March 29, 2010, 4:30 am

A Painful Experience

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Miscellaneous
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Have you ever experienced back pain? Or endured excruciating dental issues, hurting so much that you must see the very first dentist available even if it means going into the dark basement of an old retired alcoholic dentist who operates using a screwdriver?

When a pain has hurt for a long time, we become more and more like animals; aggressive and ready to bite anyone who dares even to look at us. Well, this was me as of last Thursday after 4 days of detox ;-). The feeling of hunger was overtaking my whole body for days and I couldn’t stand it anymore!

If you are looking for the link between detox and personal finance, you can stop reading and wait for tomorrow’s article. Today has nothing to do with money, it’s only about how I lost 6 pounds in the span of 10 days.

6 weeks ago, I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. In my financial ramblings, I had reported being at 181 lbs (from 184 lbs) after 5 weeks. I was in the middle of a “homemade detox”. While I was quite disappointed in the results after 5 days, my weight continued to drop during the weekend and last Wednesday, I was 178 lbs.

What is a “homemade detox”

Purists will say that I was “cheating” so much so that I should not even call it a detox. However, I still consider it a detox compared to my usual menu.

As I wanted to keep working out 4 days a week during the detox and didn’t want to faint on the treadmill. This is why I “cheated”. On the other hand, I had followed the plan we made, my wife and I, and never ate more than what was on our detox menu.

Homemade Detox Menu

The main purpose of a real detox is to eliminate most of what you usually eat replaced by vegetables, nuts and water. In this way, your body takes care of all the excess you may have and cleans you out. Hardcore detox swear by 100% veggies with the exception of a few nuts so you don’t end up in the hospital and lasts about 30 days. I’ll share the menu that we made and lived with for 7 days.

Each morning, I kept my original breakfast which was a breakfast pita (with a little bit of Nutella on the top), a glass of milk (my only one of the day!), and a cup of coffee with very little sugar (for an energy boost).

Then around 10am, I would eat one fruit to make it through to lunch time.

After training, I would eat a yogurt to feed my body a few vitamins before entering my “detox rest of the day”. At lunch, I ate:

–         Vegetable soup

–         Tuna salad (without mayo and way more vegetables than anything else)

–         Ratatouille (gotta love it!)

–         Veggi Spring Rolls

–         Asian vegetable soup with 4 shrimp

In the afternoon, I had either a breadstick or a dozen cashews (you can’t eat more than that!).

At dinner, we had pretty much the same menu that we were having for lunch the next day, so soup, tuna salad or ratatouille!

Compared to what I usually eat (meals including meat at lunch and for dinner, pastas, 3 glasses of milk or a few bites of cheese), this was quite an achievement. I was definitely feeling the hunger every single minute.

However, after 4 days, the “pain” became bearable and I started to eat less by myself. We are now done with our intense week of soup and I can say that I definitely eat less than I was before and I am more in control of my envy for sweets. I must say that getting to 178 lbs was the main reason why I have decided to keep some of those good habits. On the other hand, I will continue to eat meat!!!! I missed it so much!

Author: Mike.

Image source: Sandy Austin

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Check out “the primal blueprint” and “good calories bad calories” – might change your thinking on eating and what is good food for you.


You should check out “Primal Blueprint”; or read the “Transcend” blook, there are a lot of great posts on that blog about a healthier way of eating, but basically the main point is that in general people eat too many carbs, salts, sugars, and not enough healthy fats or protein 😉

I personally couldn’t go without some occasional junk food, but I do feel much better now that I eat mainly vegetables, fruits, healthy meats and fats; for example a good breakfast for me is a couple of eggs, which to me is a lot healthier than a sugar-laden cereal 😉 When our body has access to so much free, easily digested energy, it’s not going to even consider burning fat, but store it instead. For example, you said your diet is a detox but your breakfast was still basically 100% carbs aside from the milk. 😉 In fact, your day seems to consist of mainly carbs with not much protein and no fat at all…

Just some food for thought!

Actually, here’s one of the detox sites that a friend sent me:

I’ll have to ask my friend after a couple of more weeks, but this one allows you to eat healthy fats and proteins, and doesn’t recommend you eat only carbs (in facts, most carbs are sworn off for the first week).

by: The Financial Blogger | March 29th, 2010 (12:01 pm)

Thx guys! I’ll take a look into it!

in the meantime, it was still good enough to get rid of a few extra pounds 😉

One major thing to avoid is High fructose corn syrup- that stuff wreaks havoc on your system, your cholesterol goes up, the fat level in your blood goes up etc…

We have it everywhere, unfortunately (processed foods, pop, juices), but it sounds like you avoid it anyway =)

That’s a huge drop in a short time! Keep avoiding the carbs (like the above commenters recommend) and I’m sure you’ll keep the weight off

I bet a lot of the weight you lost was muscle mass. You’d be better off eating some lean protein ( chicken, turkey, fish) and continuing to eat veggies and nuts and nothing else. That is all you need to eat for the rest of your life. Detox and such offer a quick return but a daily investment for the rest of your life will yield better returns ( even if it offers less exciting conversation at the party)
Eat all the vegetables you want, a fist size portion of protein at every meal and some nuts and a little fruit.
Voila, healthy weight and actual health all at once!

by: The Financial Blogger | March 31st, 2010 (6:36 am)

If I wasn’t training during that week, I would say that you are probably right. But I did weight during the whole week (4 times) so I didn’t lose any strength (i.e. muscle mass). I guess this is why it was so painful 😉

What I find out is avoiding refined foods really helps with all aspects of your health. My wife found out she cannot eat wheat so we don’t have bread. in the house I have lost 40 pounds and feel 25 years younger.

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