September 3, 2007, 7:00 am

August Top Ten Post

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Monthly Top Ten
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Before I start with my Top Ten Post for the month of August, I wanted to advice my reader about two things. The first one is, as you probably noticed by now, I decided to not post a weekly roundup on Saturdays. The main reason is that I realize that it was annoying for all the RSS readers. As they figure to be my most loyal readers, I will not do roundups anymore.

The other thing I realized that could be very annoying for RSS readers is that I am not providing full RSS feed. In fact, I though I was until Fours-Pillars pointed it to me. Please forgive me as I am still new to all this web technology and I am learning as I am blogging. I did some researches and I found out that I was not using the right version of feedburner. It is now setup properly!

Now, let’s take a look at what was interesting in the blogosphere during the last month. This time, I am putting my number 1 post at the end of the article to keep you reading till the end 😉

#10: College Will Kill Your Entrepreneurial Spirit While Simultaneously Turning You into a Worker Bee by Violent Acres. While not being a personal finance blogger (in fact, I don’t think there is an adjective to qualify what she is writing about) she gives her “violent” expression of how was here childhood and relationship towards money. She explains how she built her entrepreneurship and points out that 6 out of the 10 richest people in America are proud college dropouts. I guess diplomas is not necessarily the best path to wealth.

#9: Four Simple Stock Market Lessons Related to Life

by It is definitely a must for young traders or traders-to-be. These lessons are really good especially when you are considering the roller-coaster market we presently have. You can also find a follow-up post here. On another note, I want to thank four his August Top Commentator Contest (I’ll let you guess who won 😉 ).

#8: Stay Away From The “90 Days, Same As Cash” Trap

by It is now easier to get credit than to find p*”n on the internet. But are stores really helping you out? In fact, this articles explain how you get stuck with huge interest bill at the end of the day.

#7: How I increased my income 62% in 14 months…

by An impression and inspiring post about one’ success to increase significantly his income in a very small period of time.

#6: Against the grain: Why we chose an interest-only mortgage

by I used to think that interest only mortgage was a bad product. However, I have changed my mind for several reasons about a year ago. Clever Dude explains part of these reasons in this article. Sometimes, personal finance is just less important than other life’s benefits.

#5: Thrift or Theft?

By Many bloggers write about frugality. Several individuals talk or read about frugality. However, there are others that are stealing and think that they are being frugal. Ask yourself if you would like to teach these “border line methods” to your children.

#4: 101 Ways to Put $101 in Your Pocket This Month

by This is a nice (and legal!) list of tips to save a couple of bucks at the end of this month.

#3: Yogi Berra’s 7 Secrets to Building Wealth

By Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra catched more than a few balls while he was playing for the Yankees. Great food for thoughts when you want to invest in the market.

#2: Life Is Like A Game Of Chess

by This is great analogy about life. I think that the analogy got completed along with the comments. Make sure to read all of it.

#1: This month, I have two bloggers in first place because they wrote about the same topic and put great effort into it (one visually, one by a complete series). offered us:

Are You Ready To Be A Parent? Know The Cost Of Having Kids and created an awesome series about baby expenses.

I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did and that you learnt something. I would also suggest that you read all comments associated with theses articles. A post is just not as complete without comments!

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Thanks for the links.

You’ve linked to some interesting articles! I liked the one about thrift vs theft – some good points.


by: The Financial Blogger | September 3rd, 2007 (8:50 am)

I have to say that when I am building my top ten, at the end of the month, I always have about 25-30 posts. It is hard to only put 10 out of them!

I made the list, alright 😎

Btw, outstanding call on utilizing a full text RSS feed, your subscribership will improve over time a lot faster.

Violent Acres eh? Good post, she’s a few years behind the curve, Kiyosaki was writing about this in the 90s and we were chatting about this around the dinner table. But hey, she’s mostly right, it’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t actually figured out a way to make college work for her.

Pretending you know more than the academics is just as foolish as pretending the academics are gods. Of course, I checked out her best of, which is really refreshing (she’d hate me for saying that).

#7 is pretty lame, he couldn’t get a pay raise at his current company so his wife transferred to San Fran and he got what amounts to a cost of living pay raise. When your boss suggests that you may want to go looking for another job, you’re seriously in the wrong spot. Financial acumen of a flea there.

101 ways, wow! I can’t use 75+ of them, but still an impressive list.

However, thanks for the list, ViolentAcres is definitely one of my new favorite blogs.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 3rd, 2007 (1:11 pm)

Gates, sometimes, you just need a good change in order to get a raise 😉
I discovered VA not so long ago and I always have a good laugh when I read what she writes. I guess she is constantly frustrated about life 😈 but sill, makes her point through!

Thanks for the link. I learned early on, that it’s a good idea to subscribe to your own feed. You find out problems early. Also, if you lose your content, you’ll have a back-up. It’s rare to have content disappear, but I’ve heard a couple of people mention it.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 3rd, 2007 (3:12 pm)

Lazy, that’s a pretty good tip! I’ll do that right away!
However, I write all my post on word and keep an archive on my computer. That is another good way to keep your content.

Glad you stopped the weekly roundup and are posting the full feed now (those were two things i didn’t like about your blog…. the rest is great)

by: The Financial Blogger | September 5th, 2007 (7:35 am)

Joel, anytime you don’t like something, let me know 😉
The feed is a great example, I didn’t realize I was not using the right version of feedburner!