April 2, 2009, 5:00 am

4 Top Stock Picks For 2009 Contest Update

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Investment, Market and Risk
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At the very beginning of 2009, a bunch of fellow bloggers and me decided to enter in a friendly stock picking competition. The purpose was to get our 4 top stock picks for 2009 and follow them on a quarterly basis. The markets have known their share of fluctuation in this first 3 months of activity.

We first saw the gain from the November-December rally completely disappear from our stock sheet in the middle of the RRSP season; in February. Since we all pick our stocks in early 2009, we didn’t even get the gain from the last to month of 2008 to cover for the loss to come in February. During the first week of March, I went as low as -17% with my stock picks… nothing to impress anybody!

However, March brought us an early spring in Montreal along with hope on the markets. Stocks started to soar on announcement made by the President of Citi Bank and Bank of America. Then, the Fed started to take real action to make our investor life brighter. So where am I standing with my 4 top stocks picks for 2009?

Com Dev International (TSX, symbol: CDV, $3.22, 1.90%)

Com Dev keeps going through the recession as they were in a Chinese buffet. They signed more agreement in early 2009 which means that they will definitely show good financial results in the upcoming quarters.

Google (NASDAQ, symbol: GOOG, $348.06, 13.14%)

I am still confident that Google will keep going this way and probably be one of the best pick in 2009. There is a lot of opportunities for this company, especially considering that the situation may be difficult for its competitors.

Scotia Bank (TSX, symbol: BNS, $31.07, -6.72%)

There were really good news for Canadian banks in general and they pretty all went up recently. The Scotia Bank is still in a good position to generate revenue in 2009 and slowly the spectre of US banks starts fading on Canadian Banks which is helping stocks to climb up the latter (but they still have to come out of a big cliff!).

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE, symbol: JNJ, $52.60, -12.08%)

This was my defensive stock play and I still believe it was a good move. Johnson & Johnson has a lot of liquidity and its geographical and product diversification will pay off over the long run… maybe too late to be top stock picks in 2009 though….

Total portfolio return: -0.94%

Now let’s take a look at the others and how I rank (click on each blogger’s name to get their full post on the 1st quarter):




























Not bad huh?

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JNJ is obviously a safe play which is of course why it isn’t a safe play. It was on EVERYONE’s list of stocks when the market started crashing, so it had nowhere to go but down. At the same time it actually makes things that people will NEED in a recession, so I think it’s probably experienced most of it’s downside.