September 4, 2012, 5:34 am

August Blog Evolution Report

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One of my favorite months of blogging in the year is definitely August. Why? Because it proves me each time that I’m on the right path to create an automatic money making machine. In August, I’ve worked one week and chilled the rest of the time. The best part is that I made nearly $9,000 during a very slow month.


I’m now back to work this week but I don’t have more work on my plate. Besides the fact that I don’t have any more posts in my queue, the fact that I wasn’t in front of my laptop for the past two weeks changed absolutely nothing. A similar situation happened to my partner a few months ago when he had his first kid. I didn’t’ work more to compensate and he didn’t took over my workload in August. How is that possible? This is all the magic behind having VA’s working for you!


For the past three years, I’ve worked very hard to streamline everything and it now pays off. I can now work a little bit to write a few articles and fly to Denver for the Fincon12 J.


Traffic Improvement


In term of traffic improvement, we have worked on a specific project in August. It was the Life Insurance Movement initiated by Jeff @ Good Financial Cents. The idea is quite simple; write a post about life insurance and link back to Jeff’s movement. In exchange, you get at least three link back (from Jeff’s and two other sponsors).


We have then workout a big keyword research with Market Samurai (read how to use Market Samurai). Then, we have used our whole network to write those articles and create a link back wheel towards specific articles. Some of them were just used to create link juice while some others were positioned to get as many links as possible. So here’s what my strategy looks like:


 link building strategy


Now I just hope that it will bring some traffic. It’s very hard to compete with insurance related keywords this is why we thought of using our whole network toward this strategy. The key is to drive links into the same direction (as demonstrated in the chart above).


Affiliate Program Strategies – Newsletter Projects


Absolutely nothing new on this side for August (yeah… this is probably where it shows most that I didn’t work, lol!).


Niche Site Central


I’m still in the process of “dominating” the dividend investing niche site with several little “monsters”. So far, I like the progress of those niche sites and how they melt into our strategy. This is a long term project so I don’t expect them to burst in a heartbeat. Instead, I rather see them getting a few more hundred visitors each month and generating a few bucks in Adsense per month. In order to grow their traffic, I will use a similar strategy to grow their links as mentioned in this post.


I now have two small eBooks on sale and they are generating a few sales each month each. This is an additional source of passive income on top to the Adsense earning (more on that in the Adsense section). This makes my niche sites generating now between $400 and $500 per month. I like the fact that it’s now completely stable and slowly growing.


eBook Development


I’ve written about you that once your eBook is written, you are far away from being done. In the past two weeks, I’ve seen several emails in regards to the various format of our Dividend Investing eBook. The versions don’t fit with the Kindle format and we had a lot of back and forth with the designer to modify several little details (that was handled by my partner). I thought of launching the book during my vacation and I’m still waiting! I know it will worth it but it’s getting frustrating a lot!


In the meantime, we have put another eBook for sale on another website that had generated $50 the very first week. What is cool about it is that we didn’t do a launch and we didn’t promote it. It was meant to be launch “under the radar” and it is working pretty well. My goal with the latest eBook is to generate $300/month on average. That would be very cool considering that the eBook took us ten hours (total) and cost $70 to produce.


Current Project I’m Working On


Going to FinCon12!!!! More on that here.


Adsense Income $3,450.20 (+4.28%)


This was definitely the biggest surprise I had in August… this is my biggest month in Adsense income ever! There is only one thing that can explain that: diversification! Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working on various sources of income to diversify my business. I have now 11 sites earning over $50/month from Adsense. I’ve used my Adsense Optimization technique for personal finance sites on all of them. While my biggest sites are doing great with Adsense, the additional income coming from my niche sites are not negligible. In August, they have generated $320.98 in Adsense. What is interesting is that they generated over $300 with about 12,000 visitors per month (this gives you a good idea of what you should expect with your site in term of income). I should be able to continue increasing this source of income as autumn is always a great period for traffic.


Adsense is now a great source of stabilization in my monetization model. The next big step will be to generate over $3,000 with our own products!!

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Man you make it look like so easy. Here I spend regular 3-4 hours a day on my blog.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 4th, 2012 (10:49 am)

it’s all a matter of time management. you should not spend 3-4 hours on your blog per day… unless you make over 10K/month with it 😉

I have been spending a ton of time blogging too but my Disney world trip really made me realize I need to start being more efficient with my blogging time. I have some ideas and hope to implement some of them soon. Congrats on the awesome AdSense month!