April 9, 2010, 4:38 am

April Net Worth Update (+1.45%)

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Assets and Net Worth
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Numbers are moving all over the place right now as my best friend just got married at the beginning of the month and I put my house up for sale. So obviously, my net worth risks to move back and forth somewhat during the next few months!

This is the main reason why I haven’t given more money to my parents recently. After all, the loan is due only in November and I really don’t know what my liquidity will look like after the sale of my house. So, I have concentrated on dropping my line of credit close to 0 in the meantime.

This was a great month for my net worth though. We paid ourselves a nice dividend from the company due to the good months we have had since last fall. As the money was sitting in the company’s bank account, we thought of paying off our personal debts ;-).

So here’s my assets and liabilities as of today:


CHECKING ACCOUNT $2,298 $1,641 -28.6%
$6,220 $6,571 5.6%
RRSP ACCOUNT $17,100 $17,198 0.6%
PENSION PLAN $12,000 $12,000 0.0%
HOME $325,000 $325,000 0.0%
COMPANY SHARES $30,000 $30,000 0.0%
CAR $26,908 $26,474 -1.6%
TOTAL $419,526 $418,884 -0.2%


CREDIT CARD$622 $2,419 288.9%
LINE OF CREDIT $18,261 $13,372 -26.8%
HELOC $236,722 $237,875 0.5%
PARENTS LOAN $25,200 $25,300 0.4%
CAR LOAN $26,908 $26,474 -1.6%
TOTAL $307,713 $305,440 -0.7%

Total Net Worth: $113,444 (+1.45%)

As you can see, there is a nice improvement in terms of debt payment. I hope to continue this way while I am in the process of selling my house!

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Congratulations on your growth this month…every step forward is progress.

Congrats TFB! Hope your sellings plans will concretise fast!

by: Tahnya Kristina | April 9th, 2010 (10:56 pm)


I love it that you are Canadian. I’m in Montreal! Congrats in the positive change in the net worth. Good luck selling your home. I wish you all the best.

by: The Financial Blogger | April 12th, 2010 (6:08 am)

Hey Tahnya,

Congrats on the contract with DINKS 🙂

See you around on the blogosphere… or in MTL 😉

@ Mama Zen,

We had a second visit from the same potential buyers yesterday night… waiting for an offer tonight!!!! fingers crossed!