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Investing Carnival #15 – Relationship Edition

Investing in stocks and mutual funds is like having relationships with different people. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes you like them, sometimes you are not sure if you can trust them or not. These days, your relationship with investment must be pretty chaotic; like a bad marriage 😉

Editor’s Pick


Nurseb911 presents 15 Simple Solutions: [2] posted at Triaging My Way To Financial Success [3]. This is a great start for people who want to invest… or start a new relationship?

The Shark Investor presents Where Is Dirt, There Is Cash [4] posted at The Shark Investor [5]. I always say that there is no free lunch in life!

Steve Alexander presents The Week Capitalism Failed [6] posted at MagicDiligence – Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Strategy [7]. An interesting analysis of what happened.

Trying to hit the cutest girl / boy



We are sometimes tempted to get into a bar and try to talk to the cutest girl/boy on the dance floor. We know that we don’t have much chance, but if it ever works, it’s going to be the night of our life. Choosing the perfect investment may get you the investment return of your life:

Dan presents 500% Target Return: Apple Debit Spreads [10] posted at Everyday Finance [11].

Jose DeJesus presents Market Neutral Funds – Hedge Funds for the masses [12] posted at Physician Entrepreneur [13].

Timothy Lutts presents Sequenom: A Great Biotech Stock [14] posted at The Iconoclast Investor [15].

Dividend Growth Investor presents Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) Dividend Stock Analysis [16] posted at Dividend Growth Investor [17].

Dividends4Life presents Stock Analysis: Johnson Controls (JCI) [18] posted at Dividends4Life [19].

Saj Karsan presents Barel Karsan: World Wrestling Pays! [20] posted at Barel Karsan [21].

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Make Money During a Slow Economy [22] posted at Bugs Munny [23].

Disciplined Investing presents Finding Value In The Financial Sector [24] posted at Disciplined Approach to Investing [25]

Long Term Relationship

When you are planning to get married, have children, buy a house and a dog, you are planning to have a long relationship with your wife / husband. Planning your retirement or trying to make money with investments over a long period of time are very similar relationships with your investments:


LAL presents Retirement savings a fool’s bet? [27] posted at LivingAlmostLarge [28].

Contrarian Profits presents 5 Reasons Why Stocks and Commodities Will Soar Over Next 9 Months [29] posted at Contrarian Profits [30].

Cade Krueger presents How Do I Find A Small Business Franchise Opportunity [31] posted at Small Business Franchise Opportunity [32].

FIRE Finance presents Early Retirement Case Study – My Dollar Plan Retires At 29 [33] posted at FIRE Finance [34].

KCLau presents 8 Money Principles To Stay Bad Debt Free [35] posted at KCLau’s Money Tips [36].

John Hunter presents Stock Market Decline [37] posted at Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog [38].

The Smarter Wallet presents Freshman Fund: Save For College With A 529 Plan Registry [39] posted at The Smarter Wallet [40].

Emotion Control


When you are in a relationship, you must control your emotions. Over reacting to an event can lead to a lot of pain. While investing, selling everything because the market is down one day can be very painful as well:

Kacper Wrzesniewski presents Investing: How to control your emotions? [42] posted at KacperWrzesniewski.com [43].

Tushar Mathur presents Are you disappointed with your mutual fund investments? [44] posted at Invest In India [45].

Diane Saarinen presents Autumn Equinox Blessing for Wall Street [46] posted at Wavelength Tarot [47].

Tyler presents Are Dividend Investors Idiots? | Personal Finance 101 [48] posted at Dividend Money [49].

Upside Trader presents This Won’t Stick [50] posted at upsidetrader [51].

Kevin presents CGM Focus: A Perfect Example of Why Chasing Returns is Foolish [52] posted at No Debt Plan [53].

Lazy Man presents $700 Billion Bailouts – Is My Money Safe? [54] posted at Lazy Man and Money [55].


Steve Alexander presents The Week Capitalism Failed [6] posted at MagicDiligence – Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Strategy [7].

Michael presents Real Estate Investing Startpoints: Negotiation, Legality, and Referrals [56] posted at Small Business Blog [57].

Master Your Card presents The Costs of Apartment Living [58] posted at Master Your Card [59].

Image sources: flickzzz.com [60], justjared [61], courier-journal.com [62], The Johnsville News [63] , betterbutler.com [64]

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9 Comments To "Investing Carnival #15 – Relationship Edition"

#1 Comment By Diane On September 30, 2008 @ 6:26 am

Thanks so much for including me in your very interesting group of articles! Although I do believe my post may have put the “carnival” in blog carnival 😉

Have a great day!

#2 Comment By Nurseb911 On September 30, 2008 @ 7:28 am

Great Job Hosting!

I even made it as an Editor’s Pick. That’s a great idea for hosting the carnival next time that I’ll have to keep in mind. I really like the personal touch & pictures, your hard work shows

#3 Comment By Dividends4Life On September 30, 2008 @ 7:54 am

Thanks for hosting this weeks carnival and including my Stock Analysis on Johnson Controls (JCI).

Best Wishes,

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#5 Comment By Dividend Growth Investor On September 30, 2008 @ 9:09 am


Thanks a lot for hosting the investing carnival with an original theme.

Great job on this event!

Dividend Growth Investor

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#7 Comment By David Leggett On October 1, 2008 @ 1:21 pm

Thanks for all the great links, Mike (?)

New here, and already a subscriber. Looking forward to more!

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