May 23, 2013, 6:00 am

Are Blog Comments a Waste of Time?

by: MD    Category: Alternative Income
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What do you think about blog comments? Do you look forward to blog comments? Do you ignore them?

Commenting on blogs is an interesting topic. When blogs first started popping up, leaving comments on popular blogs was the best way to gain traction and possible traffic. Every single blog about blogging was telling us to leave comments. It was a thing the thing to do. You had to leave blog comments.

Now things have changed a bit. Zen Habits and Seth Godin’s blog have disallowed comments. Many other sites have followed suit. It’s not rare to see comments disabled on a blog now. It’s no longer trendy to have comments allowed on a popular blog.

Where do you stand when it comes to blog comments?

The biggest problem with blog comments is…

You’re always writing for those that speak the loudest. You’re always worried about the critics. You worry about the outliers. You don’t think about the reader that’s actually applying your tips. There are readers that will consume your content, enjoy it, and never leave a comment. There’s no particular reason for them not leaving a comment.

Your readers are amazing. You just have to remember that someone complaining about an article doesn’t represent your whole audience. One person could just be having a bad day and in desperate need of a vehicle to vent on.

You can’t let this one person prevent you from posting or allow you to get distracted with a useless argument.

We also need to stop looking for things to react to. There’s always going to be someone to respond to or some email to check out.

Are you always looking for something to respond to?

I am.

I get stuck in this nasty cycle. It’s easy to get caught up with this. You always want someone to communicate with and someone to argue with. You can go on your own blog or other blogs and argue for hours. You can dissect the article. Mock the blogger. Disagree on a certain viewpoint. And go on and on.

I have to say this…

Stop reacting. Start creating.

When you create content that’s polarizing or leads to a plethora of reactions, you shouldn’t stop or get nervous. You keep on going. Reacting can easily take you in the wrong direction. Constantly creating keeps you focused.

Reacting is dangerous. You’ll never win. Someone will always be mad at you. Someone will always disagree or complain about something.

There’s also the time issue.

It’s really simple to spend a whole day on busywork and never really get anything done. This happens far too often for most of us. We respond to comments. Get distracted by comments. We let comments on our blog and other blogs dictate our days and how we spend time.

Screw that. Don’t let time slip by you. You can’t always be caught up in what others are saying on blogs.

Watch how you spend your time because creating awesome content will always trump everything else.

Should you forget about blog comments?

Nope. I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong. I love interacting with readers. I enjoy reading comments and replying as well. I also look forward to feedback.

The problem is that feedback can be crippling. Think of all of the people that will read an article, thoroughly enjoy it, and then walk away without leaving a comment. Those are the people that we forget about. There will be those that leave a positive comment with a few words of encouragement. Then there are those that complain.

Have you ever been afraid to post an article because of the potential backlash? It has happened to all of us. We hide our best work from the world because we’re afraid of what will be said in the blog comments section.

I suggest that you focus on pumping out quality content. Don’t let a few nay-sayers prevent you from putting your best work out there.

What are your thoughts on blog comments? Do you engage in discussions on other blogs on a frequent basis?

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I think comments are what makes the blogosphere a fun and social environment. It allows you to continue and expand the thoughts of the original post. It allows people to make friendships. It allows us all to learn from others perspectives. It gives other bloggers ways to promote their websites. I still see a lot of values to comments. If commenting is not available, I tend to visit the blog less and less over time as it isn’t as enjoyable.

I have always commented on articles that I enjoy ever since blogging started. It is what blogging is all about. Getting the comments and interacting is it was built on. I think they are still useful and I engage in comments each and every day.

Even 4 years later, I enjoy interacting with other bloggers through comments. Not sure if other bloggers with similar traffic comment as much. However, I have decreased my commenting as I focus more on my writing.

Mike and MD, you guys have got it right. I think I comment on your sites 10X, maybe even 20X more than you comment on mine. I need to follow your lead and be more focused on my own content. That’s the only way I can be as prolific.


I enjoy interacting with other bloggers through comments, and like when bloggers react to my comments. It’s fun! It’s a dialogue. I learn just as much from the comments as I do the article. Don’t turn into a stuffy WSJ article. Blogs are awesome because of the interaction.

@FMF That’s a good point. Blogs are very social. There are some sites where I’m more excited to read the comments as opposed to the actual content lol.

@Grayson How many sites do you try to comment on daily?

@Sam I look forward to your comments! I do enjoy a great discussion, it’s just a weird balance. Does one just focus on writing? Should we be interacting more? Not sure. Blogging is still so new. And I barely comment on your site because by the time I get there, I see over 20 comments lol. I can’t remember the last time my site had that many.

I’m just messing with you guys.

But truthfully, if you want more interaction on your sites, then you need to interact more on other sites. It’s pretty simple really.

Hey man,

I try and comment as much as I can, but it’s very time consuming. That downside said, I love interacting with other investors. You can always learn from someone else….


no if it is from real readers not marketing/seo personals!!

Blog comments are absolutely worth the time. Who cares what Zen Habits and Seth Godin do. My readers have left me comments that have really changed my perspective on certain topics and even lead to great follow-up posts. If I hadn’t had the comments activated, think of all the new ideas I would have missed out on. And there’s also the argument that blog comments, if though they are nofollow, do help round out your backlink profile and help with your Google rank.

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It may not be as effective as before Seo wise but it is not s waste of time. How would we grow? How would we know and discover new ideas if we don’t interact with other bloggers. Plus, Financial Samurai is right. It’s give and take process. The more you comment, the more oyu encourage other bloggers to leave comments on your site as well.