September 3, 2012, 7:23 am

Authority Has a Now a Name

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If you weren’t too busy to play outside and benefit from this awesome summer, you might have noticed that I didn’t write for a whole week (thx to MD, I had one good post and an Epicness of the week!). The reason why I didn’t write is quite simple; I was on vacation.


Each time I go on vacation, I try to write as many articles as possible in advance so it doesn’t show too much on my blog. However, when I can’t make it, I simply shutdown my laptop and move away from my email without much guilt. I think it’s important to disconnect once in a while! But now I’m back with a vengeance… or should I say: I’m back with my new authority site!


Authority Has a Name: Dividend Stock Analysis!


I ran a 3 parts series on the authority site model in August:

Authority Site Model

7 Lessons to Become an Authority

3 Tips to Reach Authority Level


This idea of creating an authority site came from Sunil @ The Extra Money Blog. In a few days, we will be launching the authority site challenge with 2 other bloggers; MD from Studenomics & Eric from My Four Hour Workweek. The goal is to build a site that will be recognized as an authority in its niche. This includes far more work than creating a niche site such as EMT Classes. I want my new site to become a big money maker and a reference in its field; dividend investing. This is why I created Dividend Stock Analysis.


Dividend Stock Analysis


Why Publish Another Dividend Investing Site?


It is true that I’ve already built 3 dividend investing websites:

Dividend Guy Blog

What is Dividend?

Canadian Dividend Stock


But I know that there is even more space in the dividend niche for us to create the ultimate resource. Dividend Stock Analysis (DSA) will not be a blog like The Dividend Guy and it will not be a semi-static niche site like What is Dividend and Canadian Dividend Stock. The idea behind DSA was to create a resource where all dividend investors would come regularly to pick up useful and timely information on dividend stocks. In order to do this, we had to combine several features together. We wanted to have weekly blog, tons of dividend stock analysis, a dividend calendar and other investing tools.


The Source of Our Inspiration


What is the best way to produce tons of free relevant content? By using others’ content! Yeah… I know… this sounds like a scraper site, but it’s not! We actually took our inspiration from another financial news aggregator; The Daily Crux. The Daily Crux, does an amazing job of finding the best financial articles across the entire Internet on a daily basis. It posts the beginning of the article on the site and link back to the original post for the rest of the article. This way, it produces tons of high quality content, without having to write it. Readers are happy because they have a “one-stop-shop” for their financial reading, Daily Crux owners are happy because they drive a huge amount of traffic (and I guess they make a few bucks with it) and blog owners and authors are also happy because they get free links and free traffic to their site!


Then we thought; each time we want to do a stock analysis, we have to go through at least half of dozen sites to get our information; wouldn’t it be nice to get all this info on one site? And this will be the goal with DSA.


The Beta Version Already Contains Several Features


The first thing we wanted to implement was the “Daily Crux Format”. We have now a VA that is following tons of investing blogs that write dividend stock analysis. Each time that an article is identified as “DSA content”, it is being added to our stock analysis bank. To date, we have 137 stocks listed and counting. Basically, each week we will add more stocks. You can search them by market (US and Canadian), by most popular and by ticker.


We also have a blog section with great articles about dividend investing such as 27 Things You Must Know About Dividend Investing. We intend to produce one article a week on different dividend investing strategies. The goal of this section is obviously to add more juice and updated content to the site while most of the updates are redirecting readers to other sites. Next to the blog section, we added a dividend news column where we will be updating several stocks.


But There is A Lot More To Come!


In my “dream version”, DSA will host a lot of other greats features such as:

–          A Dividend Calendar Date

–          A stock filter

–          Basic Metrics (Financial Ratios, Dividend history and Fundamental analysis on site)

–          A Book! (yeah… well I’m cheatin’ a little bit on this one as the book is almost ready to be launched 😀 hahaha!).

What About the Competition?


The competition will take place between four sites and we will report both traffic and earnings reports. We will update our journey on our site and you can follow all updates from one single site that will be announced shortly.


If you think you have what it takes to become an authority, I welcome you to join us in this journey. The only requirements are that your site is less than 6 months old and that you will be updating it on a constant basis to become an authority in your field. Wanna join? Send me an email at thefinancialblogger at gmail.


PS: It’s good to be back after a week of vacation!


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good luck Mike! welcome to the duel

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Hey Mike,
I must say, the design of your authority site is awesome! And the adsense placement is phenomenal.
I set up my authority site with a basic Thesis theme and a design that I slapped together in a few minutes…my main focus is content right now. But hopefully mine can look half as good as yours sooner or later!
Thanks for inspiring me!
Your fellow “authority site dueler”,

by: The Financial Blogger | September 15th, 2012 (7:20 am)

Thx Mike!

I’ve put a lot of money on the site already but I truly think it’s worth it!

can’t wait to see how big it will go in a few months 🙂

good luck with your site!

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