January 3, 2013, 1:00 am

Best Stock Pick Competition Q4

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Just a quick post today to relay some results!


At the beginning of the year, a bunch of financial bloggers got together and picked 4 stocks (Canadian or US, ETF included). Each quarter we post our results. Dividend are included in the investment return calculation.


5N PLUS (VNP) -47.76%

I took a big risk on this stock and it didn’t pay off which explains why I’m stuck near the bottom, oh well, I’ve learned my lesson here:)


National Bank (NA) +11.61%

This was a logical and safe pick. In fact, National Bank stock has been the most profitable Canadian bank for an investor for the past 10 years. They continue their aggressive growth by acquisition strategy and they are definitely on the right track to continue. I’m confident that NA will continue to rack up some good profit in the future.


Intel Corp (INTC) -12.03%

Tough year for Intel and its future remains unclear.. hopefully it figures out things soon


Chevron (CVX) +5.08%

Decent year for Chevron:)



Here are the Results:


You simply have to click on the blogger’s name to see his pick and read his post. :


Where Does all My Money Go 35.64%

Million Dollar Journey 12.69%

My Traders Journal 8.63%

Dividend Growth Investor 8.26%

Wild Investor 6.88%

Dividend Mantra 6.05%

Intelligent Speculator 6.04%

The Passive Income Earner 5.87%

The Financial Blogger -10.78% (ouch!)

Beating The Index -51.56%


I’m actually doing a lot better with my dividend stock pick in my own portfolio! This is why I’ve recently launch a dividend growth book focusing on 3 major concerns:


#1 How to build and manage your portfolio with simple and practical strategies

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[…] The Financial Blogger […]

[…] -10.78% The Financial Blogger […]

[…] The Financial Blogger -10.78% […]

[…] The Financial Blogger: -10.78% […]

[…] I finally had a chance to review the end-of-year distributions for the ETFs I had selected for the stock-picking contest. Good news: my picks outperformed the S&P 500 by 0.36 percentage points. If I were an official contestant,  I would have come in second! Here is a link to the results of the actual contestants:  Best Stock Pick Competition Q4. […]

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