January 5, 2010, 8:47 am

Canadian Dividend Stocks – Ex-Dividend Date

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Back to work now!

This is my very first day of  working  (and I work for myself today :-D) of 2010!

I actually feel kind of  “sore” from not working for 2 weeks.  It was a weird feeling to wake at 6AM this morning… Tomorrow will be 5AM and going back to the gym (I am back to 190 lbs… darn!).

As at the beginning of each month, I will now present the Best Canadian Dividend Stocks along with their Ex-Dividend Dates.  Please note that you can  can filter the Stock Table as you want:

Canadian Dividend Stocks and Ex-Dividend Dates

TickerNameLast PriceDIVIDEND_YIELDNext Ex-Dividend Date
YLO-U CT EquityYellow Pages Income Fund5.4618.811111/27/2010
PWT-U CT EquityPenn West Energy Trust18.8115.371021/27/2010
ERF-U CT EquityEnerplus Resources Fund24.5211.020412/8/2010
AET-U CT EquityARC Energy Trust20.467.7722771/27/2010
BVF CT EquityBiovail Corp14.766.0169913/8/2010
BCE CT EquityBCE Inc28.755.8355446/11/2010
CM CT EquityCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/Canad68.215.6129033/24/2010
BMO CT EquityBank of Montreal55.75.5932884/28/2010
T CT EquityTELUS Corp34.055.5008693/9/2010
TA CT EquityTransAlta Corp23.615.219782/24/2010
HSE CT EquityHusky Energy Inc30.364.644992/24/2010
TRP CT EquityTransCanada Corp36.234.4950553/29/2010
NA CT EquityNational Bank of Canada59.914.3979433/23/2010
SJR/B CT EquityShaw Communications Inc21.414.3640233/12/2010
BNS CT EquityBank of Nova Scotia48.274.3314923/26/2010
SLF CT EquitySun Life Financial Inc30.544.2921012/22/2010
COS-U CT EquityCanadian Oil Sands Trust30.174.2276422/3/2010
FTS CT EquityFortis Inc/Canada28.624.2033632/3/2010
MFC CT EquityManulife Financial Corp19.734.0444442/19/2010
POW CT EquityPower Corp of Canada/Canada29.093.9617493/19/2010
TD CT EquityToronto-Dominion Bank/The64.93.9559013/31/2010
RCI/B CT EquityRogers Communications Inc32.563.7049293/2/2010
RY CT EquityRoyal Bank of Canada55.873.6496354/21/2010
ENB CT EquityEnbridge Inc48.243.4640375/12/2010
TRI CT EquityThomson Reuters Corp33.613.3047233/3/2010
CVE CT EquityCenovus Energy Inc27.053.173/12/2010
ECA CT EquityEnCana Corp35.12.7582583/12/2010
L CT EquityLoblaw Cos Ltd34.042.6632853/12/2010
WN CT EquityGeorge Weston Ltd66.952.5320913/12/2010
BAM/A CT EquityBrookfield Asset Management Inc23.322.2806284/28/2010
SAP CT EquitySaputo Inc30.652.2483093/4/2010
BBD/B CT EquityBombardier Inc4.812.114/14/2010
CP CT EquityCanadian Pacific Railway Ltd56.461.9760483/24/2010
SC CT EquityShoppers Drug Mart Corp45.841.9572143/29/2010
CNR CT EquityCanadian National Railway Co56.921.8727483/10/2010
MRU/A CT EquityMetro Inc39.481.5836452/10/2010
CTC/A CT EquityCanadian Tire Corp Ltd56.811.4875154/28/2010
THI CT EquityTim Hortons Inc31.881.274513/1/2010
SNC CT EquitySNC-Lavalin Group Inc54.421.1789043/17/2010
TLM CT EquityTalisman Energy Inc19.791.1406336/2/2010
ABX CT EquityBarrick Gold Corp42.041.0545885/26/2010
IMO CT EquityImperial Oil Ltd41.320.98159512/26/2010
MG/A CT EquityMagna International Inc54.420.84325453/10/2010
NXY CT EquityNexen Inc25.570.82169273/3/2010
CCO CT EquityCameco Corp34.910.80780883/29/2010
SU CT EquitySuncor Energy Inc38.040.66844923/2/2010
CNQ CT EquityCanadian Natural Resources Ltd76.540.57399723/10/2010
YRI CT EquityYamana Gold Inc12.210.46389983/29/2010
G CT EquityGoldcorp Inc42.340.44762341/12/2010
POT CT EquityPotash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc116.510.4402084/7/2010
IMG CT EquityIAMGOLD Corp16.70.423856612/20/2010
K CT EquityKinross Gold Corp19.750.41231993/19/2010
IMN CT EquityInmet Mining Corp65.810.33355575/25/2010
AEM CT EquityAgnico-Eagle Mines Ltd58.460.26569333/9/2011
AGU CT EquityAgrium Inc65.250.21967636/9/2010
FM CT EquityFirst Quantum Minerals Ltd81.660.12215144/7/2010
ELD CT EquityEldorado Gold Corp15.310
GIL CT EquityGildan Activewear Inc25.180
RIM CT EquityResearch In Motion Ltd690
TCK/B CT EquityTeck Resources Ltd38.680

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Forgive my ignorance, what is an ‘Ex-Dividend Date’?


good question, The ex-dividend date (abbrev xd or ex-div) is the first date when buying a stock does not entitle the new buyer to the declared dividend, as the transfer of stock ownership cannot be completed before the company initiates dividend payment.

Here’s an example from wikipedia:
As an example, consider the following announcement from Du Pont on July 29, 2009: “DuPont declared a third quarter common stock dividend of 41 cents per share, payable September 11, to stockholders of record August 14. …”. The ex-div date for this dividend was set to August 12.

Usually the stock’s price will drop by the amount of the dividend on the ex-dividend day (ceteris paribus) since that much wealth has already been transferred by the company to its owners.

I see that Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGH) was left off this list.

Also, I think I remember reading that tax treatment of energy trust distributions is changing in Canada this year.

@ Chris,
You are right, we actually took the TSX60 since they are the most established stocks on the Canadian market.

The income trust law will actually change in 2010. Therefore, those company won’t have the same tax benefit.

Great list, I was trading AAV which would’ve been on your list but now they’ve cancelled divvy.

What about the Canadian Stock PKI.UN? They pay a monthly dividend of $0.105 and have been for the past couple of years. The company is called Parkland Income Fund and they are based out of Red Deer, Alberta. They provide petroleum products and services in the B2C and B2B markets.

They just did a 200 millions dollar acquisition recently. Might be worth checking them out to see how well they are performing. Just my $0.02

I am new/learning about dividends. What are your comments on the company Bonavista regarding their dividends? Also, any words of wisdom when learning/buying dividend companies? Recommend any books?

[…] Canadian Dividend Stocks – Ex-Dividend Date […]

Didn’t BioVail cut their dividend by 75%?

by: The Financial Blogger | January 9th, 2010 (10:11 pm)

@ Paul,
It’s difficult to say. The company is profitable and you would think that Bonavista could keep on paying such a high yield. But all trust units in Canada are going through changes as required by law and it’s unclear how that will change things. I would say that trust units are not the safest dividend plays right now because of those upcoming changes.

glad I found your site/blog

I was searching for a list of Canadian listed stocks exactly like the one you posted above – my question – is that a complete list? If it is great, if it is not do you know where I could locate one.

Thanks again

edit I meant to say Dividend paying Canadian listed stocks

also another question for example BMO on your chart has 04/28/2010 as the next ex dividend date yet Yahoo finance has 28-Jan-10 as their next ex dividend date

this is the list of the TSX 60 (the 60 biggest stocks on the Canadian Market). Therefore, there are smaller stocks paying dividends (sometimes with higher yields) but I couldn’t post them all.

I’ll look into your question regarding BMO as well…

by: The Financial Blogger | January 13th, 2010 (6:31 pm)


Yes you are correct, not sure why the 04/28 came out. I will try to find a way to get more controls into this.

Thanks for noticing that:)

Great blog!

If the ex-dividend date is set to Feb 8, 2010, when is the absolute last day that I can buy the stock to qualify for the dividend payout?

by: The Financial Blogger | February 3rd, 2010 (3:55 pm)

Feb 7, you look at my example in comment #2


I’ve looked at your ex dividend dates and some of them are wrong – Canadian banks.

If the stock price drops by the value of the dividend on the ex-div date, how do you make money? Since you have to buy the day before the ex-div date… Trying to wrap my head around this.

by: The Financial Blogger | April 6th, 2010 (7:46 pm)

@ Rene, we are trying to set this up in the upcoming ex dividend date posting… thx!

@ Tom, the money movement are not 100% exact so there are still ways to make money 😀

Just noticed the Ex-dividend date shown for TransAlta is May 26.
As per TMX and TransAlta website the Ex-date should be May 28.

by: The Financial Blogger | May 6th, 2010 (4:29 am)

@ RB,

you are right. However, this post is dated as of Jan 2010. if you check the updated table : http://thefinblogger.wpengine.com/tsx-60-ex-dividend-date-and-ytd/
the new one is up to date 😉

We publish it every month with updated data.



Sorry, I am new at the dividend field.
I was always into mutual fund them move everything (left) to GIC. I’d like to go for dividends for tax reason.
Here is a very basic question:
Can I buy dividend stock through my online broker or do I need to setup a special account with a special broker to receive the dividends?




You can buy dividend stock with your online broker account. They trade the same way as any other stocks. Once the dividend is paid, you will receive money in your cash account.

You can read more about dividend investing over another of my blog: