March 19, 2009, 5:00 am

A Little Bit More about Money and Happiness

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where-is-carsI am writing this post right after coming back from Disney on Ice with my older one. He’s 3 and a half and he is all about Flash McQueen. So we thought it would be a great idea to buy tickets and go see the show (yep, in the middle of my MBA week of study…there is nothing like Tinkerbell’s skirt to change your mind 😉 ).

So my first thought about money and happiness remains: How would I be able to see to make my son so happy and see the magic in his eyes while looking at the show if I couldn’t afford:

-$150 for the 3 tickets (I feel ripped)

-$20 for a parking spot (I feel violated!)

-$20 for the babysitter (Amy is only 18 months, she can’t go to a 2 hours show yet)

-$40 for the restaurant before the show (due to time issue and traffic, we had to eat at a restaurant)

sooo $230 for the evening…

While I was sitting in the Bell center, I was making two conclusions:

#1 If we have a recession in Quebec, there are a lot of people that are not aware of it! The amphitheatre was full. This is definitely a good sign they are still a lot of people making good money to attend to this kind of show.

#2 The over consumption lifestyle we are driving our kids into is pure madness. I was ok going at the show and at the restaurant to make a super nice evening for my son. However, looking at other parents buying all kind of stupidity (and it’s $15 minimum per stupid gadget) for their kids discouraged me. In some cases, kids were a having so many toys that they were too busy playing with them to watch the show!!

Money can bring happiness and make a regular weekday evening magic, but buying everything we see just for the sake of not having our kids screaming as something pervert related to it! The good news is that my son didn’t ask for anything (we would not have buy it anyway! The purpose of the evening was to go see a show, not buying crap!).

Unfortunately, at the end of the show, I felt somewhat frustrated. We got 10 minutes late at the show because we were stalled at the restaurant (very bad table management on that night!). While we thought we only missed the intro, we realized at the end of the show that we missed the only 10 minutes (over 2 hours) with Flash McQueen!!!!!

So the story ends thinking that money can bring happiness, but you better be on time if you want to be fully happy 😉

image source: Flickr

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by: Traciatim | March 19th, 2009 (5:51 am)

Wait, who is flash McQueen, is it Lightning McQueen’s long lost brother or something?

Haha! Well aparently that he change his name for Flash in the French version (by the way, Flash is not a French word either…I love tradfuctors!)

Good for you, enjoy your money. Money doesn’t buy happiness per se, but it can bring you happiness.

FB I live in Montreal as well and just the other day I was actually discussing with my girlfriend: recession… what recession in Quebec? The mall parking lot where I was waiting for her was packed! I certanly don’t see any slowdown in the Quebec people’s spending habbit.
And it has always been a reason to wonder how people in this “more poor province” as it is regarded can go about paying so much for these kind of things. It seems to me every little insignificant thing costs a lot when you start adding them up. Yet people still find a way. Maybe they run up their credit cards, however if you try to have no debts but still live up to this thing it’s very very hard.

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