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A Car Insurance Story

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Picture this: a nice evening with friends, they take 2 cars to go somewhere after a nice dinner, the road is a bit slippery (it’s a real winter in Montreal after all 😉 ), the first car does a U turn since he just missed his turn, the other car follows… BANG! We have a bumper that just kissed the door of the other car.

How stupid do you feel? You just hit… your friend’s car. Of all the car accidents you could have, this is probably the best story to tell when you are with your friends around a pitcher of cold beer. Well, this is exactly what happened to 2 of my friends a few weeks ago.

We had a good laugh (nobody got hurt and they even got the nicest cop around to complete the paperwork and a guy on the street brought them coffee and donuts… I’m telling you, people from Montreal know how to live 😉 ). However, the rest of the story got me thinking about the most important thing about car insurance; filing a car insurance claim.   Of course if someone was seriously injured in an accident you may need to contact a lawyer. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can assist you if you are having issues with your insurance company.

Car insurance cheap quotes first?

When we look for car insurance, most of us will consider only one criteria: we want the cheapest insurance quote. However, once you are pretty happy about your car insurance premium, the second factor (the one that will really determine if you have good car insurance or not) is how easy it is to file an insurance claim.

We don’t really think about this part until we get into a car accident. Even myself, I’ve been looking for the cheapest car insurance quote for the past 12 years (oh boy, that doesn’t help me stay young…). Yet, I have never made a claim from my car insurance company so far (knock on wood!) so I don’t really know how great my car insurance is…

Back to my friend’s story (and how his car insurance dealt with him!)

I’ll tell you upfront, my friend is with TD Insurance. He got a nice quote since he went to a school who has an affiliation with Meloche Monnex (who belongs to TD Insurance group). So his first criteria was no different than mine when he picked his car insurance: he wanted a cheap car insurance premium… period.

But does cheap premium means cheap service? Let me tell you that it is not the case with TD! Right after filing the paperwork with the police officer, my friend called his car insurance company to explain the situation. The next morning he drove his car to a garage (as instructed by TD) and got a courtesy vehicle right away.

Filing the car insurance claim paperwork was easy, people who served him were easy to deal with and proactive.  My friend didn’t have to wait long to get his car back. This is what we call a great service experience!

I am often the first one to step up and tell the world how bad customer service was at one place or another (remember my Roger’s Story, my friend’s fight with Bell or my Baton Rouge’s friend story?… go see them, you’ll have a good laugh 😉 ). But when it is the time to recognize a company is going above what we can reasonably expect, I will also step up and tell everyone. So here it goes:


(Isn’t this a great plug? Hahaha!)

But seriously folks, I wouldn’t write about it if I found they weren’t great 😉 So if you are looking to get cheap car insurance with great service, I’ve picked a few car insurance companies here:

TD Car Insurance

Enough said about them, to get a quote, just enter your postal code there in the add above, the process is easy and it doesn’t cost anything. On top of that, you don’t even have to talk to anybody or have anyone calling you… simply love it!

National Bank car Insurance

They are usually very picky in their drivers’ selection (almost no tickets, no insurance claim, etc) but they offer very cheap insurance quotes.

Royal Bank Car Insurance

What can I say besides; I love the insurance pendent of any Canadian banks? Seriously, they are solid and reliable 😀

Belairdirect Car Insurance

They seem to be pretty aggressive on their pricing too. However, they are fussy if you drive in the USA and I have not heard anything back from them with regards to filing an insurance claim…

Kanetix.ca Car Insurance Quote Service

You can search for the best car insurance quotes among the above listed companies (and many others). Great tool to make a quick (and free!) search on the web.

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Funny Story, you gotta love hearing these! I just wanted to add that I am also with Meloche Monnex, and had the same top-notch service you mentioned when we were hit head on in December 09. No problems with anything, got the loaner for an extra week during holidays, they bought me a new GPS, and even offered to repair my wifes Jacket that had been damaged when she squeezed out of car. The issue I had was that after I returned the rental they continued to bill my normal insurance, even though we were 1 car less. A simple call and they fixed it, backdated, and aree sending me a cheque for the difference.

I have TD insurance also, and recently had my car broken in. Other than that they wouldn’t replace the GPS that was stolen because it was covered under our house insurance, TD was very good about selecting a repair place. We didn’t need any money and got the thing repaired in one day.

TD is good — although this was my only claim with them.

I am thinking of switching my insurance company, maybe going to TD at least to see their prices because my school has an affiliation with Meloche (just like your friend).

But right now I am with Desjardins, we claimed once for the car (délit de fuite), they let me choose my garage, acknowledged the estimate in about 2 days and I got the check 2 days later. If my garage was in their directly approved list, the transaction could have been finished in about 2 days instead of 4.

But they let me choose my own garage, wich I appreciated.

Man, hitting your friend’s car- that makes for good memories- fun times fun times!
I wish here in BC we didn’t have Crown Corporation ICBC running the show. We pay so much in car insurance and don’t get very much. So your thought of paying for cheap insurance= poor service is opposite for us! we pay for $$ insurance and get cheap service! =)

I am with BelAir and had great experience fllowing a claim for a fender bender. After I called they connected me with the nearest garage they do businees with, booked my appointement got there and got a loaner for the duration of the work.

Well to give an alternate opinion…. My girlfriends car got hit over the holidays. It was the other drivers fault so we called our TD insurance and the adjuster was based in Toronto (we live in Alberta). The adjuster rarely returned calls, and was almost never at work. Other adjusters could never help us as they couldn’t “access our file”. We were told to take it to a specific garage, they kept the car for 2 weeks before they could take a look at it. Our TD plan does not cover the rental while your car is being inspected, only after the inspection do they cover the rental while it is being repaired.

A TD agent in Alberta called us to let us know the car “was a total write off, not even close”. Three days later the original agent from Toronto called and told us our car would be done in 5 business days. The insurance repair quote was $300 more than the blue book value for our car, and $1300 more than what we could reasonably assume to get for it through a private sale.

Picked up the car today and was shocked that many of the parts were “remanufactured”. Basically they are either old parts that have been repaired, or they are pulled off junk yard cars, so you are not getting new parts, most of them in fact were used. The repair place said they did not like using these parts as they are substandard quality, but that is what the insurance company instructed them to use (this varies from company to company apparently).

To top it all off, they did not agree that our bent hood was a result of the accident (eventhough it is bent right where the headlight, bumper, and front quarter panel were smashed) so they did not repair it. The hood is visibly crooked/bent and the paint is scratched so rust is just around the corner.

Through all of this the repair shop was great and excellent to deal with, however as stated above, TD was hard to get a hold of, and not very good at keeping us informed or even returning our calls.

Needless to say we’ll be finding a new insurance provider right away.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 10th, 2010 (3:07 pm)

@ DanCab,

thx for your feedback. I guess that we can find bad stories about any companies!

I would look into GMAC. We’ve had them going on roughly 7 years and when we tried to leave, they matched the quote the Geico was offering us at the time.

by: Toronto Resident | February 12th, 2010 (12:12 pm)

As good as TD Insurance is, my key concern with TD insurance is its phone-only contact policy. They don’t have any retail branches where we can go to talk to a client service rep.

DanCab’s comment kind of reinforced that.

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I am switching from TD. They increase my rates by 25% for no apparent reason. I haven’t had an accident, never made a claim, got a clean driving record, etc. They could not justify why they did it, so I cancelled my insurance.

Buyer Beware…RBC is offering me a MUCH cheaper rate, so I am going with them.

by: Andrew Bazan | May 24th, 2010 (3:00 pm)

TD Insurance is a complete nightmare. Our home was damaged when a City fire hydrant and water main exploded for several hours at our home in minus 50 weather in February of 2004. Still in a lawsuit over this mess and we have lived in half of a home since 2004. Surprise TD never went after the City of Winnipeg or attempted subrogation that way. Yeah, cities have money and lawyers, but they’ll go after a 14 year old for negligence.
The adjuster lied and told us all the mold in our basement was “natural black debris”, we have a 12 year old in the house, how evil is that. Our sidewalk they claim is not a structure and therefore not insured. yeah, cause TD must think that on the 8th day God created pavement. All experts, including Td’s say that the mold was caused by the flood, which we have coverage but TD just leaves us in this mess. They just run you out of money to avoid paying. let the insureds get ill but avoid paying or investigating claims. TD insurance has been a nightmare for us. Good luck to those who have policies with them.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/edmonton/story/2010/05/07/edmonton-insurance-subrogation-babysitter-sued.html#ixzz0osYdIKuH

I have been with Meloche Monnex for at least 10 years. Before it was TD Meloche, the service was outstanding. Now that we have a claim we are getting more of a run around than a proper reaction. The adjusters don’t return phone calls, their emails say that due to a high volume of claims (for months now). It seems that TD is becoming more focused on their profits than their customers. Appraisers were out, estimates were in months ago, now it seems to be up to the customers to manage the claim process, very very disappointing. Before this claim, you couldn’t have pried me to another insurance company, but boy have things changed!!!

TD is not the best insurance out there.
I just got on an accident and it was completely other driver fault and she got a ticket on the spot.
Here is the bad part I am still trying to get hold of my adjuster to know what’s going on with my claim.
Also one of the TD representatives told me that they will only put after markets parts although I have full coverage.
Well that’s what I thought until they told me there is section 43 or 7 (can’t remember well now) that I need to add to my insurance to get dealer parts.
Of course there will be premium charge of 10 to 15 dollar every month.
Bottom line my 2009 Honda pilot price just dropped by 50%.
If you have TD insurance and own a new car make sure you call them and have this clarify.
Let’s hope I will hear from my insurance adjuster some time this week.

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by: D. Walker | April 4th, 2011 (10:45 am)

Funny, everytime renewal comes up they want more money, they want to cut me off because I won’t add my kids that are over 25 live in my house have their own cars and insurace. TD demand I add them to my ins. and pay more for this. I want to call the office and get some call center and get told it could be a ONE HOUR wait, yes one hour I am waiting as i type this. TD sucks, no service, want more all the time cannot get an agent without long waits, get badgered for increase rates then threatened with cancellation if I don’t pitch up more money and have been with them for 5 yrs and had ins. for 35 yrs never a claim.

TD Insurance sucks !!!!
The Re-Inspector of Ontario told us that “everyone has dropped the ball on this claim”…

Everyone from the emergency response crew, to the claim adjusters to the Re-Inspector LIES…..We have all our insurances with TD Insurance and what a nightmare – in fact we are still in the process of having our house restored after our dishwasher decided to spew hot water during the night (hey – that’s the cheapest time to run it)… This happened August 29th, 2011 – as of today I still have no kitchen… Best of all First On Site was the emergency crew who dropped the ball on everything – our adjusters from Crawford & Co totally ignored our pleas about the mold growing on the wet furniture and carpeting in the rec room for over 3 WEEKS – let alone our constant inquiries to when they where going to install the new furnace (took 3 weeks – 2 heat wave, 1 week cold spell)… they never did ANYTHING ABOUT THE MOLD GROWING (and didn’t care about our 8 year old son living in the house) – until we begged, screamed and shouted about having a mold test – yep you got it – it was heavy and positive – it took TD Insurance 4 weeks to approve the test – now after over 3 months later – they think it’s a great cost-saving idea – directly from the TD INSURANCE, RE-INSPECTOR OF ONTARIO, who stood in our home and agreed the kitchen would need to be completed fixed – as the bottom cabinets where the lovely container where they mold they left for over 3 months has grown…. only to have his official report state that he thinks it’s a great idea to give us a new cabinet base – and get this…. PUT THE OLD CABINET DOORS BACK ON, so that way the whole kitchen still matches!!!!! and that way they don’t have to do the upper cabinets as we were originally told to by the adjuster….Can you believe it? We’ve endured mold growing in our home, horrendous service in all areas, and now they think that no-one will notice that the base is new and the top is totally different… but wait – the doors match!!!

We thought by buying our insurance with the national brand of TD we were buying peace of mind…. instead we bough a kick in the ass….

TD Insurance by their lack of responsibility to their client has now de-valued our home and our lives…… TD INSURANCE SUCKS!!!!!

TD Meloche Monnix are only too happy to take your money but don’t expect you will ever get anything from them if you actually have to use the insurance. I was in an accident where the other driver was at fault and TD did absolutely nothing for me, I had to deal alone with the other insurance company and got screwed around royally. They’re all crooked but TD is worse than the rest. This industry obviously needs a shakeup. I’m thinking public no-fault insurance plans in every province. Manitoba has had public insurance for almost 4 decades now and they have the lowest insurance rates in Canada.

by: B. Campbell | March 30th, 2012 (8:29 am)

I have been with TD Meloche Monnix for more than ten years since 2002. Although I have not made a claim in the last five years, my insurance increased by ~ $300. I call TD on three separate occasion and each time was given a different reason for the increase. I too am now looking for a new insurance company.

TD Meloche Monnex is horrible.

I was with them 3 years for home insurance. Never made a claim and been a good customer.

This year they substantially increased my rates – never informed me.

When my policy elapsed, they called me for payment.

After I realized the sudden increase in price, I told them I was going to look around and not going to renew.

Not only did they continue my coverage, but they substantially pro-rated it – even from the date of the phone call.

In addition, they threatened to harm my reputation and ability to get insurance in the future.

This type of mafia tactics are not what one would expect from TD.

Now, they have sent me a bill for the whole year. Again, after I repeatedly have told them I don’t want their service.

Furthermore, they were trying to charge me a substantial “early cancellation fee”.

I think too many people are rolling over when these companies mistreat consumers – it is a big hassle but I feel compelled to fight it on principle because of what I consider to be murky business practices that are coercing consumers.

It makes no sense that someone is automatically enrolled for continuing their policy when you pre-pay for 1 year?

When that period expires, the onus should be on the insurance company and not the customer to renew the terms – especially when they are changing the prices and altering the contract terms.

I would advise against using TD MM insurance.

Anybody out there who is victim of Economical Auto Insurance based in Waterloo Ontario?

Well Economical insurance are one of the most pathetic and money leaching guys you will ever bump into. They have hundreds of small individual brokers working for them which provide CHEAPEST insurance rate which will keep you smiling till you get into accident.
Then real game starts….their adjusters work hand in hand with body shop guys to make money out of FAKE repair bills.
Second they make such a surprisingly huge claim of your repairs which surpass even the market value of that vehicle itself.
Third when you call or email them about fraud going on they reply in a threatening tone.
Fourth in some cases they have even put people involved in accodent at-fault even if cop at the scene never did that.

And last they will sky rocket your monthly premium which should rise after any accident but not like the figure which they do.


by: Upset Customer | January 19th, 2013 (7:38 pm)

My experience with TD Insurance can be described as mediocre, at best. In the summer of 2012, I was involved in a motor vehicle incident (not at fault) where a driver backed into me while I was on my motorcycle. The insurance adjuster never followed up with the other party, blaming the delays on the hail claims that were being reported at the time. I never was able to get any resolution on this claim. Still to this day I have not received a penny back from them. Now they are asking me to renew my motorcycle insurance at $300 above the premium I paid last year.


1 accident, 5 months later car just failed structural integrity check. It`s worth about 14k and they decided to pay a 10k repair + our rental instead of just writing it off.

TD insurance is a disaster and really really stupid decisions. Today I was on hold 45 mins before I hung up. 2nd time around the same evening I was on hold 93 mins before I hung up.

by: Mike jones | December 6th, 2014 (1:49 pm)

TD Insurance are thieves!!!!!they lied to me and said once I filed my claim that I couldn’t cancel it even tho they had done absolutely nothing! I have files my claim in October and it is the middle of December. Still no vehicle they towed it illegally after lying and it’s sat in storage with a broken window and a broken tire. Hence why I wanted to not file a claim. Going on two months!!!!illegal . How can they live with themselves?! Worse than Hitler! And now after legal counsel I contacted them and they are supposed to release my vehicle as in prior asked and was deceived by the thieves at TD Insurance. Still I cannot have my vehicle over a tire and a window that I want to pay for myself as try drag their feet for months over the storage fee that they caused and incurred. Class action lawsuit? As there are thousands of cases like these on the Internet and pressure applied tonTD bank for being guilty by association.

thank you