirement Planning – The Boulevard to retirement

Average Net Worth Values by Five Cent Nickle.

Five Ideas on Dealing with Fear of Retirement by Canadian Dream.

How The Game of Life Teaches Personal Finance by Free Money Finance.

Save Us From Ourselves by Insureblog.

How To Become A Millionaire (In 6 Easy Steps!) by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Snowball your way out of debt!! By Christian Personal Finance.

Selling on Amazon (casually) When Not to Bother? By Mrs. Micah.

A budget in your head isn’t really a budget by Mighty Bargain Hunter.


Nothing has more value than what is on demand. In Prison, stuff that more or less useless outside might take quite a jump in value once in Sona. Whistler’s bird book is a good example of this phenomenon. If you want to understand the powerful laws of offer and demands, you can read those articles:


source : tvguide.com

Recession. I Am Not Worried. Are You? By All About Ben.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble by Funny About Money.

20 Surprising Ways High Oil Prices affect the Global Economy by Currency Trading.


There is always all kind of weird stuff that goes on within the walls of Sona. The Company has their evil plan, Mahone is trying to break out with Scofield and Link wants to save his son from this uncomfortable situation. Find out more miscellaneous finance articles here:


source : tvguide.com


Did you know that your credit history can affect your insurance rates? by Money Smart Life.

Debt To Income Ration – A Calculation Important In Debt Reduction by Making Cents.

Have Your Credit Card Rates Gone Up? by Ask Mr Credit Card

Can this provide the motivation to my children on smart personal finance by Faterhsez.

Practical Tips for Staying Warm in a Winter Storm by American Consumer News.

Tips and Tricks for Financial Organization by My Dollar Plan.

How Loudly Does Fear Speak? By Paid Twice.

Consumers’ credit card pain may be a long-term gain by The Coin Jar.

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed this Carnival 😀

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