February 15, 2010, 11:14 am

Am I Good at What I Do Because I Like It or Do I Like It Because I Am Good at It?

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Am I Good at What I Do Because I Like It or Do I Like It Because I Am Good at It?



On this Monday morning, here is some food for thought (we surely need to feed the brain once in a while, right?). I am asking this question because I would like to know how to direct my energy. How to make sure that I am concentrating my efforts in the right place? Life is too short to wander around for years before realizing that you were going in the wrong direction… though sometimes it happens anyways!


So here is my point:


I am good at something when:

– I enjoy spending time doing it.

– I consider that I do it better than the average Joe.

– I succeed.

– I work hard and never quit.

– I find ways to improve my skills.



I like what I do when:

– I always find time to do it.

– I feel that I am good doing it.

– Making an effort is not too demanding.

– It’s easy for me.

– I see rapid improvements.




As you can see, both considerations are quite similar. When I am good at something, it is often because I like it and vice-versa. And so, should I keep looking at stuff that I am good at or that I like first? Obviously, you can’t be good at everything you try the first time.


For example; I really like golfing, but I am far from considering myself a good golf player! However, I see major improvements each of the past 3 years and I realized that I could become a (relatively) decent golfer (playing in the 90’s). On the other hand, my first game was a 143… not a great start to becoming a good golfer, is it?


So I am asking you: Do you work more on stuff that you are good at or that you really like? Do you see a correlation between the two?


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Yep, the chicken and egg. One of the things that got me into trading was success and enjoyment… and I suppose I enjoy it and am successful due to the time I put into it as well….

I think we tend to naturally strive to do things we like, and bacause we enjoy the tasks, we likely end up being good at what it is we enjoy. With that being said however, I think many people do things such as a job or running a business that they don’t particularly love or are entirely passionate about but do it because of the benefits that come with doing it so they can eventually do more of what they really enjoy doing.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 16th, 2010 (5:11 am)

and sometimes we do things we don’t like in the hope of what could coming out of it 😉