December 5, 2011, 5:00 am

Blog Income Report Record Month!

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Another great month has passed and I can tell you that I’ve surpassed my all time record in November. How much did I make in online income? You’ll have to read ‘till the end to know more about it ;-).

247, 627 Visitors (+2.66%) and 340,027 Pages Viewed (+5.5%)

After being hit twice by Google (once in April that made us drop 30% of our traffic and another one in October that helped us gain most of our ranking back), we are growing once again. Unfortunately, we have had some severe server issues across our network and I apologize for that. We have addressed these problems and recently switched servers too. I’m preparing a big series on servers and hosting services, so your questions are welcome!

Adsense: $1917.54 (+17.45%)

As I mentioned last month, the fact that our search engine traffic went up is directly correlated to Adsense income going up too. Our October revenue is 17% more than what we received in September and I can confirm that our November income (that will figure in our December income statement) will be even bigger. We are slowly getting back towards the marvelous $3,000+ earned back in February!


So there is one big lesson to learn from this: search engine visitors are those who click on Adsense. You can’t have a better proof than this! The other thing I can confirm is that investment topics do very well with Adsense. My most profitable keywords are all investment related. I know that there are other topics that generate a lot of money too but I want to speak about what I truly know. So if you want to increase your Adsense income, you have to do 3 things

1)      Write investment articles (duh!)

2)      Include Adsense in your investment articles with a blended color set

3)      Optimize these articles for search engines (hint: you are better off talking about very specific topics so you can rank more easily).

The best examples would be our latest investing niche websites:

What is Dividend

Covered Call ETFs

Canadian Dividend Stock


These 3 sites contain very specific keywords that are all investment related. I don’t get that much traffic from them (total of 4,498 visits last month) but I made $93.01 in Adsense from these visits. That’s $0.02 per visitor as compared to $0.007 for my whole network. So if I can now focus on increasing the number of visitors on these sites, I’ll be making a lot more money from Adsense ;-).


Broker / Affiliate deals: $1,814.99 (+95.67%)

There is a great increase in this part of our business and this is due to our recent Ad Management Service that we launched during our latest blog income report. After I made the announcement, I was fully booked by 10am the very same day (I aimed for 10 clients and got more than that!).


In November, I’ve brokered $8,100 in advertising for my clients and made $1,015 in profits from it. The commission seems slightly higher than my price (I charge 8.33% so 1/12 of the deal) because I get the first monthly payment as my commission and then, I start paying my clients. So technically, I made for more than $8,100, it is just that some deals are on a monthly basis and will be recurrent each month (but I won’t be making money from the deal for another 11 months as my commission is recurrent every year).


It has been a great experience and I’m opening an additional 10 spots for my ad management service. Almost all of my clients made money the first month and they are all pretty happy about it. It’s a win-win situation as we all make money (isn’t life beautiful sometimes?). Mind you, I only offer text links, banners and in-content text links. So if you are interested, shoot me an email at thefinancialblogger at gmail dot com ;-).


Private Advertising: $8,740.32 (+2.4%)


The private advertising seems to be picking up right, left and center these past 3 months. To be honest, I don’t expect to maintain this level forever. I’m expecting an average of $5,000 per month but I’ll take these spikes with a smile ;-0. Another great piece of news is the discovery that sharing my advertising network with my clients didn’t take away any of my own business. Now, I’ll be trying to implement the same reflex amongst my clients so we can all share advertising contacts and make more money!


Niche Websites : $702.92 (+250%)

The Adsense income has been stable (about $200 more or less) but I’ve booked a few private advertising deals as well. This is why we see such a great jump. While my niche sites are not where I want them to be (my goal was to have 10 sites making $100/month at the end of 2011), I’ve learned a lot about how to build niche websites and what to do with them. My most recent sites are making more money and getting more traffic. This will definitely become a great source of diversification over the long run!

Expenses: roughly $4,000

My expenses have been pretty stable for the past few months. One of my VAs is on maternity leave and I’m doing part of her job in the meantime. This is slowing us on some parts of our business but at least it doesn’t show in the income report ;-). I’m currently working on several projects around my dividend websites so they will have to wait until Q1 and Q2 or 2012 to be launched!


More expenses will hit in December as we have 2 iPads to buy ;-).

Total Income:…. $12,472!!!

Wow! More than 12K! I just made a chart with my income progression for this year and you can see that the past 3 months have been pretty good for us! So far, we are averaging slightly over $9,300/month on average.  I want to increase that to over 10K in 2012!


income progression




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Very impressive as usual!

Very impressive numbers that just blow my mind. It is difficult for me to fathom such traffic at this point.

Definitely impressive Mike. Thanks for the tips about investment-related posts. We been toying with stuff, but it’s just no nearly as profitable as adsense.

Great month once again! I also find that the investment related posts do better but debt related posts seem to get more clicks even if the revenue is lower.
I’m planning to experiment with image and text ads to see if my earnings pick up.

you are def on to something. keep up the momentum and congratulations

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