April 30, 2012, 12:00 pm

Are You Ready To Get The Ball Rolling? I Have Something Special For You!

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Today I’m going to talk about someone who saw one of those windows of opportunity and seized a while ago. I’ve recently talked about how you should get the ball rolling in order to be successful.  Well if you are up for something that will start your journey toward a better future, I have something special for you today!


I’ll be talking about my friend; Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt. This guy used to be a regular dude making a regular income with a regular job. He changed his whole life upside-down and he is now an entrepreneur.


Over the past 2 years, we did business together and this business turned out to be the start of a great friendship. Adam is one of the very few people who actually use a web platform to make the world a better place. The guy spent an entire year (and literally an entire average income) in building You Vs Debt, a course to show you how to manage your debts and live a better life. In the first launch in 2011, his participants paid off more than 300K in debts! Speaking of making the world a better place, huh? But you know that I’m not too good at paying down my debts so I won’t be talking debt management today J.


He Recently Contacted me To Offer me Something Special


Something “special”… really? No crap? If this email was sent by anyone else I would have just deleted. But because Baker doesn’t waste his time, he surely doesn’t want to waste mine! So here he is, back with another 72 hours only offer. I’ve ran 2 of the previous offer on TFB and I only got “thank you” emails from my readers who purchased it!


But this time, he’s not only offering a great package… he is also offering Chris Guillebeau new book: the $100 Startup. But you won’t get an online copy, you’ll get the real hard cover book with free shipping on top of everything else!


If you don’t know Chris Guillebeau’s work, I suggest you go check out his blog or check out previous mention on this blog (Epicness of the week and Where are You Really?). I’ve personally read his book, The Art of Non-Conformity and I REALLY LOVED IT! So if you were interested in getting his new book, this offer is for you!


Here’s a quick excerpt from the book:


This book is different, and it has two key themes: freedom and value. Freedom is what we’re all looking for, and value is the way to achieve it.”


I don’t know about you but that speaks to me!

Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup


In case you’ve forgot about Only 72 hours, here’s how it works:

  • $1,000 in best courses, ebooks, and digital downloads (real value – not inflated, details below).
  • Price cut by 90%!
  • Free shipped hard cover of $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

  • We only do this for a SUPER short-term period (72 hours).


Guess how much it’ll cost?

Yep, exactly $100.

That’s over $1,000 in real value (we make sure all courses REALLY sell at the price point listed, before we allow them in) for only $100 for 3 days starting… NOW!


Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup


You Want More Than Chris’ Book for Your Bucks? Here’s What You Get!


Before you get the full list, I’d like to highlight a few people in there.


Corbett Barr: I’ve had the opportunity to talk with him in regards to the launch of my next eBook and I can tell you that he truly provided me awesome tips that I never thought of before. I’ll share this knowledge with you in a few months when I have results from my eBook.


Ashley Ambirge: Hum… if you don’t know The Middle Finger Project, You gotta click on it now… If you can pass the fact that she is using the *F word, she is definitely going to the point and talking about real stuff. I use most of her trick to run my business as I like gutsy advices. Checkout this video:


Jonathan Mead: I like this guy a lot because he is talking about how to make money off your passion. Yeah… I know… sounds pretty BS stuff as several people do the same thing. So why don’t you download a few free eBook he has written and see yourself he is the real thing or just another BSer (click here to checkout is site and download his freebies).


All right, enough of my favorite crew, here’s the whole package you get for only $100:


Topics covered in this sale


Better Blogging ($177 in value) 

  • Corbett Barr – Creating, Marketing, and Designing A Blog That Matters ($40)
  • Susannah Conway – Blogging From The Heart (eBook version) ($137)



Passion-based Business ($137)

  • Jonathan Mead — Identifying Your Passion Module + Workbook ($97)
  • Scott Dinsmore — Live Off Your Passion (lite) ($47)



Freelancing ($111)

  • Ashley Ambirge — You Don’t Need A Job, You Need Guts ($40)
  • Men With Pens — Freelancer Package: Unbelievable Characters, Guest Posting Guide, Beyond Brick & Mortar eBooks ($70)



Confidence & Courage ($129)

  • Johnny B. Truant — Tao of Awesome ($79)
  • Marianne Elliot — 30 Days of Courage (w/ Yoga Module) ($50)



Selling & Advertsing ($144)

  • Pam Slim — Ethical Selling That Works ($97)
  • David Risley — Double Your Ad Income ($47)



Technology & Systems ($171)

  • Joshua Kaufman — The Personal MBA Guide to Small Business Infrastructure ($49)
  • Free The Apps — How to Make iPhone Apps ($97)
  • Brett Kelly — Evernote Essentials ($25)



Artists & Writes ($130)

  • Alyson Stanfield — Turning Your Hobby into a Career (download & audio program) ($51)
  • Chris Guillebeau — Unconventional Guide to Publishing ($79)



And don’t forget – Chris Guillebeau’s brand-new book, “The $100 Startup,” shipping anywhere for free. 🙂


 Chris Guillebeau $100 Startup

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