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Financial Super Powers Series: Time Control and Super Speed

When I was a kid (which means 4 years ago according to my wife!), I was a huge fan of X-men, Spider-man and Batman. I grew up with them, thinking that someday I would discover some super powers. As any other kids, I wanted to be special. Based on this premise, I started thinking about which super powers could be useful in the personal finance world. This is where I came up with the idea of writing a series on Financial Super Powers [1].

time control [2]

Time Control

Have you ever wish to stop time when you are doing day trading or time travel 20 years ago and buy Microsoft shares? I wish I could! Since I can’t, I learned how to control time and it my friend. Over the years, I learn how to manage time efficiently. I am now able to do my MBA [3], start a business [4], write my financial planner exam along with my two kids and my new job. And I am not working 80 hrs a week.

How can you do it? First of all you need to determine your priorities. My boss asked me during my interview the following question: “what would you do if you have 5 tasks taking 2 hours each and you only have 3 hours to do them?”. The answer is quite easy: you do the most important thing first. Use the Paretto law (20% of effort will give you 80% of the result).

By planning your week ahead, you will avoid a lot of delays between two tasks. If you need to write 2 papers, take 4 hours in a row to do it. There is a lot of time wasted by getting settled to work on something. Don’t try to do everything at the same time (unless you have a wireless phone along with a computer on the side 😉 ). Concentrate on what you are doing, you are going to do it faster.

Avoid any unnecessary travels. You need to optimize your time by always cutting on driving, metro and buses. And when you can’t, do something while your moving (if you use to drive, park your car in the garage, take the bus and buy yourself a laptop with the money saved on gas).

Super Speed

In order to be faster, you can also develop skills that will enable you to do things faster. For example, you can practice speed reading and try to improve your reading skills. It is well known that fast readers are not only able to finish a book in a record time but they also memorize more information out of it. In today’s modern world, improving your typing skills is definitely a must.

flash [5]

I was lucky enough to have key typing classes at high school. Today, I type almost as fast as a professional secretary (between 200 and 250 letters / minutes). Can you imagine how much time you can save on emails, papers and memos? Tons of minutes!!

If you combing a fast typing skill to a wireless handset, you just gain super speed at work! There are tons of small key typing tutors and software on the web. Just google “key typing tutors” or “key typing software” and take the time to do all the exercices. This is the way I learn!

Another way to look like flash in your daily life is to learn how to take notes. No words are necessary to write. Symbols and abbreviations can just do it find!

Finally, working virtually will optimize your way of managing your day. Print as less paper as possible. You will not only save trees but optimize your movement and computer windows flip way much faster than paper and “ctrl + F” is much more productive that looking with your eyes throughout a 20 pages report!

By developing those super abilities [1] you will gain a lot of time to do a lot more things 😀

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10 Comments To "Financial Super Powers Series: Time Control and Super Speed"

#1 Comment By fathersez On June 10, 2008 @ 7:48 am

This is a great article. I, too, am a product of reading X men, Iron Man and the whole lot of them. And I have had many dreams about going back in time and buying the Malaysian equivalent of Microsofts.

I also plan my time weekly. But I don’t have a MBA.


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#3 Comment By theWild1 On June 11, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

The ability to time travel and purchase shares of Google would just be the best thing ever.

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#5 Comment By MikeG On June 13, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

If you’re interested in increasing your time, try to sleep just 7 hours a night.. you will get about 3 extra working days worth of time each month, and supposedly you’ll live longer..

also read lifehacker for tweaks.

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