January 24, 2011, 8:40 am

6 Superheroes Bloggers I Admire

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Make Money Online
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I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now. I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to the guys who inspire me on a daily basis. Instead of making a simple list, I have made a comparison between each Blogger I admire and a Super Hero.

Spiderman Aka Pat Flynn From Smart Passive Income

As Peter Parker became Spiderman after an accident, Pat Flynn became an Internet Mogul under similar circumstances. While Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, Pat Flynn got bitten by his boss who laid him off. This gave him internet super powers. He developed a spider sense for internet marketing and developed his own products (a LEED exam preparation handbook). He surely read Spiderman comic books when he was young and learned from Uncle Ben’s great quote: “With great powers, come great responsibilities”. Pat has developed a huge internet business and makes a lot of money online. However, he doesn’t brag about it on his website. Instead, he shares all his knowledge, produces highly informative podcasts and writes step-by-step guides to achieve exactly what he is doing to earn a living. I have never seen someone share that much info on how he makes money with such devotion and clear instructions. Of all the super heroes, Pat Flynn is one of a kind.

Professor X Aka Sam from Financial Samurai

As Professor X has a lot of knowledge and wisdom, you can feel while reading Sam’s posts that he has been through a lot of different situations. He is now using all his knowledge and resources to guide young bloggers to grow with the creation of his own “School of Gifted Youngsters” for bloggers (and not for mutants 😉 ) called the Yakezie. He is welcoming everyone as Professor X even welcomed Wolverine. But you have to merit your status among the Yakezie group. Those who contribute the best will earn more benefits from this interesting group of “new” bloggers. I was astonished to see the Yakezie group offering scholarships. While thinking about his future projects, Sam keeps it quiet and keeps most of his plans secret… as Professor X always did!

Batman Aka Andrew Schrage from Money Crashers

Back in 2009, we had already started to buy websites. For the very first time, we lost an auction on the Money Crashers website. A few months later, we lost another auction to the same guys… Just like Bruce Wayne owns all of Gotham City, it seems that Andrew is building a huge blogging empire. In fact, he is the first guy I encountered who sees blogs like me; blogs are small money making machines. Andrew seems to have a double life just like Batman. He keeps his past in a mysterious blurb and also doesn’t mention where he finds all this money to buy these websites ;-). As Batman, Andrew continuously works and tries to improve his skills. He is truly a great entrepreneur!

The Beast Aka Baker from Man Vs Debt

I’m not saying Adam is hairy ;-). In fact, what I really appreciate of Adam is 2 great things; his intelligence and his motivation. Two things he has in common with The X-Men team member Beast. Adam always comes up with original solutions and has his own way of solving a problem. As Beast, he doesn’t miss a chance to be funny. If you have read Marvel’s comic books, you know that Beast is fairly flexible as his main power is super agility. Well Adam’s main power is similar since he is always moving around and has the ability to twist his situation to surprising outcomes. This guy sold everything he had to leave with his wife and young daughter to travel the world. Then, when he came back to the States, he didn’t search for a job; he just created his own through his website and coaching abilities. He is now on another crazy project; touring the USA with his RV! He is quite a phenomenon!

Superman Aka Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey


Just to show you how Superman and Frugal Trader are alike, I have known this guy for the past 4 years and I don’t even know his true identity! It is probably obvious (as taking off your glasses!) but I have no clue what his real name is. Frugal Trader seems perfect just like Superman: he has a great job, a great wife, a great kid (maybe 2, not sure!), almost no debt and he was able to create a huge blog (probably the biggest Canadian finance blog with Canadian Capitalist). Everything he does seem to lead to a great success. On top of this, he is always there to help out others even if he is a very busy individual. He always takes the time to save the day for other bloggers. I guess this is due to his great sense of responsibility!

Robin Aka MD from Studenomics

Hey MD, I hope you like Robin ‘cause this is a great compliment I want to dedicate to you. This Toronto kid is learning from everyone around and he is already kicking some ass. I remember a while ago when MD came to me and other bloggers seeking advice. He took everything we gave him and started his own blog. He has demonstrated great writing abilities and he is also has a lot of entrepreneurship. He just finished his bachelor degree and instead of looking for a job, he is looking to create his own. I’m glad that I have the chance to work with him on several projects right now.

So that’s it, these are my Superhero Bloggers. Do you have any you want to share with us?

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Awesome post TFB. I know you’re a guy, but i’d liken you to Rogue in that you have an inate ability to absorb information (and blogs) to use how you best see fit. Or perhaps Iron Man – a bit quirky (in a good way) but a resourceful individual with a lot of creativity and drive.

Hi Mike thanks for the flattering mention! With the amount of personal financial disclosure on my site, I don’t have a choice but remain anonymous now. 🙂

Dude, this is so creative! I love it, and I think you’re spot on with each, especially with my own because Spiderman is one of my favorites 🙂

Cheers and thanks for the mention! Are you going to do a villain post? Hehehehe…

by: The Financial Blogger | January 24th, 2011 (12:13 pm)

thx 🙂 I’ll take the combination of both. I am quirky and I do absorb other bloggers powers ;-D

one day, I’ll take off your glasses and uncover you!

Pretty hilarious and creative stuff Mike! One of the most original posts I’ve seen in a long time. Love the comparisons to some pretty cool superheros, even though I don’t think I’m nearly cool enough to be compared to Batman, who I think is the coolest Superhero of them all.

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I love comic book posts! Great descriptions – Sam is definitely doing a great job with the Yakezie.

Ever check out TaxGirl ? Throw in a female in there lol

by: The Financial Blogger | January 24th, 2011 (5:45 pm)


I’m glad you liked it 😉 If I was a supervilain, I would be in between Apocalypse (’cause I beleive in the survival of the fitess) and Magneto for his unique way of thinking (while being good at the same time) 😉

or maybe The Joker (why so serious ? hehehe!)

Yeah I know, I should include a few blogging girls!

Batman is my favorite one too 😉

Fun stuff mate!

I’ve never been referred to as a bald man in a wheel chair, but I won’t hold it against you! lol

Actually, given than you are using Super Heroes as a reference to blogging, I am honored you chose Professor Xavier given he is an intellectual. That’s a compliment given what we most do is write and try and convey a message.

Cheers, Sam

@TFB – FT is an enigma … while we try to keep our identity private he know who we are! Smart man he is. Tho Clark Kent is smart as well. But trustworthy too as we don’t expect FT would ever divulge anything about others – he has ethics. (SUPERMAN!)

Great article TFB. If there is a best of 2011, i’ll vote for this one. There aren’t too many “eco friendly” super heros hehe, so we’ll just vote for the supoer power bloggers!

Wow this was a nice surprise! I’m honored to be even mentioned in the same post with some of these dudes.

It’s funny because I remember meeting you on a forum in 2008 and I was shocked when you told me you made $1,000 a month from blogging. Now you clearly make more than that.

Do you remember this? The link is an interview I conducted with you almost 2 years ago. Time flies.


These are definitely my heroes. Include yourself, J$, and Flexo and I 100% agree.

Great post!!

I have a few superheros as well:

-Canadian Capitalist
-Andrew Hallam
-Canadian Couch Potato

I encourage everyone to check them out if not already done so.

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Can I add another one? Pinyo of Moolanomy as Iron Man. Besides his own site he also created PF Buzz and put together the M-Network. He’s got a slick site that’s ahead of the game and has been doing it right for years now.

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Awesome post! Agree with Sam as Professor X!

And Frugal Trader as Super Man.

Frugal Trader is like Clark Kent- reserved and humble, yet very powerful.

What would you be? 🙂

I’d go with the suggestion of SPF: Iron Man 😉
– I’m a business man
– I’m a bit cocky
– my secretary (my wife) is as cute as Scralett Johanson 😉

It’s good to revisit this post. It was a fun read!

I like he Iron Man one. That’s a no brainer!

by: The Financial Blogger | May 24th, 2011 (7:13 am)

I hope I’ll be as rich as him one day ;-0 hehehe!

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This is awesome–very creative! I wish I could be a superhero (or super blogger.)