June 17, 2009, 5:40 am

3 Tricks To Make You More Productive (and Happy) at Work

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I don’t know if you were playing a sport when you were a kid but I was a big baseball fan. I remember that before every single game, I was sitting on my bed, all dressed up, glove in my hand, holding a ball and dropping in it in my glove over and over again. I previously took the time to select specific CD (there was no Ipod 13 years ago ;-). I used to listen to Offspring (Session, LAPD, Burn it up, Bad Habit) in order to pump me up. After 10-15 minutes of “pre-warm-up” I felt that I was ready to play my game and give it all.

I didn’t know back then, but I was bringing up my emotion up in order to use them and play better. This is a part of what we now call emotional intelligence. I attempted to a very interesting conference on this topic. The key point is to remember that you cannot control (well it is pretty hard!) your emotions. However, you can create “fast tracks” in your brain where it will directly bring you to specific emotions. Some people do it without knowing, but you can surely “make the path” to the emotion you prefer. As it is the case for several blog post ideas I have, I will have to split these 3 tricks in to 3 separate posts ;-). So here we go with the first one:

Emotion is Energy in Motion

Have you ever heard of the study called Prozak VS Adidas? (just before we continue, do you know what ADIDAS stands for? All Day I Dream About Sex 😉 ). This was a test they did with 2 groups of depressed people. The first group took Prozak for 4 months and the other one did 30 minutes of physical activities, 3 times a week. After 4 months, the same percentage of people started to feel good about themselves regardless if they took Prozak or sweet. However, the most interesting part is that more than half of the Prozak group started to have depression problem a year after they stop the medication as 92% of the Adidas group kept feeling well during the same period of time.

There is an easy explanation: your brain is the best pusher in town!

No need to pay for drugs when you know how to use your brain ;-During physical activities, the brain actually generates endorphin, adrenalin and other hormones that “make you feel better”. Therefore, you can easily use natural drugs created by your brain to feel better.

The best part is that you don’t have to go to the gym (even though it would be beneficial for everybody to do so!). If you actually just jump around while clapping your hand like a kangaroo on steroids for 10 minutes every morning, you will start to feel a lot better! All right, now stop laughing and give it a try. You will notice that there is and additional energy flowing in your body and probably a few drop of sweet in your armpit 😉

So doing physical activities on a daily basis will put a smile on your face and will make you more productive at work 😀 The good news is that if you don’t like this tip, I have 2 mores coming 😉

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