November 30, 2009, 5:00 am

Carnival of Money Stories – My Financial Dreams’ Edition

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What I really like about the Carnival of Money Stories is definitely its personal touch. Personal finance often has a lot of calculation involved (how to save money, how to gather money, how much to pay for this or that…) and those articles don’t bring much “flavor” in the blogosphere. Then again, there is nothing like a personal touch within a rational topic! So along the Carnival entries, I have decided to share my financial dreams:

millionaire#1 Becoming a Millionaire by 35

This is definitely my biggest dream. Why 35? Simply because 30 was too short and 40 was too old 😉 This is also why we named our company M-35! At the age of 28 (only 7 years to go! Doh!), my net worth is around 100K. So I basically have to multiply it by 10 in 7 years. While this sounds completely ridiculous for most people, I look at it as quite the challenge instead. One way or the other, if I do all I can to make it, even if I fail, I’ll surely end-up with a nice fat net worth at that age anyways 😉 As becoming a millionaire at 35 is my biggest dream, here are my EDITOR’S PICKS:

A special mention to FMF who presents Five Steps to Six Figures in Seven Years posted at Free Money Finance. As I just started my new series about how to make 6 figure income, I really like the advices in this great articles!

Baker presents There’s Always An Excuse Not To Give posted at Man Vs. Debt.

Rainy-Day Saver presents Bad Spending Habits — We All Have Them posted at Rainy-Day Saver.

vh presents Would you buy a house near a Walmart? posted at Funny about Money.

BWL presents An argument for giving gift cards posted at Christian Personal Finance.

J.D. Roth presents The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good posted at Get Rich Slowly.

golfing#2 Running my own business full time (and golfing every Friday!)

For those who have been reading The Financial Blogger for a long time (and if you are a new reader, I suggest you subscribe to my RSS Feed and Mailing List), you know that I am running a company as an alternative source of income. Over the past 2 years, the company’s revenue hasn’t stop growing and I am now hoping that it will reach the critical step where I could quit my job for good. Once this goal is achieved, I will “force” myself to go golfing every Friday morning. This is will become a special moment where I can think about the company, its direction and also about how the hell I will be able to play below 90!

Super Saver presents It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask posted at My Wealth Builder.

David R. Lampsen presents It’s the Grocery Game… And I’m Actually Interested posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Yet Another Tax Humor Piece: Interactive Taxes posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Suzane Smith presents 13 Most Common Sneaky Charges on Your Credit Card Bills (and How to Spot Them) posted at Online Criminal Justice Degrees.

Mr Credit Card presents How To Maximize Reward Points for Vacation and Travels posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

acreage property#3 Buying an acreage property

I almost realized this dream this year! I really would like to buy a house with 3 to 10 acres of forest. I love to have space around me and I really like forests. We saw a property with 3.5 acres of land recently but there was only one bathroom and no possibility to build a second one. That is too bad; I’ll have to wait for the next one!

Linda Jones presents 100 Money Experts You Should Follow and Learn From on Twitter.

Zach Scheidt presents Whole Foods Market – Not Every Sale is a Bargain posted at ZachStocks.


oneadvice presents What Debt Solutions are Available? posted at One Advice.

Case Ernsting presents Memberships Can Save Your Business Money posted at FinditLocal411 Blog.

Alex presents The Best Free Online Budget Tracking Tool posted at MoneyStance – Money Making Opportunity Reviews.

Robert Damone presents Ten Myths About ETF Investing posted at ETF Database.

Randolph Goldberg presents How to Rebuild Your Credit posted at Las Vegas Bankruptcy Information.

children#4 Teaching my children about money properly

I am the lucky father of two amazing children. They are now 4 and 2 and obviously don’t know much about money yet. As we educate them, I hope that I will be able to show them how to handle it carfully, how to avoid the pitfalls of debt and how to create revenue with their talent. Financial education is very important to me as money can facilitate a lot of aspects of one’s future.

Mrs. Money presents The Debt Shoebox | Ultimate Money Blog posted at The Ultimate Money Blog.

Tyler presents Multiple Intelligences: Why You?re A Green Rock Star but Suck at Saving Money posted at Frugally Green.

Annette Berlin presents How To Buy Craft Supplies on Ebay posted at Craft Stew.

Wenchypoo presents Just in Time For Black Friday and Beyond: Print Ad Susceptibility posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

mrs laughton presents The Definitive Guide To Real Estate ETFs: Real Estate ETF Investing 101 posted at ETF database.

The Amateur Financier presents Small Business 101: Bootstrapping posted at The Amateur Financier.

Billeater presents Five Ways to Save Home Heating Energy posted at Billeater.

J. Money presents The $100 Scratch Off Lottery Project! posted at Budgets are Sexy..

debt kid presents Getting Out Of Debt Is Lonely posted at Debt Kid.

eemusings presents What are you worth? posted at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander.

So, that’s it for the Carnival. However, I really would like to know about your financial dreams?

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Hey! Thanks for the Editor’s Pick, and thanks for hosting the carnival! Nice job. I love your Financial Dreams theme. With a hundred grand in the bank at 28 with two kids, you’re making great progress. At 28, my ex- and I had nothing like the equivalent of a hundred thousand in savings — and he did make the Cretaceous Period’s equivalent of a six-figure salary. To the contrary, we were already sinking into debt. If large numbers of young people today are following your example, there’s hope for America after all! It will take a generation, but I believe that over time widespread responsibility in handling money will build a national economy based on a solid foundation

“my net worth is around 100K. So I basically have to multiply it by 10 in 7 years” – if the upcoming hyperinflation prediction of some materializes, you WILL get your million, and perhaps more, in that timeframe… 🙂

Dude! Love that millionaire goal! I’ve got one too although I have mine set at around 47 😉 Have you seen my millionaire club yet?! You gotta become a member bro – you might be the first to hit it! haha…

Nice work hosting, looking forward to poking around a bit more.

Thanks for hosting! Some great reads in this edition 🙂

Great theme — thanks for hosting and including me in the carnival. My financial dream involves paying off this mortgage in 15-20 years rather than 30 years (we’re only 5 months into it, yikes) and building enough of a nest egg that we can retire at 50-55. That would be sweet.

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Dream #4 – yes!! Such an important subject these days, I don’t think many people think about it, or think enough about it, at least. And that might help dream #1, albeit maybe not at 35 😉 Inspiring post, thank you.

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Thanks so much for including me in the carnival! I appreciate it.

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Love the carnival – thanks for the add! 🙂

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