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Do You Want to Blog Full-Time? Here’s a Reality Check That Nobody Else Will Give You


Mike (TFB) Editorial not on this post:

“Before Martin wrote this 2 part articles, we had a great discussion. I didn’t change anything from his 2 articles but I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything he wrote. This is why I have decided to publish his 2 articles and reply later on this month with my own perception of the perspective of making money online. I’m looking forward to read your thoughts!”


Do you want to become a full-time Blogger? If you do then you NEED to read this article from top to bottom. It’s time to give everyone a reality check.I’ve never written a post upset before because I’m always in a good mood. I love to blog and to help others. Today I’m in an unusual mood. Let’s see how this goes.

Alright so if you’re a blogger you likely want to blog full-time. I know how it works. Pro Bloggers sell the dream. You can work from home and do whatever you want. You can work any hours that you want. [Correction: Working from home means you can work any 18 hours of the day that you choose.]

Did you go to FINCON11 this year? If you did, how motivated were you? How excited were you to be more EPIC? How much more PASSIONATE did you feel? Likely very. What have you done since then? It has been a month. You probably did a roundup of the event and bragged about how many people you met. Good for you. Do you think your readers care? Nope. Are you any closer to becoming a full-time blogger? I can tell you what you want to hear or I can be honest with you. The answer is NO.

Let’s get started with my story…

“I hate losing even more than I like winning.” – Moneyball, a great movie.

My first hardcore product launch.

I finally launched my first premium product over at Studenomics. I had a soft launch over at Passive Income Now with my real estate guide in the summer. I sold a few copies and it was a cool learning experience. From there I decided to consume every piece of literature on the internet on how to launch an eBook. I paid $97 for the, “How to Launch The **** Out of Your eBook” guide.

I worked on this product all summer. I spent all of my free time on research (because real guides need real research), and learning to improve my writing style.

How much did I invest in creating my own product? Let’s look at the costs.

What did I earn? How much money did I generate from this super helpful guide?

I was conservative with my estimates. I couldn’t sleep the week before the launch. The night before I went to bed an hour before the launch. As I was settling in for the night I wrote on my planner a conservative figure of 20 book sales. I figured that between 8 guest posts on popular blogs, Twitter followers, and my 1,400 RSS subscribers, I would EASILY sell 20. I woke up and realized that I had like 15 emails in my inbox. I was excited because I thought this was e-junkie notifying me of all of my sales. Whooooo! Nope just the usual crap from guest posters offering me a 300 word post. Get a life!

How many sales did I get? ZERO. Well to be specific it’s in the negatives as you can tell from my start up costs.

You see the problem is that bloggers love to write a transparency report when they succeed at something. When we were in grade two this was known as BRAGGING. Nobody ever sees the other side. I’m here to give it to you.

My friend I do NOT like to lose. Nor do I like to fail. Do you know what I hate the most? I hate to let my supporters down. This project was the first time that I got my girlfriend, friends, and family involved. I had friends proof read the guide. I had my girlfriend read it over, help me out with the sales page, and give me support. To be more specific, I don’t know how she put up with me all month. I spent every single moment jotting down notes or busting out my laptop to get some work done. Let’s just say that sometimes great ideas hit me at the WORST time.

All week after the launch my friends have been excited calling me to ask me how many copies I sold. They wanted to know if it was 20 or 30? It was ZERO. Do you know how embarrassing that is? One friend asked if I was a millionaire yet because he knows how hard I worked on this project. I’m sort of avoiding him because I don’t like the disappointed look that’s followed by a “better luck next time” bullshit line. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m 23 and on top of the world.

Before you give me your expert advice…

I bough the $97 eBook on “How to Launch The **** Out of Your eBook” and I downloaded like 20 workshops that the author made available. I went over everything with such great detail.

I consumed every piece of information on the topic from CopyBlogger, I went through all of Ramit Sethi’s psychology links he has bookmarked, and my girlfriend gave me her psychology tips from years of studies.

My product was based on extensive research. I went through every reader email and comment to see what common questions were. I didn’t just launch some random project that I thought was cool.

Long story short, I did my research.

A little about myself…

I don’t play for second place. I don’t feel sorry for myself.

I’m not some person that got in debt $30,000 because I couldn’t resist buying stupid shit on my credit card. I finished college. I got my degree. I didn’t drop out to “follow my passions” or to “channel my creative energy.” I hustled. Worked full-time hours, blogged all of the time, and studied my ass off to get strong grades. I didn’t get poor grades and then turn around to blame the system.

I bought a condo when I was in college when it was still in pre-construction. It was in an up and coming area. I saw potential and more importantly, I saw dollar signs.

Well it has gone up over $100,000! Now I bought a second condo. I rent out my first unit for $1,400 a month. I get to travel and do cool shit.

I also worked full-time hours every year of college. I was able to earn over $40,000 while I studied and went down south a few times a year to party hard while other people complained about the economy and sat around on Facebook stalking girls that they had no chance with.

I don’t like to lose and I don’t want to be apart of something that sucks.

I consumed everything..

I swear to you I have consumed every piece of material on working for yourself and following your passions.

What books did I read on the topic of entrepreneurship?

I didn’t stop with books. I took all of these online courses. I paid for:

  1. Earn1k with Ramit Sethi
  2. The Hustle Project with Adam Baker and Corbett Barr.

I’ve read everything out there on working for yourself because I’m very excited with the idea of working on my own projects and helping people. I now realize that it’s more realistic to get a real fucking job.

Selling the dream..

Everybody wants to follow their passions and read the next guide on how you can follow your passions. We all want to be “our own boss” and work on our own terms.

There’s a reason that Pat Flynn makes more in one month than most of us will make in a year from blogging. He sells the dream. We sign up for his affiliate links and he continues to live the dream while we work full-time jobs and walk around like zombies because we were up all night blogging.

Why won’t anyone else give you this reality check? Because then they wouldn’t be able to sell their consulting services to you or to push affiliates on you.

Pat Flynn made $12,600 from Bluehost on readers in September. The dream is being sold and we are all buying it.

[FYI, this is not an attack. I love Smart Passive Income and continue to read it on a daily basis. Actually it’s my favorite blog. Whenever Pat releases a premium product I will be the FIRST person to buy it. It can be ANYTHING. I would purchase sand on the beach from Pat because he deserves every penny. I’m just saying that we need to take action instead of chasing dreams that are unrealistic.]

 Making money online.

I tried every strategy for making money with blogging. In three years you can really test everything out. Three years is a lot of time to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Google Adsense.

It’s sort of tough to rank high for any decent keywords. Plus I want to help my real readers instead of worrying on some random keywords. I usually make the monthly payout for Adsense. My record month was close to $400, nothing compared to others.


How many credit cards or bank accounts can you promote? I’ve had good results with affiliates and plan on pushing more credit card offers because it seems that my readers would rather sign up for credit cards than learn how to conquer their credit. More credit card offers it is!

Creating products.

Well you know how that went…

Funny story, one day a reader emailed me to tell me that he loves my blog. Then he asked me why I even bothered with it. We got on the phone and he told me how he makes thousands per month from promoting credit cards and creating niche sites. He said he loves the idea of writing for readers but doesn’t get it. I didn’t want to get blinded by the dollars since you know, “follow your passions and the money will follow.”

I told him that I love to help people. I guess people don’t love my help.

Stay tuned…

Thanks for reading this far. Please do NOT leave any motivational quotes or anything like that. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me.

I’m nowhere close be to being done my friends. I got a lot left to say. I hope you join me next week. What can you expect next week?

In the mean time you can BUY A COPY [1] of my premium guide on how you can Completely Conquer Credit [1]. It doesn’t show you how to follow your passions or how to set epic goals. It WILL save you thousands of dollars in your 20s. This is money that you can spend on following your passions eCourses.

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#1 Comment By Poor Student On January 26, 2012 @ 10:51 pm

I have no intention of blogging full time. I would be happy with making $10 a month from it. Anything really. I actually really do enjoy posting, even if my opinion is appropriately less valuable to people than almost every other blog a person can read on the web. Maybe some day I might start making a little money, which was the reason I started my little blog. But I have come to find it fun and exciting to write stuff that someone else might happen upon and actually benefit from.

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