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Best Stock Pick Competition Q3



I’m taking a small break from longer articles today as we announce the results of our stock picking competition for the third quarter of the year.


At the beginning of the year, a bunch of financial bloggers got together and picked 4 stocks (Canadian or US, ETF included). Each quarter we post our results. Dividend are included in the investment return calculation.


5N PLUS (VNP) -58.48%

This is obviously the reason why I’m still in the cave for this year’s contest. I’ve bet on the fact that VNP has a strong history in its field and that it is a dominant player. Unfortunately, they bought a company that was way bigger than them last year…. And this company is based in Europe! With the current crisis, they saw their profits going bust and so the stock plunged. It is slowly recuperating but it won’t be enough to finish in the positive side L. I was hoping that a company would buy them out early in 2012… that was before they posted terrible financial results L.


National Bank (NA) +6.36%

This was a logical and safe pick. In fact, National Bank stock has been the most profitable Canadian bank for an investor for the past 10 years. They continue their aggressive growth by acquisition strategy and they are definitely on the right track to continue. I’m confident that NA will continue to rack up some good profit in the future.


Intel Corp (INTC) -4.34%

Everything was going well for INTC until recently. The global economic slowdown forced them to cut their 2013 outlook at the beginning of September. The stock automatically dropped by a few dollars. It was enough to bring INTC in negative territory year-to-date. On the other side, good financial results in the next quarter could easily push back INTC on the positive side. Techno stocks tend to fluctuate these days.


Chevron (CVX) +12.28%

With the recent announcement of QE3, the oil barrel went up and so does CVX. The market hopes that this new round of quantitative easing will boost up the economy and Chevron will definitely part of the companies that will benefit the most from this impact. CVX is a solid company posting constant financial results. I can’t say that I don’t appreciate their dividend either!


The best stock in our competition is Apple (APPL). 2 bloggers hold it in their portfolio and they are occupying the #1 and #2 spot in the competition. What a surprise, huh? I’m holding the second worst pick (VNP), Beating the index is holding the worst pick (SCS with -65.78%). No wonder why we are sitting on the last two spots of this competition! As you can see, when you only have 4 stocks in your portfolio, 1 stock is enough to bring you to the top or drag you to the bottom!


Here are the Results:


You simply have to click on the blogger’s name to see his pick and read his post. :


Where Does all My Money Go [1] 21.99%

Intelligent Speculator [2] 17.52%

My Traders Journa [3]l 10.67%

Dividend Growth Investor [4] 10.39%

Dividend Mantra 5.32%

Million Dollar Journey [5] 4.49%

The Passive Income Earner [6] 1.34%

Wild Investor -2.21%

The Financial Blogger -11.04% (ouch!)

Beating The Index [7] -13.77%


I’m actually doing a lot better with my dividend stock pick in my own portfolio! This is why I’ve recently launch a dividend growth book focusing on 3 major concerns:


#1 How to build and manage your portfolio with simple and practical strategies

#2 How to invest in foreign stocks considering tax implication and investing account types

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