August 3, 2011, 5:00 am

August Blog Income Report

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toiletAnother month flew by and it is now time to present my monthly blog income report for the month of July! I knew this was coming, but I’m still disappointed by the results from July. Summer is always slow and this year was no exception…

Traffic: 186,392 visitors (-9.34%) and 251,466 pages viewed (-7.61%)

Traffic took a small dip but this has nothing to do with being banned by the Gmen or anything else. It is just that computers don’t compete well with summer vacation! I totally understand that! The finance industry in general as well is always a pretty slow period. In fact, seeing my visitors dropping faster than my pages viewed is somewhat of a good sign: people are staying longer on my site and read more pages. So, I’m pretty happy to go through the summer at this rate until now.

Google Adsense: $1,914.12 (-3%)

I have currently noticed a drop in CTR (click through rate) on some of my sites so I will definitely review my ads displayed in September. Since this is the money I have received from Google, this number comes from my month of June.  I can tell you that the July stats look like smaller numbers and this is where I noticed a lower CTR rate. Is it vacations, the type of ads displayed (you don’t control Adsense blocks) or the actual ads displayed? I’ll have to take some time to review all this.


What I like about having so many visitors is that I can try a new display and know within a week if it works better or not. I’ll share more about this in September!

Brokeraging deals & Affiliates: $142 (-88%!)

This is definitely the cause of my drop in income. I usually average between $1,000 and $2,000 per month and July has just been terrible for affiliate income. While some checks are still pending, I didn’t generate as much as I was expecting obviously! I guess the fact that I have restructured TFB this year didn’t help as I am slowly switching my readership.  I know that most readers wanted to know more about how I make money online and manage both a career and my online company but I have lost a few readers along the way too.


I’m not going to be pushy on the affiliate programs as I don’t think it’s a good way to make money. I’ll continue to mention products I believe in and that I work with but nothing more.

Private Advertising: $3,638.01 (-1%)

I made about the same amount with private advertising so it’s pretty much business as usual. I didn’t sign any new contracts but everything is being slowed down by vacations. You start something with someone then he leaves for vacation and comes back 3 weeks later with a pile of stuff on his desk. You know the feeling, right?

Niche Websites: $165.56 (-22%)

Niche websites are doing pretty well and I’m starting to see some serious improvement in terms of traffic and pages viewed. I guess it will reflect in income at a later date. I actually didn’t do anything on them for the past 2 months and now I am sure that they will generate over $100 per month on a steady basis. We are currently working on 2 more niche websites along side the eBook and one of them should be able to be launched within the next 2 months. It should definitely bring more income by the end of the year.


This has been quite an adventure to start niche websites as I didn’t know much about them back in January 2011. At first, I started with some basic (read useless) niche websites and now I understand that in order to be successful, it’s not only a matter of putting together a few pages stuffed with keywords. You need to present great and complete content.


I’ve also started to work on some more keyword research with Market Samurai and I have tried various backlinking strategies for What is a Dividend. I’m already seeing an increase in traffic but I want to wait a few months before I share my results with you. I’m pretty happy about this site as I now get between 3,500 to 4,000 visits per month and the traffic doesn’t show many peaks so it is growing steadily.

Total Income: $5694.13 (-16%)

Yeah… that’s my worst month of the year and the first time I am cash flow negative (you can review my blog expenses for more info). I’m not too worried as I mentioned yesterday in my 7 secrets about writing an eBook, the major flaw of writing a book is that you lose focus on the rest of your business. Therefore, I didn’t do anything else but write in July and I was still able to gather almost $6K. August should be a bit slow as well as I am taking 2 weeks of vacation and my partner does the same thing.

So What’s the Plan?!?

In August, we will basically finish our first eBook and prepare its launch. Since we will both be on vacation and most of you are away as well, we decided to launch the eBook in September. There will be a pre-sale through our newsletters (you can subscribe in the newsletter box on the right column of this blog). I would rather wait one more month and launch it right. We have put too much effort into it to miss our 1 week of sales! In the meantime, I’ll start writing the second eBook (I want to finish my 4 eBooks by the end of the year… ouch!).


So this fall will be crazy!


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by: Iain from Smart Dividend Growth | August 3rd, 2011 (1:15 pm)

A hard month for you but a real inspiration for those of us just starting out. I would love to hear more about your private advertising. How did you establish these deals originally? What was your readership like when you started advertising privately? Have you considered dropping Adsense completely?

Once again, thanks for sharing! I would still take your worst month as my income 🙂 Summer has been pretty slow in terms of investing for me but traffic is picking up overall. If this is slow, I’m excited to see what happens when the summer ends!

summer is indeed rough. the good news is that there is plenty of upside from hereon out, especially with new launches. i am also interested in Iain’s questions – more insight into your largest revenue driver would be beneficial for the readership. perhaps a post on it?

Thanks for sharing. I agree that it is inspiring to read this and see the possibilities. I can’t imagine having almost 200,000 visitors since I am hoping for 750 this month. In time, I am sure that I will grow, too.

Wow, even with over 5k income, it was cash flow negative. This is eye opening especially from the cost perspective.

Still ain’t bad mate!

4 eBooks is a lot of work! Congrats and good luck! Happy to help spread the word.

by: The Financial Blogger | August 6th, 2011 (2:03 pm)

@Retired by forty,
Don’t forget that we are spending a lot of money on growth. The cost of running what we have right now would be around $1000 per month if we would not outsource anything and if we would not be creating other websites.

I’ll contact you in regards to the book, we are going to offer a great affiliate program ;-D

$5K is still fantastic in my books! Though you are creating a blogging empire! I can’t wait to read your ebooks. Are you planning to get people to pay for them?

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Yeah, I will sell my next eBooks. I wanted to offer Dividend Investing for free since it was my first one and I wanted to build my credibility. Now that I have over 9,000 downloads, I think I have proven myself ;-).

Happy to help you out again with your e-book!

Impressive traffic and income, 5k is really somethng, thanks for sharing and inspiring others.

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