July 20, 2011, 6:35 am

Blogging Goals Reviewed

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At the beginning of the year, I was pretty ambitious with 5 blogging goals. They are all related to the growth of my online business. In fact, this year, I am spending a boat load of money on growth hoping that we will generate income to Crush it in 2012. So while my 2011 goals are oriented more towards growth, I’ll be talking numbers and cash in 2012 ;-). But before getting there, I must succeed this year! So this is where I am stand:


#1 Get over 250,000 visits per month with my blog network (currently at 200K)

This goal will be harder to reach than expected! I was on great pace since the beginning of the year and I thought that my “normal” growth would bring me to 250,000 visitors easily. But The Panda Update arrived from nowhere to punch me in the face. Now I’m back to 205,000 visitors from last month’s blog income report. Now that summer has started, I’ll have to wait until September to see if I can move back up in the Search Engine. In the meantime, I am concentrating on the creation of great content!

#2 Write a free eBook and achieve 500 downloads

My first book was launched in early June 2011 and it’s called: Dividend Investing: How to Create a Never Ending Cash Distributor. I was expecting to reach a few hundred in the first week and eventually reach 500 downloads throughout the year. But the reality was totally different! I got more than 500 downloads the day of the launch! Today (so in 50 days), I’m over 8,000 downloads and preparing a post on how to get to 10,000 downloads for your first ebook!

The eBook had a great effect on my business overall. It has helped me push my visits to a higher level, boosted my affiliate program earning commissions (I made roughly $700-$800 from the book already) and helped increase significantly my newsletter subscribers. However, my wife is haunting me with a crazy thought: imagine how much I would have made if I was selling the book $1!… I would probably have reached at least 5,000 downloads out of the 8,000…. Arghhh!

#3 Create my first product (eBook) and sell 100 copies

I’m almost done with my second eBook which should sell around $17. I hope to launch it at the end of August and sell 100 copies. With the first eBook success, I believe I will reach my goal…. As long as I launch my book in time! In fact, my eBook project will be a 4 eBook series about financial independence. I’m taking a deeper look at the 9 to 5 Rat Race, how it sucks to be stuck in it and how to get out of it. Since I’m almost out of the Rat Race myself, I thought it makes sense that I share my experience. On top of that, you will know that I’m not getting out of the Rat Race by selling the book but rather by applying what will be found in these books.

#4 Create 10 niche websites and make a minimum of $100 per month with each of them

To be honest, I’ve put this project on the sidelines with regards to monetization. I’ve figured it was much smarter to create the sites and build as much content as possible. So far, we have the following sites up and running:

Home Security System Canada

Secondhand Saddles

What is a Dividend

Covered Call ETFs

Smart Financial Analyst

On top of these 5 sites, we have 2 big projects along with other niche websites that should be all launched by the end of the year. They won’t be making $1,000 altogether per month. However, they will be set for next year in order to grow much faster. Since content is King, I expect my next sites to grow much faster.

#5 Switch The Financial Blogger’s direction from Personal Finance Blog to a PF/Online income blog

I guess this one is pretty obvious! The Financial Blogger has successfully gone through its “transformation”. However, while I thought of doing a make money online blog with some personal finance topics, my idea has been crystal clear. I wanted to follow my tag line: Working 4 days a week, Making a 6 figure income. So it’s more than making money online or talking about a few personal finance topics. I want to share all my tricks with regards to my career, to my finance strategies along with my online venture to reach a 6 figure income without killing myself working like a mule. So I’ll keep my online updates, my net worth articles and my thoughts on how to successfully climb the corporate ladder. However, I will move my TSX Dividend and Ex-Dividend date monthly updates to The Dividend Guy Blog (makes sense, right?). In fact, I’ve already been doing all my investment commentaries on DGB, so it’s not a big surprise. TFB will definitely concentrate on making more money while enjoying life at the same time.


So far, so good! I’m pretty happy with what has been done this year but I know that the biggest chunk of work is yet to come. We have decided to write the FOUR books this year… so I better get working! Lol!

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I love how you listed your goals. My goals always seem to change. Mind runs to so many different things but now it seems to become a little more clear.

Great job accomplishing your goals! As usual, still my inspiration.

Congrats on working towards your blogging goals! I definitely find the new direction on TFB intriguing. Best wishes for this year and the next for your sites.

Don’t kick yourself too hard with your free eBook (versus the 1$) as I think it’s much more beneficial for your future ebooks. Getting customers to take out their wallet is still challenging. Only Apple with the iPhone seem to generate easy conversion since the credit card is already entered 🙂 Facebook companies only monetize 1%-3% of all the customers. That’s why they need millions of customers to make money.

I think your approach is the right one for the long term of your products.

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Congratulations on your progress. Even though you may not hit all of them, you are moving quickly in the direction that you have set out for yourself.