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5 Tricks for a Smooth Back to School – A lot of Changes This Year

Back to SchoolLast weekend was the “Back To School” weekend: our kids were going back to daycare after having the summer off, my wife registered to start a certificate in psychology and received the textbook and me… me? Starting a master’s degree in e-commerce? Nope! I’m not going back to school this fall 😉 However, I am starting a new schedule with more time available to spend on my online business:-D

I actually love fall. This is probably my favourite season. I don’t know why but the cool breeze, leaves turning red and the shorter days ending in total darkness give me some kind of energy; inspiration. So while I am quite excited to start a new schedule, there were a lot of changes in the house over the past 2 weeks. In order to make sure we were ready to “go back to school”, I pulled out a few tricks to help ensure your return is a success:

#1 Prepare mentally

Being parents, you get a lot of practice thinking of the well-being of your little angels. Since we discussed with William and Amy that they were going back to daycare after 3 months off, we also thought it would be a good idea to prepare mentally to go back to school as well. My wife finished school about 5 years ago. This will be her first class since then. She is excited about it but also a bit nervous. So after the discussion with our children, we spent a moment together talking about our new “school schedule”, about how and when to work/study and still spend quality family time together. It is important to have a powerful schedule [1], but you must also have balance.

#2 Prepare physically

We spent the last half of Sunday cleaning up our basement to make sure everyone has their own space to work. I needed a clear desk to make sure I don’t waste time looking for paper and resources while working (after all, a day per week is not much when you are trying to grow a business!). Then, my wife also needed a place where she can study. So we did a major clean up and our recycling bin will be full for the next 3 weeks! After toiling for hours, hiding stuff in your basement seems futile and you tend to get rid of everything ;-D

#3 Get your gear set for the night before Back to School

The very first day of back to school is always a mess. You want to be sure to not forget anything, you often leave the house late and frustrated. Last night, while one was bathing our children, the other was making coffee (essential!) for tomorrow morning, packing up for the kids and setting out clothes so we don’t have to run around desperately because “nothing fits”!

#4 Speak out your emotions

While packing up, we realized that William was starting his final year at the daycare. Next year, it will really be back to school season. The children are growing up and we suddenly realized it. He has become a little boy and he is not a baby anymore. It’s funny, it seems that going back to daycare affected us more than our kids! We became a bit emotional yesterday once they were asleep. For them, they will play with new friends and do activities. For us, we are looking at our little angels slowly drifting away from home, one kid step at a time…

#5 Get tired… very tired

While we usually get to bed around 10:30, we didn’t go to sleep until midnight that day. We were quite busy cleaning up and getting ready and I didn’t go to bed right after the last book was placed. I actually worked on my websites for a moment while my wife was reading. When you are a bit emotional or nervous about an event, you tend to sleep less and wake up thoughout the night. I preferred to get really tired and sleep like a baby, albeit for less hours.

It actually worked as I only slept 5 hours but I was full of energy on Monday morning… ready for a new start!

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