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Valentine’s Day is coming J While several people think Valentine’s Day is just a commercial Holiday to spend more money (gotta start the capitalism engine, don’t we?), I still like to celebrate it with a good meal and an evening with my wife… without the kids!

I started a new training program at the gym in order to cut all non necessary fat on my body. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I started last Thursday and I was 184 lbs. Tracking it on my blog will help to keep my motivation to a higher level ;-).

Here are some great reads for this weekend:

Four Pillars is suggesting a few ways to find love [2] (he didn’t mention buying your wife on a Russian website… weird !?!)

Intelligent Speculator compares investing in one country’s currency or market index [3]… the result is quite surprising!

Canadian Capitalist thinks another “lost decade” is possible [4]. This would make my life as a financial planner very… very… very difficult 😉

Find out about the trading secret of the 52 weeks high rule [5] in this new video.

Home bias decisions [6] when it comes to diversification by Where does all my money go? I must admit that I love the Canadian market… maybe just become I am Canadian?

10 ways to save on Valentine’s Day [7] by Canadian Finance Blog and breaking up was not part of it 😉

Save money on your car [8], thx to Million Dollar Journey!

Dividend stocks and their limitations [9] at the Dividend Guy

Build your own vacation near your place [10] at Sqwakfox… she’s cheating! She lives in Beautiful British Columbia!

What is a good credit score? [11] By Studenomics (better check it out before spending all your money on credit cards during Valentine’s Day!)

The difference between tax return by hand or with a software [12] with ABC’s of investing. I prefer using an accountant!

Should you use your savings to pay off your debts [13] at My Dollar Plan. I think that you should pay off your high interest debts instead of leaving your money in a ING account at 1%!

Iphone Money management Apps [14] at GreenPanda Threehouse

Divorce and Credit 101 [15] at The Wisdom Journal (funny enough to read this before Valentine’s Day ;-).

Getting busy on Valentine’s Day [16] (for single) at The Financial Samurai… ahhh the good old days 😉

Financial Diet [17] by Bible Money Matters

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3 Comments To "Finanical Ramblings"

#1 Comment By Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog On February 13, 2010 @ 1:15 pm

Thanks for the mention Mike! I guess that could be the 11th way to save money!

#2 Comment By MD @ Studenomics On February 13, 2010 @ 2:39 pm

Thanks for the mention! I spent my money on a git my girlfriend didnt like lol.

#3 Comment By Four Pillars On February 13, 2010 @ 11:40 pm

Thanks for the link. Russians eh?