January 1, 2009, 10:00 am

4 Stocks to Consider in 2009

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4 Stocks To Consider in 2009

Is there anybody who didn’t dream that he could predict the future? While I already wrote about the super financial power of time controlling, I guess that somebody who could see the future could become even more “financially” powerful ;-). So I decided to challenge a few fellow bloggers to get 4 stocks who should bring some black ink on your investment statement 😉 Each quarter, we will be posting about our picks and performance.

Please note that this is a “for fun” exercise and no of those stocks should be considered as suggestions/advices/or indication to buy or sell. The role of this blog (and present post) is not to tell you what to do with your money, please do your own research before buying any stocks. (Sorry people, I hate to put this disclaimer, but it is really important ;-)).

Com Dev International (stock market: TSX, symbol: CDV, closing price: $3.16)

Looking for a growing company expecting profit in 2009? Com Dev International is looking for a revenue growth of 10% in the upcoming year. This company is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware subsystems and instruments. They are currently trading with a forward P/E ratio of 7 and they have been increasing their income and profit from 2007 to 2008.

Google (stock market: NASDAQ, symbol: GOOG, closing price: $307.65)

Google took a great dip this year as well. A year ago, Google shares were priced as high as $700 and they are now at $300. It seems that the “Google magic” stopped on the financial analysts. However, internet is more than ever the future of our economy and they are in a pretty good health to buy other companies or improve their position in the market. Google will be part of the boom!

Scotia Bank (stock market: TSX, symbol: BNS, closing price: $33.31 )

Canadian Bank stocks have been beaten up like dogs during 2008. However, most of them declared profit this year and none of them is close to bankruptcy. Nonetheless, Canadian banks droped by 40% or more due to the current market conditions. I believe that Scotia Bank will shine in 2009 because it is the most international Canadian banks. Therefore, if there is an opportunity outside Canada to grow in 2009, Scotia Bank will be there. They are well capitalized and didn’t have to issue shares (as RBC, BMO and TD) to maintain the capitalization ratio.

Johnson & Johnson (stock market: S&P, symbol: JNJ, closing price: $59.83 )

For my last pick, I decided to get more conservative (just in case Google keeps dragging down 😉 ). I love JNJ because it is well diversified in term of products and geography. They also sell several basic products that people will keeping buying regardless if there is a recession or not. I hope that most investors see JNJ as a safer investment during the market turmoil so it share value will increase accordingly.

So hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to get a good ranking. Here are the bloggers and their pick (just click on the blogger’s name to get their full post):

Dividend Growth (Reality Income, Kinder Morgan Partners, Consolidated Edison, Phillip Morris International). What to expect from a dividend fan but high paying dividend stocks? Good luck!

Four Pillars (Bronco Energy, Holly Corp, Tristar oil and gas, Connacher Oil Gas). FP, either you are going down or you are going to win this little contest!

Intelligent Speculator (Gold ETF, Oil ETF, BIDU, EBAY). Betting on resources and technology seems to be a common thinking for many bloggers!

Million Dollar Journey (Hanfeng Evergreen, Johnson and Johnson, Husky Energy and Power Corporation). Great pick! (we have JNJ in common 😉 ).

My Trader’s Journal (AK steel, Schlumberger Limited, Bank of America, Netflix). Another well diversified portfolio (considering we only have 4 stocks to pick!).

The Wild Investor (

Where Does All My Money Go (

Zach Stocks (JA Solar Holdings, Aecom Technology Corporation, TBS International, China Medical Technology). This guy is a CFA and a portfolio manager. I guess he knows what he is doing 😉

*closing price is as of Dec 31st 2008.

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I think this contest will be fun – and yes, I will probably either do really well or really, really, really bad!! 🙂

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Nice contest

You didn’t ask me to contribute but I’ll go with 4 ETFs: HBU (gold bullion bull), HDD $US bear), HAU Grains bull), HOU (crude oil bull).

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2009 is the year to invest, not trade. Recession means a lot of stocks are going to be undervalued. There are certain sectors which would be attractive during recession.

Here are what we like:

Consumer Goods:


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Thanks a lot for the link. I just updated my 1Q results ina blog spot. Good luck in the second quarter as well.

Dividend Growth Investor

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