April 10, 2012, 5:00 am

Can You Have 3 Full Time Jobs at the Same Time?

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Can You Have 3 Full Time Jobs at the Same Time?

Can You Be 3 Awesome People and the same individual?


I think I do.


And I recently asked myself how I do it.


I’m a father of 3 (and my third one is darn young!). I’m a soccer coach, a taxi dad and understanding husband (oh well, my wife doesn’t read English so I can say pretty much what I want 😉 hahaha!).

I have a very demanding job in the financial industry. My job is to bring in millions for my firm. This could be very stressful and demanding but it’s also very rewarding.

I run 10+ websites by night and get 50+ emails a day for my company. The business has been growing at a double digit pace for the past 4 years and it’s getting to a very interesting point.


I’m in top shape and love my life.


So… how do I do it?


The first answer to this question is definitely the level of passion I have in being a father, growing my career and running my company. But besides my passion, I have another trick: I’m obsessed by productivity. If I’m not efficient when doing something, I just stop doing it and start thinking about how I can turn this task into something that creates value.


In my quest to be productive, I’ve gathered some unique tricks to be able to work 3 full time jobs and not burn out. Here are a few of my tricks.


BlackBerry and Email Management


Even considering the commotion around RIM, I’m still a huge BlackBerry fan. Mainly because I can access all my email on one device and can actually reply using complete sentences. But even if you have access to your Blackberry 24/7, it doesn’t mean that you have to answer back all email a nano second after receiving it!


I “try” to manage my email at very specific times during the day. In the morning, I look at my mailbox and answer the most important emails. I delete the crap and leave “non-urgent” emails in my mailbox. At noon, I do the same thing and again at the end of the day. I usually pile up the “non-urgent” emails and answer all of them 2-3 times a week. I schedule 1 hour of my time to answer these email and clean out my mailbox. The key is to treat the urgent matters right away and clean the other emails within the week.


Most people do expect you to answer back within 24 hrs. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do it! Answering all your emails as they hit your mailbox is a waste of time as you are never able to fully concentrate on other tasks.


Setup Task Reminders


I have a very good memory. But I don’t use it for everything. I see my brain as a computer; even if I have a boosted memory, if I put everything on the computer, it will slow down. It’s the same phenomenon with your brain. This is why I set all my tasks, appointments and to do’s in outlook (work) and on Google calendar (online business / home). Both systems are linked to my blackberry so there are no excuses to forget anything.


On the other hand, I don’t have to remember, it’s planned! It takes a few minutes to enter all of my tasks and it helps me concentrate on what I am doing instead of always be thinking about what has to happen this afternoon. This seems obvious, but it makes you a lot more faster in everything else you do because you become more focused.


Kill Procrastination with a Baseball Bat

One of my biggest flaws is definitely procrastination. I’m very fast to do things that I like, but I’m darn slow for things I don’t like! This is something I’ve tried to improve during my paternity leave. Since then, I now take care of my tasks faster and have noticed that I can do more in a day.


Procrastinating has a similar impact of loading your brain with a huge “to do” list. You keep thinking about it but you don’t do anything. The fact that these thoughts keep coming back to mind slow you down each day.


Stay Healthy, Stay Wealthy


Another of my tricks to be more productive is to go to the gym. After 4 years of working out religiously 4 days a week, I decided to build my own gym at home. We recently purchased a treadmill and are now looking to buy weights in the upcoming months. Working out evacuates stress in addition to giving additional energy. Therefore, you become healthier, stronger and faster. How cool is that!


If you can do it at home, not only do you save on membership cost (I just cut $60/month out of my budget, yeah!) but also save on time. I don’t have to get into my car, go to the gym then change. I just have to run downstairs and start working out. This is awesome!


Focus on Value


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: whatever you do must create value! If you don’t create value, don’t do it! My new boss asked me in an interview how I was able to perform like this while working less hours than everybody else. My first answer was simple and a bit stupid:


I work hard”.


He answered back that most planners would actually say the same but not rack-up the same numbers.


This is when I gave it a second thought and answered something smarter:


“I work on the 20% that generates 80% of the results”.


In other words: I work on creating value, period. There is nothing more important than creating value. If you are doing something that is low value, you can probably outsource it to someone else. This is how you can make your time fully effective!


Have Fun Saying No


Most people have a hard time saying no. Unfortunately, it should be the opposite; you should have fun saying no! Most people will ask you to do things that they don’t like or that don’t create value. Why would you be the guy who does it? How does it make sense?


You want my ultimate trick to say no and not have trouble at work? BE BUSY. Not “fake” busy like you have a pile of files on your desk. That is BS. But if you are currently working on a “value added” project, nobody will tell you to stop doing what you do to do “non-value-and-boring tasks”. On the other hand, if you just say that you have tons of files on your desk to clean, this sounds like a “non-value-and-boring” task list.


Minimize Transportation or Optimize it


I was literally blessed this year by finding a job that I love just 6 minutes away from my house. I currently have 0 minutes wasted in my day for transportation. But it wasn’t always the case. I used to take my car, the bus or the metro to go to work. This is a huge amount of time that is being wasted.


When I used to take the metro and the bus, it used to be time when I dealt with my email or I wrote articles. It is very important that you find something to do during these moments. Most people will read or simply close their eyes to relax. You just have to wait until you retire to do that! Right now is the time to be productive! Work on projects; think about what cool things you can bring to work or different ways of working. Design a sideline project; work on your own business, clean up your email! Do anything but close your eyes and relax. If you start working out in the morning, you won’t feel tired during the day anymore.


Did I miss anything?


Readers, what are your productivity tips? What makes you darn effective in life or at work?

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Juggling a similar schedule and tasks, I would say you’re experience and ways to be super-productive are right along the same lines as mine.

I struggle with using technology to help streamline my life. I don’t have a smartphone or anything like that, but when I get one I think it will help out a lot with answering emails.

We’re also going to build a gym in our next home. Driving 15-20 minutes each way in the morning is a long way and wastes a lot of valuable time.

Efficiency is what it’s all about!

You also do a great job delegating tasks that other people can do for you. I don’t know about the home gym. I never had much luck working out at home. Good luck.
I need to follow your example.

by: The Financial Blogger | April 10th, 2012 (7:18 pm)

I would have not tried the gym at home if I wasn’t going to the gym already!

so far, I’m running on my new treadmill every workdays 🙂

I don’t the problem for most is having the jobs its performing and excelling at them that ends up being the biggest problem in my opinion. Saying NO use to be my biggest problem but over the years I have nipped that in the butt.

Can you have 3 full-time jobs at the same time? YES! I actually have 5. I am a mother, a wife, a housekeeper, a blogger, and a freelance writer. Time management is the key.

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Hey Mike,

It’s cool that your new gig is only 6 minutes away from your home! Managing emails is definitely important, as otherwise it can suck up a lot of your time…

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