Best Home Alarm Systems in Montreal

So you have spent the past 5 years accumulating money to buy the house of your dreams. Finally, the day has come when you purchase your home in Montreal. Likely, you want to protect your most valuable assets from burglary by purchasing a home alarm system. If you are search for the best home security system in Montreal, you are at the right place. I’ve recently reviewed the promotions offered by major home security companies serving Montreal.

But before we start with the residential alarm system offers, let’s take a look at why you need such protection for your home.

3 major reasons to have a home security system in Montreal:

  • I believe the most common reason to install an alarm system is to deter people from targeting your house. As burglars are known to look for easy prey, they are unlikely to pick a house with an alarm system. So for those who are stressed when they leave Montreal for a few days or during their vacation, a home security system would be a good investment.
  • By the same token, installing a home alarm system will also offer you a reduction in your home insurance premiums. When selecting a major home alarm company in your neighbourhood, your insurance company will automatically decrease the amount of your premium. This is like having a rebate on your alarm system!
  • The third reason is, speaking of rebate, I  have reviewed the some alarm companies and their deals concerning home alarm systems in Montreal:
    • Safe Tech Alarm System if offering a referral program that may lead to a cheque of $50 for one who refers a friend/neighbour. This is a great way to get an “after sale rebate” if you like their service.
    • Alarm Force offers alarm system packages for as low as $25/month, $0 down.
    • Alarm Systems of Canada upgrades (with DSC control panel  and LCD keypad) with installation and programming for only $299 + 6 months monitoring for free.
    • ADT is offering a starting alarm system package for only $99 (internet offer)
    • Chubb is not offering any current promotions but they are large enough that I felt that I needed to mention them.
    • But one of the most interesting offers I found is from Protectron:

Reliance Protectron $100 rebate offer

Protectron rebate

For a limited time, Protectron, the largest home security provider in Canada, is offering a rebate of $100 on the purchase of a home security system.

Once I had completed my research, I can honestly say that Protectron Security System in Montreal offers a ton of benefits:

  • #1 Protectron is a leader in the home security system industry. Therefore, you benefit from great expertise and a professional service.
  • #2 They offer several ancillary services such as Reliance Protectron renowned remote monitoring service, unparalleled after-sales support & service available anywhere in Canada.
  • #3 If you are looking for other forms of protection, Reliance Protectron Homes Services offer protection against home invasion, fire, intrusion along with many other additional levels of protection (water damage, dangerous gases, etc.).
  • #4 Reliance Protectron offers you $100 for the region of Montreal if you sign-up today

The first step is to complete a small form with your name and phone number so a representative can call to offer you a quick, free evaluation. I really like when companies offer such great service so you can keep shopping around for your home security system while you receive free quotes in the comfort of your own home.