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How Many Sites Do I Own? I Don’t Even Know!

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Following up on my TFB income monthly reports, several people asked me: How many blogs do I own? First things first, I must say that I have other web properties that are not blogs, so we must talk about sites and not only blogs. While my financial blogs are the core of my business, I do have several other income streams. The funniest part is that I am not even sure how many websites and domain names we have in our “bank”. I don’t really count them as we have several projects that we have left behind or that are not developed yet.

In fact, we have about 100 web properties.

Yup… 100 domains registered under our umbrella.

Why have so many domains? Some say that it’s a waste of money, waste of server space and a waste of time. I completely disagree with them. In fact, if I could have 300 web properties today, I would be the happiest guy on earth. In fact, there are many reasons why having so many domains is a good thing:

#1 Income diversification

The biggest advantage of running so many websites is definitely diversification. If one of my sites is hacked or shut down temporarily, only a part of my income will be affected. If a specific business model stops working or is less successful, here again, it won’t affect all my income streams.

I like having several income streams because, as you have probably noticed, there is often a dip in traffic or income in any given month. One article gets mentioned, you get a nice spot with an affiliate, etc. Well the more you have websites, the more chances you have to get noticed more than once a month. My latest experience was a great post I wrote on The Dividend Guy Blog; What Happened in the Dividend World of 2010 and What is Coming in 2011 [2]. This article was mentioned by Seeking Alpha and I got tons of visits (and double my normal Adsense income day for 2 days in a row!). Last time, the same thing happened with an article of Intelligent Speculator [3]… and soon The Financial Blogger [4] will probably be mentioned somewhere ;-).

#2 Building the future

When we launched Do Not Wait!, [5] we did it 3 years after purchasing the domain name. We liked the domain name at that time but we didn’t have a clear idea or the time to take care of it. So we just bought it and add the .com to our portfolio. 3 years later, we have now built a strong website on an older domain name.

We do have several “rough gems” such as www.getlocaltraffic.com [6]. We haven’t started this site yet (and we don’t have any near term view on it either). However, I know one thing; local traffic is going to be very big in a few years. As the internet is growing, we now see it as a main advertising media for most businesses. Just think about how many times you search for a restaurant, hotel, dentist, etc in your area? Do you ask your friends? Maybe. Do you open the yellow pages and start searching? Maybe. But you certainly google it first!

#3 Building passive income

Running financial blogs is very interesting, very profitable…  but very time consuming at the same time. There is an obvious limit to the content I can create in a day (you have already seen my schedule [7] 😉 ). As I  previously mentioned in my 2011 blogging goals [8]; I’m working on niche site creation. The goal is to build an interesting and complete website on a very specific topic. My first 2 niche sites are:

Home Security System Canada [9] (that was based on my first Reliance Protectron Review [10])

Second Hand Saddles [11] HQ (born from my VA’s passion for horse riding)

As you can see, they are not finished yet and several things need to be tweaked before they are up and running. However, I told you that I was opening the doors and windows of my business. Well, I’m trying to stand up to my statement ;-).

I’m currently building more niche websites as Home Security Systems Canada is already getting traffic and making money irregardless that it’s not finished yet. Therefore, while I’m finishing this one for March, I have already the next 2 niche websites started in the Money Making Machine Manufacturer Process.  I’ll actually share more inside information about my niche websites and how I build them. I’m just waiting to have more data to share my success and failures in this process.

#4 Selling web properties opportunities

Another great thing I like about having so many websites is that I always have the opportunity to sell one at a higher price and use this money to buy a bigger website or improve existing ones. And if I sell one of my big income producers, it creates resources to build another website (this is what I did with Do Not Wait) that I have waiting in my portfolio.

This is actually how I keep enough “oil” in the “engine” of my money making machines. There is always something ready to roll. I just have to look at my portfolio of websites and pick one to develop ;-).

If you are still curious about my online company structure, I suggest you read M-35 Explained [12]. It will tell you where I am heading.



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6 Comments To "How Many Sites Do I Own? I Don’t Even Know!"

#1 Comment By Evan On February 21, 2011 @ 1:37 pm

How do you keep track of all them? Do you have a huge dry/erase board somewhere?

#2 Comment By The Financial Blogger On February 21, 2011 @ 3:39 pm

@ Evan,
do keep track of them in our GoDaddy account 😉

#3 Comment By Mike- Saving Money Today On February 21, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

I have about a dozen or so domains registered. A handful are up and generating revenue but most are just ideas on the drawing board. I guess I have more ideas than I have time to work on them!

#4 Comment By Invest It Wisely On February 22, 2011 @ 11:42 am

So how many actual active websites? 😛

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