January 19, 2011, 5:00 am

A Day In My Life

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a day in my life

I was going through all the suggestions you gave me for topic from my latest contest and there are a few that are repeated continuously:

#1 How to make money online

#2 How do you manage your time

While I definitely take a look at mixing Finance & Making money online with The Financial Blogger, I want to dedicate this post to time management. This is probably one of the biggest challenges one faces in his life; manage your time among work, family, friends… and now starting a business to reach financial freedom!

Am I Superman? Nope.

Am I workaholic? Nope (I used to be but not anymore)

Am I about to burn out? Hell no! I’m in top shape and well rested.

So how do you do it? I don’t know; so I’ll let you figure it out. Here’s my daily schedule (4 days a week).

4h30: RING A LING!

This is the time I wake up 4 days a week when I work at the bank. It’s darn early but I found it easier to get up at 4h30 than at 6 or 7am. I guess it has to do with the sleep cycle. Don’t frown, you should try it a few days, you will see that it’s easier than you think.

I wake up at 4h30 and do the following in this very specific order: quick shower (very hot water, no soap, just to wake me up), start with coffee and eat my favorite breakfast; Breakfast Pita with Nutella. I spend about 10-15 minutes on my laptop looking at 3 very specific things; my daily income (yeah!), my daily stats (yeah!) and my hockey pool ranking (oh yeah baby!). Then I leave.

5am: Relax and enjoy the ride

I have to drive 1 hour to get to work. This seems very long for some but in fact, at 5am, I don’t get any traffic so it’s very pleasant. This is the time of my day where I think of what I am going to do. I make my schedule in my head while listening to podcasts or simply the morning guys on the radio when I’m tired.

6am: Work it up!

When you wake up that early, you need something to boost you up. Some people use coffee, I prefer going to the gym for an hour. I’m burning down both my stress and my fat at the same time ;-). It gives me the energy I need to get through my day as well.

7h30: Time to write

As I mentioned before in my pillar post on how to manage several blogs without burning out, I have a list with a bunch of ideas on my USB key. I then pick any topic (just like this morning) and start writing. I write until 8h30-9am depending on how well my inspiration goes. During that time, I have turned my computer at work but I haven’t looked at my email, my files or my work schedule. Writing is what counts; put everything aside. Distractions are easy to find, ignore them!

9am: Time to work!

I have already resumed my day as a financial planner, so I’ll skip this part since you can read this previous post. The important thing to remember is that when you work; YOU WORK! It’s nice to be social and have a second coffee with people but this is taking you away from your main goal; reaching financial freedom. Do you prefer making friends at work (that will change every 2 years anyways) or build a solid income stream that will make you financially independent? I obviously chose the latter.

The funniest part is that most people at work really like me. I spend my lunch time talking to people and “making friends at work”. You need time to relax as well. Lunch hour is made for this ;-).

4pm: Time to leave!

I have a work agreement where I can leave at 4pm (as long as my clients are happy). I do this 3 days a week and work until 7pm the other day. This is how I can cope with my hours and not leave anything behind. I am able to avoid most traffic once again but it usually takes about 1h20 to make it home. During this time, I listen to the music I love or the radio. I don’t want to think about my job or my company… just relax!

5h30-8h: Bunch of stuff happening!

When I get home, my kids are usually watching TV. So either they leave it and we play together or they keep watching and I clean my email with my laptop in the kitchen while my wife is preparing supper. Since I manage my email throughout the day with my BlackBerry, I only have to clean my stuff once I get home and I don’t have many people to answer. I usually check my company in general for about 30 minutes and then spend time with my family. I also prepare my clothes and my coffee for the next morning.

8pm: Relax / Work / Hockey?

Depending on the evening, I either relax with my wife in front of the TV, work with my laptop when she is watching shows I don’t like or studying or, best of all: watch hockey (while working with my laptop). I love watching sports while working; it’s fun and relaxing while I get things done at the same time. My wife likes it as well as it gives her time to read or do anything else.

10~11; Go To Bed!

As you can see, I don’t need much sleep to be fully functional. I used to sleep between 9 to 10 hours a day. Now, with 5-6 hours, it is more than enough. I recover on Wednesdays (my online company day) and on weekends when I usually wake up around 7 to 8am.

The Secret of Time Management… What Secret?

I don’t know if there is a secret to time management. The only thing I know is that I apply the Pareto Principle and that when I do something, I DO SOMETHING… not 10 things at the same time. Concentration definitely helps one achieve more stuff in your day. The rest is only a matter of organization!

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Really, really informative post.. I really dont’ know why, but I like to read about how people spend their day – especially people I would like to regard to as ‘successful’.

As a hockey player myself in Eastern Canada (goalie in PEI) – I know all about the hockey on TV while working (I do part-time photography work).

Anyhow, your idea about getting up early intrigued me.. I’m far from a morning person – but could definitely use a few more hours in the day.. have you always done this?

Also.. so.. umm.. when do you was with actual soap? ha ha ha 😉

by: The Financial Blogger | January 19th, 2011 (2:45 pm)

soap is after the gym… I wouldn’t get much clients at the bank without it 😉 lol!

You’re definitely an inspiration. I remember days like this but I’ve never gotten up that early (except for this morning, which was a completely different type of schedule). I’m going to try to plot out my days like this in the upcoming weeks.

Awesome post! You’re a machine!! A lot of people I know work out in the morning too (or go for a run). I guess it’s better to work out before work than after… you can get those endorphins working for you.

I should try and go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. My sleeping pattern these days is like sleeping at 0100 and then waking up at 7 in the morning, in which I almost fall asleep again getting to work!

You’re right about trying to stay focused and not let distractions get to you. I’m really bad for that! I mulit task away and become easily distracted.

Thanks for sharing The Day in the Life of a successful PF blogger 🙂

I don’t know why I didn’t comment when I first read this but I really enjoyed reading it. It was motivational and inspiring to learn how you are able to accomplish so much on so many sites while working full time and having a family.

I’m definitely impressed by how you do it!

by: The Financial Blogger | January 25th, 2011 (9:05 pm)


thx for your kind words! I hope you will be able to optimize your schedule too!

I haven’t tried working out in the mornings too much. Maybe it’s what I need for a boost! I’m also impressed by how you manage everything. It does seem like you only work 27 hours a week at your job? For those of us that have to do 37 to 40 it’s a bit tougher to find the extra time, though it’s still possible.

by: The Financial Blogger | February 5th, 2011 (8:55 am)

@Invest it Wisely,

I actually work about 33 hours.
I don’t take a full hour lunch (usually 30 minutes is enough) and I work until 7pm on Thursdays at work.

I actually use a similar way as the one explaine in the 4 hour workweek to convince my boss that I could work less hours and get more done 😉