May 12, 2008, 6:00 am

A Day In A Life Of A MBA Doer

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: MBA
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I am almost done with my second full time MBA session and I thought it would be interesting to give you an idea of what life with a MBA looks like. It could be of great help for people who are not quite sure if they should start one or not. The goal is not to discourage anybody 😉 However, I am being honest, I like living this way!




5:15 AM

As the radio goes on, I am wondering what the hell I am doing; waking up before birds start signing! I grab a bagel and sit in front of my computer; I have readers to take care of 😉 I work on TFB while I’m having breakfast and I read emails sent overnight by my other MBA colleagues. Then I got to go in order to catch up my bus at 6:15.


7:10 AM

I’m sweating like a pig, trying to run faster than that stupid piece of rubber rolling below my feet. In order to keep my mind clear, I go to the gym three times a week (but most of the time it’s twice a week as I can’t always wake up at 5AM!). I’ve been writing in the bus for a good 40 minutes, it’s time to change my mind before I start working.


8:30 AM

I get in the branch; it’s almost empty as most people start around 9. I get my things set up and I print one or two things regarding my MBA. While I prepare my day, I look at my next presentation on the next Saturday.


5:00 PM

What? The day is gone already? Did I forget to tell you what I do for lunch? Not really; it’s because I take only 20 minutes and then I go back to work. With a young family, I don’t want to come back home late. It’s time for another bus ride. I won’t be able to write as my brain crashed in a brick wall a few minutes ago. I’ll open my accounting book instead 😉 It is much more relaxing!


6:00 PM

Time is up for my second shift: being a daddy from 6 to 8 and then disguise myself as a hubby for another 2 hours. I really enjoy this part of the day as I can play with my kids and I completely disconnect from the rest of my crazy life.


10:00 PM

Back to my computer. Everybody is asleep and I can start working on my MBA. I always cheat a bit and spend about half an hour on TFB before I get to my stuff. Last week I wrote my accounting paper; we had to go through 4 years of RIM financial statement in order to determine what are their accounting policies in term of litigation estimates, stock options cost, presentation of intangible assets, pressure of performance from the stock market and the effect of a stronger Canadian dollar on their business mostly done in US dollar.


12:00 AM

It’s time to pull off the plug and get some sleep. I obviously won’t be able to wake up at 5 tomorrow morning. I’ll skip the gym and wake up at 6:30. Anyway, even if I would like to sleep-in, I have 2 alarm backups that wake up at anytime between 5:30 and 6:30 😉


So If you have a young family and you are eager to succeed in your career while doing a MBA, this what is waiting. I personally don’t think it’s too much. It’s all about time management.


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by: TKO from Ontario | May 14th, 2008 (8:29 am)

Massive Respect on you time management Financial Blogger.

I must admit that my own work, family life and CGA studies are kicking my ass.

Any time management tips are welcome.

Best regards,

TKO from Ontario

by: The Financial Blogger | May 14th, 2008 (9:08 pm)

I think I will think about how I manage my time and write a series on that!

thx for the idea!

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And here’s my take on the academic life on the MBA 🙂

by: ZooMN Financial | August 25th, 2008 (3:55 pm)


Great blog. I am going through the same things right now as I start my 3rd semester (4th & 5th) classes next week. I work full time as a financial analyst, have a wife and 16 month old at home and laso run a consulting business that is 90% tax work in January – April.

Good luck and I will be following your progress.