February 19, 2016, 9:18 am

Business lending tips; What you Need to Consider when Looking at Additional Finance

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Starting and maintaining a business can be time consuming and financially stressful. If you have a business which is just starting out or your business is looking to expand having additional finance could benefit your company as long as your business and the lending company are up front with one another- you don’t want to be left with a bad credit loan.

Be Honest

If your business is looking to lend some money and is in need of a loan there is no point in trying to hide your businesses previous financial history. Company credit reports insist that all necessary information about your business should all be true so potential lenders can figure out the best options that are available to your company.

If your business is looking for additional finance and you choose to lend money from a bank or a lending company they will check to see if your business has been profitable in the past three years. All lenders will also look closely at your previous credit history so be sure to keep an eye on your credit rating and be up front with the lenders as lying won’t benefit your business long-term.

As well as being honest about your financial history inform the lenders or lending company why you’re in need of additional finance. Your business will have a higher chance of being granted a loan if your reveal what your businesses future prospects or expansions are.

Seek Advice

When applying for a business loan you don’t have to go at it alone why not seek out advice? The business loan market is an ever changing process so ensure you seek out advice to help explain the procedure so your business is aware of all aspects before taking out a loan. Expert knowledge can make it easier to assess the pros and cons of taking out a loan before you do so.

Be Wise

The current business loan market is in high demand and lenders are aware of this. There are still options available to businesses that are looking for reasonable terms when it comes to loans. Just be aware that headline interest rate figures on business loans are used to attract those who are in need of loans but they don’t always reveal all their rates, so it’s best to search around for the best deal. It could seem like a great deal but it might not suit your companys’ needs and you won’t want to be left with a bad credit loan as this could affect your future credit history. So seek out advice and really think about it before making any brash decisions.

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