September 20, 2007, 7:00 am

6 Ways of Increasing Your Cash Flow

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Project $1500
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I am still working on my $1,500 objective.

I think the first thing I need to do is to elaborate different ways of increasing my monthly cash flow. This could be useful to many readers as I am pretty sure that we are all looking at increasing by one way or another our monthly disposable income.


I was able to find different categories where you can get more money.

Reducing your expenses

– Get rid of debts or potential debts:

Monthly fixed payments related to debts consist into the biggest cash flow killer. Their huge, steady and you can not make them disappear in a single day. Mortgage, car loans, personal loans, unpaid balance on credit cards or lines of credit, student loans etc. Basically, everything you could get from a bank. You can use a debt elimination process to get out of the high interest mess. I do not have much debt that I can eliminate for now. I do not have credit cards owing balance (I pay the full balance every month). However, I could maybe look into refinancing and do a consolidation to lower my payment a bit. This would result into a bigger interest payment overall but having my wife to stay at home would be priceless.

– Become more frugal:

It is surely not the most fun thing do to (not in my case anyway!) but collecting coupons, looking for bargains and buying in bulk could result into big savings. This could be another trigger to free up some cash flow and increase your debt elimination process. I will surely try a couple of tricks in the next few months in order to drop my expenses.

Increasing your sources of income

– Working on promotion and bonuses:

It seems pretty easy to say but doing it is another thing. Getting a promotion or a better year end bonus does not always falls into your hand only. The relationship you have with your boss and the financial profitability of your company might affect your results. What is your option then? Work hard, and then worker harder and then, go back to school (and do a MBA!). If you know that you are not in the right environment, then I suggest you quit your job. However, I do not suggest you quit until you find something else!

– Create a side income:

This option can be achieve by many ways. You can offer sporadic services such as filling tax reports, house cleaning or consulting (by deriving from your day job experience). You can also link your side income to your interests or hobbies. It could become a great and fun way to make money. As it requires more effort on a daily basis, you need an additional motivation than money to be able to achieve your goals. If you think your side income could become bigger, you should create a company and therefore benefit from all the tax advantages offered only to company. Therefore, you could earn most of your income “tax free”. Please make sure to visit a good accountant before you start.

– Increase passive investment income:

High paying dividend stocks is the path to financial freedom many individuals are walking on. While it requires a lot of money to be substantial, dividend payout represents a decent source of steady income. Good companies are offering yield of 4% to 5%. Also keep an eye on companies that increase their dividend on a regular basis. After a few years, you could earn dividend yield of 8%to 10% from your original stock price.

– Increase passive rental income:

I always wanted to become a landlord. The problem these days is that rental properties require huge cash down to start. Banks will usually require 10% to 15% of the purchase price. If you are looking into a triplex worth 400K, that’s 40K minimum you have to show your banker before you start talking. This is a lot of money that I don’t have in the present time.

Do you know other techniques? I plan on developing most of them later on as I would like to try several things in order to achieve my goal of $1,500. I already find a way to become more frugal. Stay tuned to find out!



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Start monetizing this blog. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a steady cash flow earner.

FB – I have a question for you (nothing to do with this post) – yesterday I went down to my local TD branch and paid off my unsecured line of credit which I used very briefly a couple of months ago. The total owing (and due) was nine cents. I didn’t want to waste the stamp so I just went down in person.
Is this something all banks do? I think it’s ridiculous. It must cost them a lot more than 9 cents to process the payment.

Maybe you could do a post on this?


It’s good to find a fellow montrealer interested in finances and blogging.

Hey FB; a couple of quickies:

1. Monetize this blog.
2. Write blog posts for the MBA course that you are taking. Make public the notes and neat answers/questions that you’re finding, this will help drive some new traffic and help you learn what’s going on.
3. Compile the blog posts and write “MBA the Journey”. Which will be filled with neat stories from being an MBA-in-training, kind of like “Bloodletting and other Miraculous Cures”. Steal tons of content, like your history, from this blog and bring it to a professional editor. Collect royalties.
4. Teach financial planning courses on the side, post up materials on the blog, compile those into book…etc 🙂
Or just sell your training materials on-line, get spiral bound copies for $10 and sell them for $50. Either way, you’ll also get paid for the training.
5. Create the Personal Finance for Canadians web portal and monetize it.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 20th, 2007 (8:14 pm)

FT, I know, I am just being lazy on that part. The main reason is that it requires a bit more of web designing (I want to change my design before I do anything else). I am working on that but I’m kind of slow on that part 😳

FP, I’ll write a post on your question… that made me laugh for some reasons… I’ll explain this later 😈

Gates, this sounds like a real evil plan 😈 I don’t know if I am ready to go the full route, but would you be interested by more post on my MBA experience? I’ll gladly do it!

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Not sure how passive real estate really is. I guess it depends on the condition of our rental properties as some dwellings can really be “hands on” involvement.

by: The Financial Blogger | September 17th, 2008 (6:47 am)

the key is to have several rental property and having a manager to do the work 😉

Seriously, I consider rental property as passive income in a sense that there still months where you won’t have to do anything and you will still receive your cheques.

All sources of income require a minimum level of time and energy. The key is to find the ones that requires the less for your own personal situation.

by: Justin results french | October 27th, 2011 (11:37 pm)

Hey FB, you raised some very good points here. From getting my BS degree all while doing real estate and running an IT consulting business full time, I must say their is no such thing as passive income. You can have income with minimal output but it still requires systems, people, and the managing of people. Just my 2 cents. Cheers