February 25, 2009, 6:00 am

4 Reasons Why Money Brings Happiness

by: The Financial Blogger    Category: Personal Finance
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I have had this discussion several times with several people. Especially in our province, we have strong culture roots that let older generations to believe that money was the fruit of evil and that if you make money, you obviously screw people or exclude some of them in order to become rich.

Some people might see me as an evil capitalist; I think I am just being realistic 😉

Money relieves stress

I’m not inventing anything here; most couple arguments are about money. If you are having a hard time paying your bills, let me tell you that you are more sensitive to anything that happens in your life. The way your spouse filled in the dishwasher can be enough to have a good discussion about all the other things that bug you (including the fact that you are late on your electricity bills).

I saw my parents going bankrupt when I was young and I can tell you that it puts pressure on the whole household. I was lucky as they did everything so I don’t really feel it but even then, we all knew that we didn’t have much money. Definitely, being short on money sucks!

Money gives opportunities

When you have money on the side, you are always ready to jump into investing opportunities. How many times do you hear about someone had the opportunity to invest in something but didn’t have the money (or the guts!) to do it?

I’m glad to have money aside as I was able to invest it in a right timing (or so I think 😉 ). If my thoughts are right, I’ll be a very happy camper in a few years as I will be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want! Money not only gives opportunities, it gives you freedom of action.

Money creates great moments

I was in Bruges (Belgium) a few years ago. If you haven’t been, this is a must if you like medieval architecture. It’s a beautiful city!

Me and my girlfriend went up the tower in the middle of the city. At noon, all churches around started ringing their bell. We could hear a song that was brought to our ears by the wind and this is when I get on my knee and proposed my girlfriend with a I ring that I purchase in the mountains of Salzburg (Austria) a few months before. I could have surely buy the ring at the shop on the corner of the street and proposed my girlfriend at Christmas in front of the three and we would still be married today. However, this story, this special moment, will be carved in my heart and soul for the rest of my life. The setting made this moment so magical and intense, I will always remember that day.

Without money involve, it would have been nice, the result would have been the same, but the magic would not have been the same.

Money cures people

Now that I have children, I realize how important being healthy is. If I ever get sick, I hope to get the best treatment in the best hospital and be in the best conditions for my last days on earth if I can’t survive my illness. Money can bring all of this. Even though I live in a place where we have free healthcare, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best and fastest service on earth. On the other side, if I have 200K to get better, I’m sure that I will put all the chances in the world on my side.

What about you? Do you think that money can bring happiness?

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I have to admit that I am a strong pro-capitalist (not evil though).

Money can bring power. And power brings happiness for some people.

Cool article!! There’s a survey that had written that happy people tend to have higher incomes later on in their lives. So, while money may not help make people happy, being happy may help them make money… humm think about it!!

not a bad idea OneDay, actually never thought of it that way but would perhaps make sense..:)

the egg or the chicken?
being happy and make money or make money to be happy?
hum… interesting.

by: threadbndr | March 2nd, 2009 (5:02 pm)

money may not bring happiness, but LACK of money (at least for the basic necessities of life) can bring UNhappiness.

I’ve lived through broke times and fairly flush times and had moments of happiness during both, but the level of stress due to finanaces is certainly lower in the flush times. That leaves one more open and receptive to the moments of happiness.

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I think not having to think about money can bring happiness. Most of the time, that comes from having a lot of money,but I’m sure I could be happy with no money at all if I had an iron clad guarantee that all of my needs and reasonable wants would be met.

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When I was a poor student-to-entry level worker, I was clearly not happy.

Then, when I’d increased my income, along with tuition reimbursement, then my happiness factor shot up some more.

And finally, when I got a job where I could control my hours, telecommute half the time, and still have a good deal of money left over, for both travel and coursework, I was the happiest.

Now, my latest goal is to be able to work 1/2 that time, while completing the rest of the income stream, by trading futures/options. Once that happens, then I would have reached a pinnacle of operational happiness.

So don’t believe these money doesn’t lead to happiness propagandists. It certainly does but yes, you need some commonsense to make it work out.

Money doesn’t bring you happiness. It just does a very good job of making you less sad.

Wrong John, it brings happiness.

Happiness is a natural state, obstructed by society, which demands that you’re financially self-sufficient.

Thus, achieve that self-sufficiency and the continuum of happiness will follow.

If it doesn’t *follow* then use your new found money and get yourself a psychiatrist or a hypnotherapist, because you have self-limiting beliefs in your subconscious.