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Financial Ramblings

As you are reading those lines, I am already in class for my MBA [1]. No rest for the wicked. We already started our 2nd semester and I did not even receive my marks from my previous class! I have four classes (one being divided by two) this time.

– Productivity

– Human Resources

– Accounting (2 classes)

in class [2]

This should be a great challenge as I plan to write my Certified Planner Exam at the same time. They technically offer the exam once a year but there is a strong rumour that the Institute of Financial Planner will add another date in May or June; right in the middle of my MBA exam. That’s going to be a great time! (sic)

I still have not gone back to the gym yet and I feel pretty guilty about it. Even my wife is working out on her brand new elliptical machine. I have to start again before I gain too much weight. Unfortunately, I am part of those people who gain weight just as watching somebody cooking. Going to the gym gives you this additional drive to achieve your goals. This is one of the most effective drugs and it’s legal!

Next Saturday, I’m going shopping for work clothe. I need to buy more suits and shirts and January is the perfect month to do so. The stores are dead so you are not pushed by anybody and there are some great rebates everywhere as everybody wants to get rid of their stuff from 2007.

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1 Comment To "Financial Ramblings"

#1 Comment By FourPillars On January 12, 2008 @ 10:00 am

Thanks for the link.

I wouldn’t stress out about the lack of exercise – you have a lot on your plate!