May 10, 2011, 5:30 am

April Monthly Blog Income Report

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blog income reportAfter last month’s income report (where I made 12k), expectations were quite high for April. On the one hand, we were pretty psyched due to our huge start for the first quarter of 2011 and on the other, we felt a bit of pressure to meet our recently increased income expectations. I must say that I was quite curious to know how much we were going to make and I sent about 10 emails to my VA on May 1st ;-).

Let’s take a look at what happened during the last month.
Network Monthly Traffic: 201,045 visitors and 280,295 pages viewed

This is obviously a first stat that is disappointing. We had more than 230K visits back in March and we are more than 10% down the month after. Unfortunately, like many other bloggers, we were “hit” by the Gigantesque Panda restructure. Some of our sites were not affected (or barely, while others got hit seriously. It seems that we lost ranking for some topics and we gained better ranking for others. The problem is that we were getting more visits (and more income) from the previous topics than the actual keywords we are ranking for now.

I will be patient and wait a few months before making any serious changes. After all, spring has never been recognized as a great season for PF blogs anyway ;-).

Adsense Income: $3,319.52

This was another great month for Adsense (as we received the payout from March). With the current traffic drop, I know that my future Adsense payouts will be diminishedL. In order to bring it back to the $100/day level, we will be working harder on our niche sites and focus on ad placement. I don’t expect many changes for our regular blogs as it seems that we will need to accept that Google has changed some of the rules once again. In fact, our success will depend on how well we adapt to their changes and not how we will fight back ;-).

Affiliate Programs and Brokerage deals: $493.71

We got a few checks but this wasn’t a huge month in affiliate programs either. Here again, it is directly related to the Panda as most of our good rankings were for affiliate pages and this is where we lost the most. I’ll have to work on this part in the upcoming months in order to increase this source of income!

Private Advertising: $5,325.95

Another great month for private advertising! While Adsense and affiliates have slowed down with the good weather, it seems that private advertisers are increasing their presence over the web. We had to increase our prices once again to increase our revenues while not increasing the number of ads. We have been using this method (increasing price each time we get to our “maximum” level of advertising) and it works perfectly. This is a great way to determine where the offer and demand lines cross each other!

Niche website revenues: $92.36

This is a huge increase from last month! It is mainly because we have launched another niche website; What is Dividend. While we didn’t put much effort in promoting it outside of our own network, the site was able to gather a good amount of traffic and generated most of the $92. As for our other websites, they are showing stable income (all from Adsense). The Panda didn’t affect them (maybe because they are too small ;-)).

Total monthly income for April: $9139.18
I’m very happy with the result even though it’s less than last month. To be honest, March was a statistical error where all the planets are aligned. We did receive several checks during the same month but we knew that it wouldn’t happen a second time in a row. However, from what I have seen in May, it seems that we will be able to keep up with an average over 8K/month throughout the second quarter of 2011.

Besides our annual meeting, our expenses have remained pretty stable. We are still spending about 6K/month even though we are increasing our numbers of projects (such as niche websites). At the moment, we are aiming for long term growth so as long as our revenues exceed our expenses, I’ll be happy ;-).

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These are incredibly impressive numbers and just boggle my mind. It is inspiring to know what is possible but overwhelming at the same time for a part-timer like me. I do appreciate these reports and hope to be able to report similar numbers in the future. I like your strategy with private advertising.

You guys are an inspiration. I don’t know what else to say.

Another fantastic month in terms of revenue…any plans to try and scale costs? Seems like a smaller than desired profit margin for an business built on 20 or so websites?

by: The Financial Blogger | May 10th, 2011 (7:34 pm)


only the fully developed sites are earning income right now (this is about 5 or 6) so it’s pretty good on average. Costs will remain pretty stable in the upcoming months while income should rise (this is the plan).

in the end, if we are not able to make our revenue rise, we could cut off the cost by half and still earning about 9K per month (with a 6K profit per month).

We won’t have a spectacular year in term of profit this year since we are looking to make money over the long term.

I hope that answer your question `;-)

by: The Financial Blogger | May 10th, 2011 (7:36 pm)

@Option Dude,

we started this strategy a long time ago and it works perfectly. the trick is not to hike price too fast… and not to slow either!

@ Alex,

thx, but after reading your post on how you made 800K, you are pretty good too!

We just started our site and are enjoying reading about your results. These number are pretty incredible! Does most of the $6K go towards advertising/buying keywords?

Thanks again for sharing your experiences!

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I love the honesty of your post, my network was personally hit with the panda update. Lost important keyword position which I’ve work for years.

I think the best tip I can share with you guys is to find a way to get traffic that does come from Google, if you can survive without traffic from Google then your in it for the long term.

@ massappeal,
we have VA’s and writers. most of our cost are related to content creation

@ Paolo,
you are right, this is why we are building our network and working on our newsletter! Can’t trust the Panda!

great earning dude .. is this the main blog you are earning your income ??? please can you mention all your website names ???

thanks in advance ..

by: The Financial Blogger | May 24th, 2011 (5:15 pm)


you can go see my “about” page and you will get the info from my other sites 😉

thanks for reply ..

True passive income story is like The Wheel of Fortune, some times you are in the middle. Thanks for publishing and congratulation!