January 16, 2009, 6:00 am

A Reader’s Question about Primerica Multi Level Marketing Business Model

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Primerica Series
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Provide an unbiased/accurate source of information about Primerica. That was the mandate I tried to accomplish while writing my Primerica series. When I receive questions such as the following ones, I think I got pretty close. So here’s the email I receive about the business opportunity offered by Primerica:

I have not yet joined Primerica because I haven’t been able to find enough unbiased information regarding the opportunity and others similar. I am hoping you can help me a little bit…

Here are the reasons I was attracted to Primerica:

I currently have a full time career that I would like to continue at least UNTIL my income that I currently generate is COMPLETELY or close to being replaced by something else. I like the fact that you DO NOT have to do Primerica full.

I also like that Primerica does not require large capital to start (ex. buying a franchise) etc.

I like some of the products that they offer (Ex: S.M.A.R.T. Loans)

I do believe in the concept of Buying Term and Investing the difference.

I like that you do not have to open a store front and I thinking meeting clients in their home is more suiting and gives them a higher comfort level.

Here are my main concerns and questions unanswered yet:

Whether Primerica has ENOUGH products to effectively offer a complete financial plan for families.

Whether their rates are reasonable or if they have substantial benefit to be higher.

Whether you can operate a reasonable business ACTUALLY selling and writing financial plans without recruiting. I don’t mind helping others get licensed in insurance, mortgage, or securities if they want to but I don’t care for it to be to benefit me. I prefer to have my OWN success determined by me.

Are there any other companies that you would suggest that allow me to do what I want on a part time basis like I mentioned?

As you can see, Chris (fictional name ;-)) resumed most of Primerica attracting points such as:

– Being your own boss.

– The option of working part time and not leaving your current job.

– The company culture of offering the best product for the client (don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that Primerica is offering or not offering the best products, but they truly believe in helping the client in their company culture).

– Low start up cost.

I actually agree with most of his points. However, before I start answer his questions, I must say that in this kind of business (personal financial services, insurance, investment), it is really hard to succeed if you don’t work full time. While you have the option of making a lot of money, you need to put a lot of work into it as well.

In regards to product competitiveness (in term of pricing and global offer) I would say that even though Primerica was one of the first (or maybe the first) to offer term insurance, all insurance companies are now offering similar product. Therefore, I don’t think their product structure will give you an advantage neither become a flaw to your business. The main reason is that financial institutions are so strong that they can develop any good products offered by a competitor within months.

I actually don’t believe in pricing as a marketing tool anyway. I rarely negotiate with my clients. Why? If you are selling based on price, you will always have to be the lowest in town for everything, which is impossible if you want to still make money. Make your clients believe in you and in your added value (it can be responsiveness, competency, planning quality, etc.).

However, Primerica’s reputation might affect (for good or bad) your business. Let just say that it is a highly controversial company 😉

Can you work for Primerica and not recruit people? Sure, but if you do not recruit other Primerica agent, you are missing the main strength of Primerica business model: Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Your commission level is lower than other company in the industry in order to provide you the opportunity to recruit other Primerica agent. If you don’t want to, you are better of with another company.

Do I know any company where you can work part time in this kind of industry? I would answer that most investment and insurance companies where you act as a self-employed agent should let you do it. However, I did not have yet verified with other companies.

I would like to have your input for the benefice of Chris and everybody that is wondering if whether or not they should join Primerica Multi Level Marketing Business Model.

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by: representingtheclient | April 9th, 2010 (1:18 am)

Actually I recruit licensed agents……I can get them a higher commission than 50 and 60%. It is not uncommon to see independent agents with 50% contracts also, or didn’t you know that? Don’t go after the recruits warm market. You are stereotyping now.

I will take it further Common Sense. What does career agency shops do? Don’t they have the new agent make a list and encourage them to sell to their warm market?

That is why I am not captive…. so I can take advantage of good fortunes when they exist. Don’t have to call the CEO for anything. Common sense quit reaching you are proving that you have no “common sense”.

What if he dies, commiits fraud, so what……Common no Sense. Basically if the worst happens then I will negotiate our own deals like I have already done with a few carriers. What is going to happen to your when your GA dies, ooops I mean what is going to happen to your agents when you die? Better yet what happens when they want your commission level? I don’t have to worry about that.

Common Sense you are desperate to make yourself feel good, so you try to make me feel bad. You can shut my mouth up easlly show us your GA brokerage.

Those 9 carriers are excellent products for more than 95% of the population. What am I missing except for what participating WL, ooops Ohio National got that on my own. There is nothing holding me back or anyone else HBW and nothing for you to complain about.

Maybe I brought over one of your agents, oh I understand now. I did not use profanity.

I refuse to shut my mouth to you No sense. Now where is your link?

by: representingtheclient | April 9th, 2010 (1:23 am)

Many agents already don’t make it in the real world. Go to any state department of insurance. Pull up a page I bet half are inactive or expired.

by: representingtheclient | April 9th, 2010 (1:29 am)

Help us understand then… As a General Agency Owner what do you own if your agent can up and leave also?

Like I said you are trying to make yourself feel good.

by: Common Sense | April 9th, 2010 (2:18 am)

What Do I own? The Agency.

I will tell you 2 stories to help make my point, since both of you disregard the fact that you own nothing.

A few years ago I met an individual that was and still is sucessful in his own business.

When he was a little younger he joined PFS and recieved awards for having recruited the most agents among the entire Company in a month. He worked for PFS for a few years and build a rather large Hierarchy. At the same time his father started a business and he (The son) decided to help his Dad and partnered with him while he remained at PFS.

Once PFS found out he was working in another business aside from theirs, they gave him two options.

1. Leave your Dad’s Company or

2. Quit PFS and surrender the overrides. It was a conflict of interest according to PFS, although the Businesses were entirely unrelated.

He left PFS and went over to HBW. It was better since HBW did not have an issue if he worked outside the system. Within a year or two he had built a rather decent Hierarchy again. But he himself didn’t write any buisness at all, just recruited and overrided the recruits.

HBW management called him or sent him a letter, (I don’t remember which now) letting him know that if he didn’t self produce $10K in premium he would not be able to override the hierarchy anymore.

He sold his Hierarchy for pennies on the dollar in order to make something before he walked away. He then said this” I have recruited agressively in two MLMs and both took the hierarchy from under me.

The second story was another individual which I met years back, he belonged to another MLM in the Mortgage buisness.
This guy recruited 11K recruits and showed me the print out proving such.

After been involved in the MLM for 4 years his wife and the CEO’s wife had a discussion and the CEO’s wife slapped the recruiters wife on the face.
The following day the CEO called him and adviced him to consider searching other opportunities elsewhere.

In both cases the so “called business owner” lost the Hierarchies.

My point is this, you don’t own anything at all. You just have overriding priviledges until adviced otherwise.

Representing the client… I’m willing to bet you have a very small hierarchy. In order for you to open your eyes you have to do extensive history research and study the high producers within your MLM and find out what truly happened to the ones that were big and left.

Why did they leave? What was the true story?

You are too low on the food chain to know anything that happens internally within your system.

This is exactly the type of things that happens in MLM once high level is attained:


You comeback and spin, but you fail to admit that your business is fake, NOT YOURS.

What do you tell a recruit? Don’t you say this is a great opportunity to build a business and create a team?

But that statement is false.

Quote: As a General Agency Owner what do you own if your agent can up and leave also?

Is that a serious question? Do i need to answer that?

Now where is your link? Why do you want my link, am I recruiting you?

There are hundreds of GAs outhere that are good, and many others that are garbage.

But know something, you are building a system on sand.

For crying outloud why do you think the CEO of your MLM left the one he was in and opened one for himself?

Could it be because he felt it would serve the client better if he left and started one for himself with greater opportunities.
Or the most realistic one was that once he achieved a high leveled in the one he was in (as he himself proclaims,It is all over the main website’s introduction) realized that he owned nothing and open his own.

Remember, before he was drinking a Kool-aid, now he serves one and YOU Drink it.

by: Common Sense | April 9th, 2010 (2:31 am)

resenting the client…

“What is going to happen to your when your GA dies, ooops I mean what is going to happen to your agents when you die?

What does it matter I’m dead, in your case if the owner of YOUR BUSINESS dies you have a good chance it could go away.

But now to answer it properly, my SON will take it over once I pass away.

But no one elses death, misfortunes, desires or disagreements could take my buisness away. Only my personal death.

Not such in your case.

You are stubborn, then again that is why you are there.

Now as for you, I don’t say that I am a fast learner, I am. There is opportunity everywhere that’s what makes freedom great. Label it greed or lack of common sense. It of you want to paint a person in a corner because your argument is that you can choose how to make you money. I work in sales and I can choose how much discount I give a particular client. When I give less to one and charge the other more does that make me greedy? PFS may have more expensive products sometimes, but being or remaining a PFS agent after hearing your argument would not make you the judge of someone’s character!! We will agree to disagree I guess

by: the other term guy | April 9th, 2010 (10:40 am)

Sorry I did not intend the comment about putting down our way to you. It was intended to go for another person. Not intended for you again sorry if you thought it was for you.
You said, the problem I have with PFS and any other MLMs out there is the way they represent themselves as an opportunity to own a business or a key turn opportunity as some of them like to call it.
I always represent it as a sales position with the potential to move up to the RVP position. Once promoted you own nothing! After you promote your first RVP and have consistent growth for 4 years then you own the write to sell your business to other RVP’s. I have witnessed one RVP that was making about 400K a year and he sold it for 4.5 million. That is betting than owning your book of business. It is explained to ALL of my teammates that this business is hard and most will NOT succeed. With that said if you work smart and hard you will be successful. Most people are not willing to do the things they need to. I tell them all this is a hard business and you WILL get bashed around but if you are consistent in your activity you will succeed.
You said, having said that, building a big HIERARCHY is the goal or should be the goal of the agent. If we understand as previously stated that the HIERRACHY is owned by the MLM, not the agent. Then what does the agent really own at the end? NOTHING!!!
Not true! We do own the write to sell our Hierarchy to another RVP. I mentioned earlier about the guy that sold it for 4.5 Million. How is that not owning anything? This is more valuable than owning a book of business.
You said, WHY? What happens to the HIERARCHY if the MLM closes goes out of business, the owner dies, etc? The agent is left with nothing at all, just empty promises(PIPE DREAM) BUT ANY Business could crumble or go out of business at anytime. May I remind you what happened to AIG, GM, and CHRYSLER a little while ago. The largest Carrier in the US and Car Manufacturers in the US almost went out if they had not been bailed by the FEDS. Keep in mind the FEDS will not bail the MLM!!!
Empty pipe dream no way! You say look at AIG, GM etc. Well first of all the companies you mention have HUGE debt and invested in risky things. PFS has 0 debts and about 400% capitalization. They all have had negative years and when the financial melt down happened we still made profit. We are NOT going. As far a bail out I don’t think the government should ever bail out failing companies. Let capitalism prevail. That is what was done in the past and worked. Bail outs are not the answer. Notice many insurance companies got bail outs. Why is it that they got the bail outs. The business model is not working. You had mentioned greed is why you recruit. I will agree with that just like ALL General Agencies. The number one job for the General Agent is to recruit. When you do your CE for insurance you will notice the definition is that 70% of your time as a General Agent is to be spent recruiting new agents. Funny how if we do that it is BAD but if the other companies do that it is GOOD! Let’s now get into a different part of ownership. The company had giving stock grants to RVP’s as part of the IPO. It was a small amount to begin with (just over 5 million) for the top 3,000 RVP’s. They have 56 million slotted for the same over the next year or so. They are also giving out 1.5 million in bonus to under RVP for the next few months and this will continue for the year. We also have bonus for non RVP’s up to 20% on life without charge backs and up to 50% for RVP with out charge backs.
You did mention the possibility of losing every thing if the MLM went under. Let’s cover that. Let’s say you are independent and the company you write for goes under what happens to residuals? GONE! You spent years building your business and it is still gone. If you are captured and work a company (non MLM) and it does under so do your residuals. Yes multiple carriers would help that. I know you will now say that your residual will still come because it will transfer to another carrier. Wait just one minute on that one. Jeff on my team use to be an independent agent and one of his carriers went under. I asked what happened to his residual and he said it is gone.
You said now let’s build a system owned by you solely. You start as an Independent agent, acquire a high level of income and invest in opening an AGENCY (GA), B/D, Mortgage Company, Real Estate Agency, or whatever you wish.
Yup invest in opening and AGENCYY GA, B/D and Mortgage Company etc. What is the cost to become your OWN B/D? WOW who has that type of money? The GA doesn’t cost as much but still a nice chunk of cash. You take ALL the risk and 90+% fail. You only risk time and effort with us. Mortgage and Real Estate don’t cost as much but take a look at what they want to do. RECRUIT the same as us and you made it look like that was a bad thing remember. I know many people that OWN a Real Estate company that are broke and looking for extra income and it is funny how I now have many of the Brokers in Real Estate now working for me. They realized our advantage. One of them was million dollar earners in Real Estate and many of the agents had to go get a normal JOB. My agency grew during the economic down turn. It grew by over 100% and that is what excites me. Our growth when most people in this industry failed.
You said furthermore, as the owner you will override all the agents appointed thru you. Not as big as an MLM system but an average of 5%-15% or so.
If it is not as big as the MLM why not go MLM and override more agents?
You said so building a business thru an MLM system is the path of least resistance as compared to doing it yourself.
Very true and most people do not have the money to invest in the B/D, GA etc. Cost is why most do not go into business. Also if you do it your self you have to learn all on your own do it full time from the start and your chance for success is limited just like with MLM. The difference is you did not put up the capital risk with us and if on your own you could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars.
You said when someone in an MLM system (PFS) or any other says “I own my business and you could do it as well, let me show you how”. It infuriates me as that statement is a FLAT LIE. That is why I call them “MLM suckers” because what they believe is a lie. Now if you are willing to overlook the facts or ignore them and keep telling people that it is all good, then I must say that greed blinds the mind and common sense is dismissed. On another note, most self made Millionaires in the World didn’t come from an MLM. The same could be said from the highest earners in this business, they don’t belong to PFS or any other MLM system. So please stop the spins, because some of us here know the TRUTH!!!
I showed you earlier how our business is owned (2 ways stock owner ship and the ability to sell to another RVP) so enough on that. I think the wise people will get it. Again we never say I own my own business until you qualify for such ownership. After qualifying you sign a contract of ownership (yes a legal contract that you can take to a court of law). Yup I do agree most self made millionaire are not from Primerica but we only represent a very small portion of the population. We do have a great percent of full timers that make over 100,000. About 10% of our force is full time (as we hire part timers not people to start full time). So that is about 20,000 and out of that 2,401 make over 100K that is over 10% of our full timers make over 100K. For the rest of the world it is about 5%. Yes many will not make that but most people do not have the work ethic to succeed. As far as the top earners I do not know the numbers for any of the companies that you work with so I can not speak on that. All I can say are we have 62 people that make over 1,000,000 and our top earner is over 5,000,000. We have over 170 that make over 500,000 that is just under 1%. Over 250K is over 470 and that are over 2% of our full timers making that. I like the numbers. Do other companies do good things? YUP!
By the way I was not promoted to RVP with recruiting. It was me and one guy and he is still with me. I just decided December 2009 to start to recruit and build. I now have 17 life licensed agents, 6 with investments license and 9 with a mortgage license. Not bad for a few months. I have been with PFS for over 7 years and just started to recruit. I was successful without recruiting and just doing personal production and will be even more successful now that I am recruiting. So as you can see we do well with out recruiting so please don’t say you can not as I am proof that you can.

by: representingtheclient | April 9th, 2010 (2:31 pm)

As a General Agency Owner what do you own if your agent can up and leave also?

by: Common Sense | April 9th, 2010 (2:55 pm)


In every business the agent, employee could simply quit and move on.

Your question is extremely retarded. So in your eyes what is the point of opening any buisness if the agent could leave.

Really? I think you are a little slow, just my opinion.

by: Answer This | April 9th, 2010 (3:36 pm)

I have a question. I’m in the U.S. are there any agents posting who are agents in Canada? The reason I ask is I would think the laws and regulations would be a bit different which could also mean major differences in products and contracts.

Common Sense I see what your saying about ownership and rep. we are family. My thing is everyone should know as much as they can going into a business and have a game plan leaving. Some people like personal production and some may like the option of MLM type compensation. Common Sense the way your going about your business is good for you. Rep. where we are is a good fit for me. That’s our individual choice.

The issue with PFS for me isn’t so much as what’s being said, it’s what’s not being told. As I’ve said before i understand it’s business and it’s not in the best interest of PFS to inform their agents on opportunities outside of PFS. It’s business. They want their products moved. The issue IMO is when agents come out bad mouthing everyone else in the industry from information supplied by one source.. Yes I did it myself when I was a t PFS and when I found out some truths I felt like a fool.. No matter the company or organization it’s business. They watch out for their best interest and we should look out for ours.. Everyone at some level is getting pimped. The key is to just understand the game..

“Everyone at some level is getting pimped. The key is to just understand the game..” See that comment right there shows me that your argument is singularly focused on PFS and not true business sense. Business is not about “getting pimped”!

A business (also called a company, enterprise or firm) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies. Most businesses are privately owned.

A business is typically formed to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners and grow the business itself.

The owners and operators of a business have as one of their main objectives the receipt or generation of a financial return in exchange for work and acceptance of risk. (You see I DON’T think Primerica IS NOT in BUSINESS FOR ITSELF in EVERY sense!)

Pimping is illegal in most countries. The majority of pimps are men, with the female equivalent being known as a madam. The pimp-prostitute relationship can be abusive, with the pimp using psychological intimidation, manipulation and physical force to control the prostitutes he sends out to work.

If the two have any correlation, you answer that for me.
Ever heard that quote: “Wise men never argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who”? One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say. In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet. Maybe you should too, A. T.

by: Answer This | April 9th, 2010 (10:14 pm)

I’m sure that speech would sound good on Wall Street.

by: representingtheclient | April 9th, 2010 (11:52 pm)


All I have ever did was reply when you guys try to put your term on a pedestal, when it clearly is not. You and other posters from your company might deny it. But I know people have visited site and now can make a better decision.

Not here to recruit.

And Common Sense,

I don’t get it maybe I am retarted. You own your GA. What happens if one of your highest producer leaves and some of your other agents leave, what did you really own?

by: Common Sense | April 10th, 2010 (2:17 am)


Let me start by apologizing for been rude to you, I am confident that you are not retarded. If you were, you would not be doing this line of work succesfully.

Having said that, I will answer your question.

I don’t get it maybe I am retarted. You own your GA. What happens if one of your highest producer leaves and some of your other agents leave, what did you really own?

The answer is NOTHING!!! simply put revenue would be lost and the net income for the year would be lowered.

Why do I say this? Lets turn the question around and ask what would happen to HBW if the top 3 agents leave?

Again the answer would be nothing, revenue would be lost and the net income for the year would be lowered. Would HBW close its doors. NO!!!

Now let me use this analogy to explain my point better. I would hope that this will make it easier for you to understand.

Lets assume you own a Car Dealership, and in that dealer you sell new cars. All the cars you sell are GMs products.

Now the Owner of that dealer owns the “Dealer”, but not the Business. Why? because the Brand is owned by GM.

The owner simply owns a Franchise, which is a contract allowing him to sell GM”s products.

The problem here is that the franchise is at the mercy of GM’s current financial status.

When the Financial Meltdown occurred, GM restructured itself and closed down hundreds of Dealers (Franchises) nationwide.
The same thing happened to Chrysler.

The owner of the Franchise (dealer) found himself out of business from one day to another as GM canceled their contracts(rights to sell its products).

Lets assumed the Owner of the Dealership was one of those that didn’t get it’s contract canceled by GM. BUT the dealer sells Pontiac and Saturns. The owner was glad he survived that particular restructuring by GM and was allowed to continue.

A few months later GM annaunces that it will stop manufacturing Pontiacs and Saturns and advices the dealers that sell such brands that at a certain predetermined time they would no longer get new inventory and would have to close their doors.

Again the dealers which market those 2 brands lost their business abruptly.

Now lets consider a Car dealership that only sells used cars.

That business continued to function as normal, since it was not bound by any Manufacture’s contracts. Simply as the market melted the revenue decreased and net income was lowered for that given year. But the owner still owns the dealership and sells whichever vehicle he sees fit to sell.

When an agent builds a Hierarchy thru an MLM system, they themselves are a franchise of that MLM. They have overriding priviledges until adviced otherwise.

EX: New Cardealership contracted under GM.

When an agent owns a GA, he is the solely onwer of the Business.

EX: Used Car Dealership. Although certain cars were discontinued by some Manufactures, their business continued as they simply sold different brands. No direct impact on the business.

Now in Insurance terms. As a GA, if a carrier goes out of business, simply change carriers and continue business.

If an Agent has an MLM franchise and the MLM closes, the business is lost.

The point here is that “sure” you could build a Hierarchy, but it is at the mercy of the MLM. There is simply not TRUE OWNERSHIP!!!

As long as you remember that FACT and never allowed yourself to think otherwise, always strive to opening your own business and breaking ties with MLMs structures. In other words drink the KOOL-AID, but don’t SWALLOW IT!!!

does that help you understand it better?

by: the other term guy | April 10th, 2010 (12:03 pm)

If you want to use the used car VS. new car dealer that is great. What is the income for the average full time independant used car dealer vs. the income of the average full time franchise new dealer? Now If you have the car franchise for lets say 10 years and they pulled it out from you. How much money would you have made vs the average used car dealer in the same period? You would have made more with the franchise and enough to go buy a few of the used car lots. By the way notice many of those used car lots are now empty now? How many of the used car guys are gone vs the new car franchise being shut down. I know now you will say that is not fair but I am simply using what you used. Scary that the independants are going away more than the franchise. How many GA’s closed down in the last 30 years? How many MLM financial companies shut down. Let’s see PFS still going strong and building, HBW still going strong and building. Now you will say but what about all MLM. Ok go do your research and you will be shocked it will be about 50 to 1 or way way higher with the MLM shut down on the better side. If you want to compare do your research first or you will have to swallow. Sorry just making a referance to what you said about the kool-aid and putting a little humor in it. By the way PFS was in the UK and because of Citi we did shut it down (we are free of citi now so that won’t happen again). Let’s take a look at what happened in the UK. Primerica steped up and did best they could after the Citi desision. They gave ALL reps 3 times they income they had for the last year. So lets say you made 100K PFS gave you 300K. If you owned your book of business instead how much would you get? We were in the uk for less that 10 years and how big a book would you have built and what about could you get for that book? Some were makeing over 1 million and the company wrote a check for over 3 million. As for the person listed above that Primerica said it is us or you dad’s business the biggest issue was he did not tell Primerica so they could make sure it was not a conflict. It is in your contract that you have to disclose you outside business activity and my fried who is a RVP like me has a wife that owns a salon and he helps her build that business and PFS said not problem becuase he disclosed it like he is legally supposed to. Sounds like the guy helping build his dad’s business simply broke the contract and the law. A simple disclosure could have fixed that. If you don’t disclose and play by the rules they will not know what else you are not truthfull about. It made sense for PFS to can him.

by: Common Sense | April 10th, 2010 (2:11 pm)

The other Term Guy…

I would take your arguement seriously, but I know where you work.

I’ll quote CW: “Wise men never argue with fools”

Stop your spin, please it is ridiculous.

I’ll also quote AT: “getting pimped” PFS is the pimp and you are the madam. Now go service some clients.

You have not voice here, I am still waiting for your quotes and not the silly excuse you gave me.

by: Common Sense | April 10th, 2010 (2:12 pm)

Other Term guy…

You missed the whole point of the analogy, all of you pfs guys are the same.

by: the other term guy | April 11th, 2010 (8:29 pm)

i gave the quotes do some simple math. If I said it is 10 more than the 120 you gave than that would be 130. The same would be for subtraction if I said lower by 8 then take 8 from 120 and that would be HMMMM oh let me get my calculator 112. It is not that hard. If you want give my your address and I will send a calculator. It was mentioned by someone about wall street and my story and I was assuming that they were talking about the stock the company was giving our RVP’s. Well just to set the record straight the 7% of the stock that is being help for the sales force (RVP’s) is in all the paperwork that was in the initial filling of the IPO so the whole world did know about it.

As for the wise men never argue with fools and you think we are fools does that make you unwise?

Did not miss the point I think you missed mine. Read my last post that does look like we own somemthing. By the way as we speak the contest for the shares in the company is underway and if the contest ended today they wouuld give me 12,600 shares. Get that calculator our again. 12,600 X 23.34 (the stock price at close) now lets see if you company is doing anything close to that. That sounds like almost 300K WHAT OWNERSHIP! Please someone answer how much you can sell you book for? No spin please. I did ask this 3 times so far still no answer and I wounder why. Could it be because it is less that what we get for selling our business to another RVP HMMM?

by: Common Sense | April 11th, 2010 (9:47 pm)

The other Term guy….

A BOOK OF BUSINESS is more valuable than a Hierarchy.

Let’s assume a resgistered rep has $30Mil under management.
That would yiled $300K(1%) per year or $450K(1.5%).

That is true passive income, not your MLM structure. How much would it sell? It depends on the buyer.(Open Market)

It is like selling a rare painting in an Action House. You never really know it’s true value. But the trails are measurable.

The question is why would anyone sell it?

Now your hierachy has to be sold to someone in PFS, not in the open Market, and the conditions have to be aproved by PFS. It is a recipe for disaster.

You are owned by PFS, just the fact that you don’t have a book of business is insane. All those years of work and nothing to show for.

As far as your quotes, I want it to be thorough. What about without child riders? A single man or a single woman?

I split mine in independents, not coupled. Do the same!!!

I assume your lack of cooperatin as defeat.

by: Common Sense | April 11th, 2010 (10:05 pm)

Other Term guy…

Quote “Scary that the independants are going away more than the franchise”

That is simply not true, Where do you get your stats from?
Please tell me?


“How many GA’s closed down in the last 30 years? How many MLM financial companies shut down. Let’s see PFS still going strong and building”

Are you serious? How many PFS agent quit in the last 30 years? What is the % of the ones that make?


“How many MLM financial companies shut down” Do you know?
I’ll take it a step further do you know how many GAs closed?

Since you don’t know either answer, is best not to ask such a question or make such a statement.


“By the way notice many of those used car lots are now empty now”

How many Franchise dealers are out of business now? Thousands. Many more than Used car ones, that’s is for sure.


“Ok go do your research and you will be shocked it will be about 50 to 1 or way way higher with the MLM shut down on the better side”

Why don’t you tell me where you did yours, so I could educate myself?


“By the way PFS was in the UK and because of Citi we did shut it down”

Correction, because of the bail out and the Feds. Since the Feds now own about 50% of Citi.


“If you owned your book of business instead how much would you get? We were in the uk for less that 10 years and how big a book would you have built and what about could you get for that book?”

retarded question. It would be based on speculation. Assuming something that never happen as it did.

Most of your statements are not factual and you have no data to back them up. Why do you do such things.

I have noticed that most of ypu PFS guys use wild statements to express thier points, but have nothing to bak them up.

All of my statements are factual and could be confirmed.

I will go ahead and stop answering you, since is like talking to my smallest child. It’s like teaching a 5 year old Algebra. It is simply beyond you at this oint and time.

by: Common Sense | April 11th, 2010 (10:07 pm)


you, back, and point.

by: the other term guy | April 12th, 2010 (12:56 pm)

By the way we do get passive income on the book we just can’t sell that part by itself. We do sell it as part of our business so that is part of the value but not all. The value of ours is based on what book we have and the potential future earnings and the size of our team.

This is the exact number of MLM’s in the financial industry that have closed the doors 1. The one in the UK and many of them came to America and kept the same contracts they had in the UK. As far as the bailout being the reason for the UK closing that is not true. It closed down years ago way before the bail out. By the way you said you do your research and what you say if based on fact. HMMM how close did you research that part? How many other facts of yours are researched in such a way. How do I know that the did come to America? Do I just believe what I hear? No I actually know many of them and some are RVP’s and many come over after only being in the company for a few months. We sponsored them and paid them for the PFS business they lost in the UK.

by: the other term guy | April 21st, 2010 (5:21 pm)

Common Sense still waiting to find out what place you got your FACTS about the UK? You said All of my statements are factual and could be confirmed. The UK was a complete lie. I use generalizations because I did not know the exact number and did not want to LIE as you did about your FACTS that could be confirmed about the UK. All I know is when I drive down the road I see more used car lots empy than new ones. My eyes don’t lie and you said How many Franchise dealers are out of business now? Thousands. Many more than Used car ones, that’s is for sure. Because you said that it was thousands so how many was it. If you did your research you would not use general terms. Oh wait you did use a general one didn’t you. Crazy how a child tries to be an adult and say one thing and not realize he is doing the same thing he is saying we are doing. I never said mine was fact I said I would be surprised if it was less and you said yours was fact. I think Common Sense has none or is to ignorant to realize he did the same as me HMMMMM. Stange how it is ok for him but not for me. Please mr Common Sense get me exact numbers on the car lot and give me your sources. By the way I did my research and have some numbers on the two and you are backwards with your numbers. After you get your numbers and give me your source I will give you mine. I will give you a hint I used GM, Ford and Toyota corporate info from the NASD and did a local business check for dealers that did not renew lice. I think those will give you some good numbers. Go get em tiger

by: Ex Primerica rvp | May 25th, 2011 (9:56 am)

I was 18 years with Primerica and made over 100k with Primerica. I can answer any questions about the Primerica system or the brokerage system. I left Primerica 1 year ago after finding out Primerica is not very competitive with life insurance. http://www.term4sale.com proves this. The consumer is better served by a broker. Life insurance is not the only insurance product that is important. Disabilty and critical illness insurance should be considered in a families financial plan. Primerica does not offer either. A convertable life policy is extreemly important. One that can convert to a term to 100 makes estate planning possible. Primericas policy is renewalable to age 95. Ask your Primerica agent how much your policy will be at ages 70, 80,90,95. Primerica will tell you , that you will not need life insurance at age 65 or over. Ask someone who has cancer at age 65 if they are going to cancell their policy ?
As for Primericas ownership policy. How many reps have ownership…0% How many RVP’s? Very few. As an RVP I was threatened by Primerica. They said hey would sue me for talking to past client or speaking about the company. In 1 year my do not compete clause expires. I hope this helps

by: JSkylark | May 2nd, 2012 (2:47 am)

Primerica made a youtube video in which John Addison stated that “Y’all have the raht tuh be rowwung” or something close to that and they went on to state that nothing on the internet is to be believed. I would submit that simply reading through this blog and all the ensuing comments tells one EVERYTHING they need to know about PFS.
Ex – you pretty much put the exclamation point on it all. Whoever doesn’t understand is blind.
AT – Although Common Sense will never agree I think it is good to provide an MLM alternative that could potentially be an alternative to the deceipt, hype, kool aid binge that PFS offers. Although it is impossible for me to remain calm when discussing PFS, I applaud you for remaining more balanced and adult in your comments.
Common Sense – thanks I learned alot.
D – I have the one same major beef. All PFS is about, spin and deception. From the executive suite on down. They have no idea how damaging that can be.
All Primericans – you have offered up nothing. Your hollow words of false positivity are delivered in a bright shiny package of empty contents. Your actions never match your words and your words come from the same giant corporation that you portray in your opp meetings as the enemies of personal success. You are the firing squad that stands in a circle, your guns pointed at each other as well as the condemned. I hope every potential recruit sees the lunacy of following you, when you tout so vehemently that which you have not attained yet. I think the most dangerous one being Megan, so eager to spout the drivel conjured up at corporate headquarters without regard for verifying any of it. But I can laugh at her now because of the simple fact that she has certainly quit and moved on, like most.

TFB – Please accept my heartfelt thanks for what I consider a very fair and unbiased opinion of PFS and a spot for us to rant and rave. For me, Primerica brought about great personal tragedy so my opinions are extremely biased, because they come from a very great pain that would not exist without Primerica. I have been to many opp meetings, conventions, award ceremonies, training sessions. have heard all the Cds, and spent years in association with the company. I came to the same conclusion as you did. It just never made sense to me. I saw things within that company that can only be described as monstrous. Horrid things that only served to fulfill some absurd phobias or imbalance in people who were just happy to have a false authority figure spoon feed it to them. If this were not true they wouldn’t be defending it so vociferously. I just want to say thanks for allowing a potential recruit to obtain some insights into it, in order to aid their decision making in an intelligent manner.