July 2, 2010, 10:17 am

Best Stock Picks for 2010 Contest: Can I Make Worse Stock Picks?

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is not my year to make the right stock picks! See how things can go sideways even with good companies?

First: Goldman Sachs Lawsuit

What can you expect from a good financial stock when the company is being sued by the Federal government? Nothing but a severe plunge! While I still think that Goldman Sachs is a great company and that they will bounce back (I would buy more of them if I had liquidity right now!), I really picked the wrong time to choose it as a good investment pick in 2010 😉

Second: Research In Motion Investors Disappointment

While Investors were astonished by RIM for several years, they all seemed to turn their back on this amazing company and prefer Apple’s gadgets. I actually have an iPod and will probably buy an iPad eventually so I have nothing against Apple’s iDepartment. However, I still think that the best tool to work with is a Blackberry. The income and revenues are increasing but nothing seems to be enough for investors now that they have found their next flavour of the month!

Third: Manulife Going Down To Hell

I thought that the problems were over with Manulife and I had figured it was a good gamble for this year. Unfortunately, this is not the best pick either… investors seem to be reluctant to give Manulife credit for their operations… hopefully the wind will turn during summer time!

Fourth: Emerging Market On The Sideline

My best pick so far is also negative… man! It’s a bit depressing but I still have faith in emerging markets. They can surge at any moment and this is the kind of stock that can make me gain a few positions in our contest in no time.

So How Did It Go for the Others?

Take a look at the result so far at Q2: only 1 positive portfolio: Dividend Growth Investor at 6.39%!. You can click on each blog to view their comments about their stock pick experience so far this year:

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Contest is proving why low cost market index funds are the way to go. Good companies go bad like GS and BP. Buying market funds eliminates the company and industry risk.

by: The Financial Blogger | July 5th, 2010 (7:10 am)

DIY Investor,

While we are having fun doing this competition, you are quite right that most of the time, low MER index funds or ETFs will beat stock pickers !

Nonetheless, our picks in 2009 beat the market big time!

Interesting! I like to follow real world results. Too many bloggers have 20/20 hindsight vision.
I believe that it is possible for individuals with the right personality/resources/expertise to beat the market as long as they are not getting eaten alive by fees.

I’m with you, this quarter and in fact just the last month or so have been very bad. I’m betting on emerging markets also, selected transportation, luxury, resources, and small-cap stocks.

Many of those are predicated on strong recovery and the recent hiccups in Europe and around the world are keeping them volatile.

I did beat the market strongly in Q1 and even until early June. Big losses in the last 2 or 3 weeks though, but TSX also dropped big during the same time.

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