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Because The Walking Dead Never Stop – 4 Entrepreneur Rules From This TV Show

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Glenn: You’re surrounded by “Walkers.” That’s the bad news.
Rick: There’s good news?
Glenn: No.

The Walking Dead Rick & Glenn

Have you watched The Walking Dead yet? I just discovered this TV show over the Holidays (I was pretty much in my pajamas doing nothing but a) watching TV and b) going outside to build a huge snow fortress with the kids 😉 ). There was nothing on TV and I found this series on the internet. I was able to convince my wife to watch the first 2 episodes. Since she really hates zombies, I wasn’t expecting her to enjoy this series. But the thing is that the show is well done and it’s not only focusing on killing zombies with a double sided axe (mind you, this part is always fun!). It’s also about how a small group of individuals survive throughout chaos and the internal problems of a small group. There is a lot more about the psychology of survival in a world of danger than about gross zombies in this Show. It’s all about the Survival of the Fittest.


I am now starting the third season and have found a lot of similarities with the business environment and the requirements to become a successful entrepreneur. Check out the following to see how zombies can teach you how become a better entrepreneur:


Rule #1: There’s Always a Good Side to a Catastrophe


Dale: I see a chance to make a new start.
walking dead dale

As a business owner, you will face a lot of obstacles and some days, you will feel like there is nothing good coming out of your business. You will eventually face catastrophes such as losing your most important client, manufacturer breaking a contract, people failing you or getting simply getting Slapped by Google ;-). The entrepreneurship path is filled with uncertainties except one; you will face these obstacles one day or another.


Instead of falling apart when faced with the brick wall, you also have another option; see the opportunity to make a new start. You can rebuild what you have lost in a stronger way and can learn from your failure. I’ve got my share of problems with traffic and Google over the past five years, but I’ve always found ways to grow bigger and better sites.


Rule #2 Thinking is Better than Talking


Rick: Don’t talk. Think.

In the series, Rick is telling his teenager, Carl, to stop arguing all the time and start thinking instead of being loud. You should also adopt this train of thought in your business. There is no point in telling the world that you run your business, that you are an entrepreneur or simply whine about this and that. You are better off to take your time to think about strategy, about your business model and how you will grow your business.


I guess the less I talk, the smarter I become ;-).


Rule #3 We Are Looking For Some Kind of Freedom


Daryl: I ain’t nobody’s bitch.

 The Walking Dead Daryl

In the Walking Dead, the small group you follow tries to escape a world full of zombies. They are helping each other for the simple purpose of survival. They are looking for a safe place where they can start a new life and be free from this hell. Most of them want to be free to act like they want but harsh reality is bringing them back on earth rapidly if they want to live another day.


The main reason why you become an entrepreneur is to become independent. You are probably seeking more freedom. It could be freedom in your schedule, the type of work you do or financial freedom. Starting your own business is to start your journey towards freedom. Unfortunately, there is a huge price to pay for this freedom. Entrepreneurs are often brought back to reality and see that their dream of freedom is not that easy to achieve. Long hours, hard work and uninteresting tasks have to be completed in order to make it.


Rule #4 The Walking Dead Never Stop

 The Walking Dead

And I think it should be the same thing for any business; you should never stop. In addition to the time I spend really working on my online business; I always keep my sites in mind. I think one of the keys to my success was generated by the fact that I’m continuously having new ideas for my business.


When I run on my treadmill, I always take time to think about my projects. When I’ve got an idea in the middle of the day, I simply send myself an email to make sure I don’t forget about it . Without becoming an obsession, your business should always keep a part of your mind occupied. It can work in the background of your brain, but still, you should think about it all the time.


Overall, I believe the entrepreneur’s path is never over until you sell the business. It’s usually a life long journey that is full of adventure and I hope mine will end with a happy ending and not like the Walking Dead!


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Great connections! I definitely agree with the one about the good side to the downside. Its inevitable you’ll face some setbacks in every area of life but especially as an entrepreneur. Its how you handle them and take the good with the bad that can mean the difference between failure and success. Very cool post!

I love the show too!

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