March 19, 2010, 4:36 am

44 Reasons Why I Want to Become an Entrepreneur

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Business
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I wanted to end this week with a smooth and inspiring post. I often talk about my passion to become an entrepreneur and how I would like to work full time on my online company. Well today, I am writing all the reasons of the world that motivate me to become an entrepreneur. So far, I am at 44 reasons. Not bad, huh?

#1 I want to be able to wear a piercing on my eyebrows (yeah I know, funny how this was the very first reason I thought about!).

#2 I want to wake up at 3am and start working on my new idea for hours.

#3 I want to feel the adrenaline of closing a big deal.

#4 I want to feel what is like to wake up in the morning and think; “what will my company look like in 5 years”.

#5 I want to play golf on Friday morning while talking which sites we will develop next week.

#6 I want to bring my kids to school and pick them up at night.

#7 I want to be able to travel around the world.

#8 I want my TFB logo on my company car (preferably a BMW 😉 ).

#9 I want to hire people and work in partnerships.

#10 I want to look at the window and see nothing but trees and water.

#11 I want to leave something to my kids when they grow up.

#12 I want to in Universities and offer jobs to young smart kids.

#13 I want to wake up and feel like a million dollar.

#14 I want to sit down and design projects for hours.

#15 I want to be proud of what I did.

#16 I want to share my wealth my giving to children charity organisation.

#17 I want to say more often :”bah, the company pays for everything so what the heck!”.

#18 I want to learn more new stuff every day.

#19 I want to get rid of the 9 to 5 schedule.

#20 I want to wake up in the morning and already made money before breakfast.

#21 I want to bring my wife in the finest restaurants

#22 I want to do conferences about my experience and inspire others.

#23 I want to teach at university and hire the best students.

#24 I want to answer back to people who ask what I do in life: “I’m doing ok” with a smile.

#25 I want to surpass my capacity and impress myself.

#26 I want to take risks

#27 I want to make mistakes, hit the wall and stand back on my feet.

#28 I want to solve problems.

#29 I want to face challenges.

#30 I want to waste money on a project and spend hours to understand what went wrong.

#31 I want to experiment new things.

#32 I want to buy a restaurant just for the fun of receiving my friends.

#33 I want to work on a business model.

#34 I want to see my baby grows years after years.

#35 I want an office.

#36 I want to “fly by my own wings”.

#37 I want to test my ideas, see if what I have learnt is right.

#38 I want to challenge my ideas with my partners.

#39 I want to brainstorm for days on our new projects.

#40 I want to make connections all around the world.

#41 I want to work for weeks on something without knowing if it’s going to work.

#42 And I want to be there to get the exponential results of my efforts.

#43 I want put my house as collateral on a crazy project because I believe in it.

#44 I want to work in my basement with my pyjama on and a nice cup of Starbucks homemade coffee!

Any other reasons I should think of?

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I love number 21 and 32… we have common restaurant driven wealth aspirations!

Let’s get to 100!

45) I want to walk into my own building and have my workers greet me and update me on business.

I love 29 and 36.

46) Because I want to be creative. My parents have always teached me to never rest on laurels and always be dynamic.
47) Because I’ve always want this!

Great idea!! Let’s continue this until 100!

48) I want to improve my management skills
49) I want to understand how a company works
50) I want to motivate a team and keep them focus in a few goals

51) I want to construct a triennial plan that works!
52) I want to be effective and flexible (no bureaucratic mess)
53) I want to improve myself everyday
54) I want to learn everyday

by: The Financial Blogger | March 19th, 2010 (9:13 am)

I thought of more this morning 😉
55) I want to organize a golf tournament with my company
56) I want to pay for a “children’s wish” alone (this is about 10K)
57) I want hockey tickets half price


And the main reason would be:
0) I do what I do because I love God and all things are for His Glory and only His Glory.
So …whatever you want to do will succeed. This is a promise. Believe it!
Nihil sine Deo(Nothing without God!)

I want to be able to fire people on a whim. (I’m kidding!).

I love this post. #6 is my gave.

“I want my TFB logo on my company car” – awesome. I would love to be driving around someday and see the TFB logo on a vehicle!

huhh # 1? please explain why wearing a piercing on my eyebrows is your first one 😉

@ Guylaine,

I don’t know why this one came first in my mind! I’ve always wanted to have a piercing but working in the financial industry always forced me to wait…

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