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Financial Ramblings

1. Couple Money is giving away a laptop for the first year anniversary [1].

2. Are you thinking of renovating your home? Money Smart Blog shows you how to determine the value of a home renovation [2].

3. Budgets Are Sexy asks if you remember your first time. Your first time tracking money that is [3].

4. Financial Samurai gives us the new rule for engagement ring buying [4].

5. Why are you enrolled in your college program? Green Panda Treehouse compares college studies on passion vs profit [5].

6. Have you considered cleaning your room for personal finances? [6] Sweating The Big Stuff offers up an interesting anecdote.

7. How do you treat your 401(k). Generation X Finance suggests that you don’t treat your 401(K) like a savings account [7].

8. Do you have financial goals? Good Financial Cents offers 5 financial goals for baby boomers [8].

9. We all spend our money in different ways. PT Money tells us 15 ways we shouldn’t spend our money [9].

10. Len Penzo offers us gold selling tips [10].

11. The Canadian Finance Blog takes a look at the Marginal Tax Rate [11].

12. Are you ready for this Christmas? It’s time you start looking at your Christmas budget [12].

13. We all know that a credit score is very important. Check out 5 ways to improve your credit score fast [13].

14. We all have different eating habits. Some of us enjoy to eat more healthier food than others. Look at organic eating on a budget [14] to save on your food bill.

15. Are you aware of the 2010 estate tax rules? [15] Check out this informative post from Joe Tax Payer.

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